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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

I find it really difficult to decide what to post about because aside from what I come across, I also receive e-mail suggestions, and then stuff I find on other discernment blogs, etc.  I do want to expose popular false teachers and false teachings, and I also like to expose what is driving so many denominations into apostasy.  I can’t cover everything because there’s just too much to keep up with, which is why I have that note off to the right side of the blog to direct questions to me at my email; I have had many, many readers over the years ask me about specific false teachers or teachings I haven’t addressed but that they have encountered and I am able to respond to them.

When it comes to Roman Catholicism, I find it important to demonstrate that, for all their claims of having God’s authority on earth, they are just as invaded with false teachings (on top of their own doctrine) as every other denomination.  And since they claim to be God’s representative on earth, then there is no excuse for their failure to exercise Church discipline against all those schools, colleges, and institutions who kow-tow to the world by promoting the homosexual agenda.  This is inexcusable!  

Here’s a latest example of a school violating Catholic teachings:  The Catholic DePaul University in Chicago is encouraging their students to advocate for same-sex fake marriage and every other LGBTQXYZ event.  They have previously supported “transgender” nonsense.  The article also notes that a Catholic university in San Francisco was celebrating the SCOTUS decision on same-sex fake marriage.  Where are the condemnations from local priests and bishops?  Where are the revocations of Catholic association?

Then there is the the direct slam at Christ and REAL Christians by the “Christian” Left with their blasphemous comparison of sex to the second coming of Jesus.  Why isn’t there some REAL outcry against this stuff by REAL Christians?  The denouncement of this should be all over the media.  The “Wild Goose Festival” should be exposed on a yearly basis as being totally unrepresentative of REAL Christianity.

The other side of the coin are the super-legalistic and greedy assemblies who make up their own rules such as paying membership fees.  This is just a cult which brings shame to the name of Christ.  This denomination apparently is also big into teaching the tithe as part of the Church, a teaching which is absolutely false and a lie.  If your church teaches tithing, run from it.  The tithe was a law for Israel and no one else.  The Christian is told only to give generously and without compulsion (2 Cor. 9:7).

Perry Noble continues to show his true colors as he scolds Christians about our beliefs about same-sex fake marriage.  This article from Entreating Favor opens with some general comments and then addresses Perry’s latest blog, in which he abuses 2 Chron 7:14 worse than I’ve seen before!  The only reason this man has an audience is because he tickles their ears!

There is a very good sermon series available on what the Bible really says about homosexuality.  Hip and Thigh has good directions to hear them.  Perhaps Nobel should listen.

I agree with the sentiment that human sexuality (homosexuality, transgenderism, etc) is the heresy of today.  If your view of man is in error, then your whole theology will be in error.

In fact, it really is apparent that most Christians do not understand the times in which we are living, and that the tribulation is nearer and nearer.  This is a good article for encouraging Christians to get a hold of reality.  (The author does misuse some scripture, but it doesn’t affect his overall warning to wake up and smell the coffee.)  Instead of being aware of what is happening in the Church, most Christians are content to hear happy, feel-good messages and sing feel-good songs rather than craving the meat of God’s word.
HT to Ali

The ELCA branch of Lutheranism has long been apostate with their support of homosexuality, but now they’ve gone one better (worse) in ordaining a “transexual”!  With the mental issues behind a person desiring to be the gender he/she isn’t should be the first disqualification for the pastorate!

If you stand with God and Christ against the homosexual movement, then you will railed at by those who hate what we stand for.  Now it’s being said that there are “Too many Christians, not enough lions.”  Never let it be said that Christianity can live alongside homosexuality because they do not tolerate us, and they intrinsically know they are rebelling against God.  In the linked article you will see a comment by an “openly homosexual pastor” who says that Jesus was “gay” and that he would love to be in bed with Him!!!!  This blasphemy comes from a guy who pastors a “church” invented for homosexuals, the Metropolitan Community Church.  What I discovered while searching for what church he “pastors” is that his MCC is joint with the United Church of Christ!  If this doesn’t prove that the UCC is totally apostate, I don’t know what will.

Okay, so now let’s look at some other topics!

Joe has a great outline for what music for congregational singing should look like.

In Case You Still Aren’t Sure About The Shack and Its Author…

Bethel Redding church continues to demonstrate how far afield they are from orthodoxy.  They seem to have picked up the charismanic idea of “soaking in the spirit.”  Just another item to add to their Pandora’s Box of false teaching.

Lastly,  Fred is starting a review of the book, “Which Bible Would Jesus Use?”  — which is a KJVO promotional.  Looks to be a good series to follow!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the line-up today Glen. Your words on tithing hit the mark! In many churches though, so as not to offend anyone and include everyone, because after all it seems like money is the most discussed hot topic of sermon central, the program/church bulletin reads "Tithes and Offerings." And the pastor also reinforces the concept of doing both in addition to bragging that he and his wife "tithe" on their insurance plans as well........oh, the wolves do love the sound of their own voices in boasting of their own giving. Matthew 6.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I am sooooooo tired of hearing that "tithes and offerings" phrase in even the best churches I've attended. Traditions died hard.

Anonymous said...

Even harder Glen is the fact that pastors that follow the tithe law do not EVER preach on the exact definition of it according to the Scriptures. There has not been one single sermon identifying the truth regarding this in all of the decades of attending the institutional church.

And just as horrible is the fact that pastors and leadership alike make you feel guilty, from the words of their mouths, for not tithing as they do all the while boasting and bragging of the favors they receive from our LORD. And may I say that receiving government subsidies in NOT a favor from the LORD God Almighty, but a monetary snare in making people dependents upon a pagan government.

And when we give, are we to boast and brag of our "giving" so that man can see how good we are, or are we called to give in giving our LORD all of the praise, glory and thanksgiving that He rightly and justly deserves. The more understanding that we receive from the Bible, the more clearly it is to see that our ways are in direct opposition to Jesus, and His Ways.

As Mike Abendroth says in his weekly rantings, "I am so sick and tired of pastors saying they are broken." Well, maybe we need to hear that more as humility is a fruit of a broken soul.