We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum. A.W. Tozer

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Another installment from the Cripplegate about Tim Keller’s Center Church.

“Homosexual theology” is becoming more and more prevalent as those who practice and/or promote the perversion of homosexual behavior try to justify what they are doing.  We need to educate ourselves about their “theology” so as to be able to refute it just as we do with every other cult “theology.”  Hip and Thigh has an excellent article about The Folly of Same-Sex Theology.  Stan steps in with an article about the phrase “gay Christian,” which is often used by “homosexual” theologians.

Holy Ghost Hokie Pokie?!?  Looks more like demonic hokie pokie to me.

Some more articles about the book/movie “Heaven is For Real.”   Thinking Christian has a good one which itemizes some of the gross errors of the book.  The Berean Call also has an interesting examination.  Meanwhile, the Cripplegate has an excellent article about all the claims of visiting heaven.

Pat Robertson has so often been proven to be a false prophet it is amazing that he still garners a huge following.  According to him, Jesus said an asteroid will destroy us.

Recovering Grace has an article surveying Bill Gothard’s teaching on sexual assault and abuse.  This survey demonstrates just how far away from the Bible Gothard’s Scripture twisting leads - and just how dangerous his teachings are.

Many states have tried to ban same-sex fake marriage, and they have had their laws overturned with the help of homosexual activists.  But in North Carolina the United Church of Christ has filed a lawsuit against the state’s same-sex fake marriage ban, claiming that it violates the 1st Amendment - that it interferes with the religious practices of some churches!!!!  Once again we have proof that the UCC is not a Christian group regardless of their claims.  They were joined by a Lutheran “priest” (obviously from the apostate ELCA), a rabbi (obviously not a practicing Jew), two Unitarian Universalist ministers (UU is an un-Christian cult), a “Baptist” pastor (that term can run the gamut), and — of course — the obligatory group of same-sex “couples”.  These people are not Christians, but minions of Satan, and, unfortunately, the world sees them as representing the Christian faith.

Then we have a United Methodist pastor, Adam Hamilton, who is also a promoter of same-sex fake marriage.  He’s the “pastor” of the largest UMC congregation in the country, which gives you an idea of how many people he is leading into full-blown apostasy.  His abuse of Scripture rivals that of any other cult leader.

Tim Challies examined Brian McLaren in the latest of his series on false teachers.

Finally, the very heretical book, The Shack, is set to become a movie.  It will represent the same false belief system as promoted in the “Noah” movie and the movie about “Heaven is for Real.”  Satan is having a field day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I last did a “Random” post, and I really have been collecting stuff to warn people to watch out for - some bad stuff to be exposed!

First up, more about that book, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.”  This book is rife with Scripture-twisting and other false teachings.  On top of that, the author misrepresents himself and his credentials as an author for such a book.

Interesting statement from Mark Batterson (Mr. “Circle Maker”) showed up.  Did you know that “there are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet”!?  Well, firstly, I didn’t know we were “doing” church - I thought Christians ARE the Church.  If he means concocting “worship” services, yeah, there are ways I’m sure no one has thought up yet, but they sure aren’t biblical.  Batterson is among the market-driven bunch always looking for more ways to feed the goats.

The Pope, who claims he represents Christ on earth, continues to demonstrate just how far he is from representing Christ.  He gave Ramadan greetings to Muslims, and said, “We are called to respect the religion of the other.”  Wow!  Can you imagine Jesus or Paul giving the pagans greetings during their celebrations of their false beliefs?  Can you imagine God telling Moses and Joshua that they should respect the Canaanite religions and its “teachings, its symbols, its values”?  Islam worships a false god.  The teachings of Islam is to conquer everyone and exterminate those who disagree with Islam.  Its values includes the abuse of women, terrorism, and extermination of Jews and Christians.  And yet the Pope says we should respect all that!?!?  Just more proof that Roman Catholicism does NOT represent Christianity.

Of course this doesn’t matter to Catholics, whose worship of Mary leads to their seeing “visions” of her everywhere.  This is nothing less than idolatry.

A favorite icon of Romanists is Mother Teresa.  There are many myths about her, but the truth about Teresa leads one to wonder if she was ever saved (I previously noted that she had an exorcism done on her).

A month ago I noted that there was a “Wild Goose” festival coming which was a gathering of all sorts of false teachers.  Well, it happened, and it was about a degenerate as as it gets.

I came across an interesting book review this week.  It’s about Tom Horn’s “Apollyon Rising: 2012.”  It’s just another “Christian” book sold by “Christian” bookstores so as to make money off of those whose itching ears follow every whim of doctrine.  My recommendation - don’t bother.

I have previously discussed some problems with the teachings of Chuck Missler, but last week I came across an article exposing his propensity for plagiarism.  This is not something Christian teachers should be doing.  I’d avoid Missler’s teachings.

A couple of my “favorite” false teachers to expose are Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen (I haven’t done much on Meyer on my blog, but much in real life).  Way too many Christians follow the teachings of these heretics, which is why their teachings need to be exposed for what they are - dangerous!  I came across a good article discussing both of them, which gives no quarter!  I find many of the comments to be sad, because the commenters are so deceived as to protect these false teachers!

Another false teacher I have learned about this past week is Jentezen Franklin.  There are just sooooooo many wolves out there that it is difficult to keep up with them.

The ELCA Lutherans have gone even farther down the road to complete apostasy: they have now elected a woman as their presiding bishop.

Chuck Currie is a well-known false teacher with the heretical United Church of Christ.  He has now found a heretical version of the Lord’s Prayer from a New Zealand prayer book, and will be using it in his congregation for “the next several months.”  I think it would be virtually impossible to find a real Christian in the UCC.

One of the things I was always sadly amused about with the Mormons is their virtual worship of Joseph Smith.  I have previously seen hymns giving praises to Smith, and now you can see some of them, as well as other hymns teaching heresy, as posted on the blog of Mormon Research Ministry.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Apostasies and Heresies

I’m getting behind in my blog work, and here it is already time to post a “Random”  update!

I have reported on Joel Osteen’s false teachings several times in the past, but I found a good short article this past week which I think has some good information about this heretic.

Another false teacher has come to my attention - Carl Lentz.  It seems he is the pastor goatherd of a mega-church in New York.  His “church” is just another place those with itching ears can hear what they want to hear.

Well, there’s more going on about Sarah Young’s book, “Jesus Calling.”  It seems that a pastor wrote a book critiquing it, and he was railed against in the reviews.  The followers of Young others like her, such as Beth Moore, behave so much like cult members that it is astonishing!  All discernment is thrown out the window as they follow these false teachers with every fibre of their being.  I find it to be very sad.

I’ve seen the Women of Faith conference advertised at my church in the past, and never saw anything in the advertisements which raised my warning flags.  But, now it looks like they are going the way of all other “tickling the ears” conferences.  The books sold through the Women of Faith online bookstore should be a good litmus test of what they are sanctioning and promoting at their conferences.  I guess it has been a while since I’ve seen the conference advertised, because they’ve been promoting this junk for quite some time now, including selling Brian McLaren’s heretical books.  Now they are getting involved with New Ager Roma Downey!  This article at Lighthouse Trails gives more information.

An interesting article was one I read from Tim Challies, about the obsession Christians have with virginity.  Of course we all believe that sexual relations should only take place within in the confines of marriage, but we also know that in today’s sex-saturated society that there are those who are seduced into having sexual relations while in junior and senior high school, let alone while in college.  What often happens is that these young people realize they have done wrong, repent of it and want to move on, but many Christians teach that they are now “damaged goods.”  This is especially true of the girls.  I think Challies makes some very important points.

I haven’t previously addressed a religious system which is prevalent in the area in which   I live - the Amish.  The Amish are indeed a very legalistic group of people, and I have read may testimonies by those who have left that system.  Now, I don’t doubt that there are true believers among the Amish, just as there are among Roman Catholics, but the Amish’ stress on works places a very heavy burden on their followers.  And the idea that living as if they are still in the 18th century makes them more holy and less likely to become worldly is just untrue. 
A friend recently loaned us a DVD movie based on a book by Beverly Lewis, who, for whatever reason, is enamored with the Amish and writes novels about them, romanticizing their religious beliefs.  It was very sad to see that the movie actually approved of such legalistic living.
This is all to say that I found a very interesting article about the Amish, as well about Beverly Lewis’ romanticizing of them.  I consider the Amish to be cultic.

More about Charles Stanley’s In Touch magazine has been reported by Lighthouse Trails Research ministry.  The magazine is getting deeper and deeper into the mystical movement and away from sound biblical teaching.  Stanley has to be held personally responsible.

Recovering Grace had a good article about the origins of Bill Gothard’s Institute for Basic Life Principles and all the false and legalistic teachings found there.  Just with the highlights covered in the article, one has to wonder why Christians - especially home-schoolers - are still enamored with him.

Former Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu says that he would rather go to hell than to go to a “Homophobic Heaven.”  Of course we all know that the word “homophobic” means being against sanctioning homosexual behavior.  Him being from the Anglican community makes this not really as surprising as it seems, since the Anglican community long ago went pro-homosexual.  Tutu says he won’t worship “a god who is homophobic.” I guess Tutu will discover the truth too late.

Tim Keller is getting more and more apologists and theologians criticizing his teachings - which is good from my vantage point; I always like it when popular teachers are exposed for their false teachings.  This article reviews a new book which examines some of Keller’s teachings.

Another popular false teacher is Donald Miller, of “Blue Like Jazz” fame.  He gave some advice recently about seeking truth, and yet it was poor advice - as usual.  A good examination of this latest teaching was posted over at Juicy Ecumenism.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) really, really doesn’t seem to every want to be an orthodox denomination again.  Now they rejected the hymn “In Christ Alone” because it teaches a biblical truth about God’s wrath!  Sigh!

An interesting thought about how Joseph Smith was fooled by Satan - according to the LDS teachings!

Oh, the United Church of Christ keeps demonstrating why it isn’t a real Christian denomination.  I don’t know if there is anything in their teachings which line up with the Bible!  They have an advice column on their official web site, and received a request for advice about a non-married sexual relationship, in which the one partner is suggesting a three-some.  The advice columnist has no problem with polyamory, and even uses the Bible to say it is okay!  In the advice, there is no condemnation of what the partner wants to do, rather the problem is that the two are not in agreement!!!!!  Well, once you approve homosexual behavior, then why is polyamory wrong?

Another liberal denomination, the United Methodist Church, has a pro-homosexuality movement within which has never been, to my knowledge, condemned by the UMC.  Well, this movement has led to the Desert-Southwest Conference to declare all their facilities now have “open bathrooms” policies.  The idea is to help “transgendered” people.  ARGH!  More of the emperor’s new clothes.

Lastly, the Pope is still Catholic.  I last reported about his granting indulgences for following him on Twitter, and now he has granted indulgences for those who attended the World Youth Day in Brazil.  Along with this heresy, the pope did a lot of praying to “Mary” while in Lampedusa, Italy.  Having read the prayer, all I can do is shake my head at such foolishness.  In addition to reporting on this event, Elizabeth Prata examines the whole issue of praying to Mary, and just how unbiblical it is.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Things are getting worse out there, and it is really getting to be more and more distressing to see how the Church is apostatizing.  This being Good Friday, with Easter coming up in a couple of days, I knew there would be more bizarre stuff among the seeker-sensitive assemblies.  I didn’t have to wait long to find out about some of them.  Erin Benziger posted an article today which gives some highlights of such apostate garbage, as well as some commentary to go along with them.  My main question for these “churches” is, just what do eggs have to do with celebrating the Resurrection?!?!?  These places of assembly are not churches, and their leaders are not pastors.  They are goatherds entertaining a bunch of goats.  If you attend a church doing this stuff, run as fast as possible out the door.

Then there is the annual nonsense in some Roman Catholic groups where people will have themselves crucified as supposedly some way of worshiping God and atoning for their own sins (which only Christ can do).  This is nothing but paganism, and the fact that Rome has never put a stop to this speaks volumes in my book.

Now that we’ve seen pagan behavior inside and outside the “Church,”, let’s move on.

Arch-heretic Rob Bell has now come out not only in support of same-sex fake marriage, but now he claims it is a move of God!!!  If this isn’t blasphemy, I don’t know what is.

The Unitarian Universalist Association has never been Christian, no matter how often many claim to be.  They are a cult - plain and simple - which is why I don’t usually bother with much of what comes out of that denomination.  Yet I found their current controversy over polyamory to be quite amusing, since they are fully behind homosexuality.   Once you’ve approved of one sexual perversion, you have no logical reason to deny any others.

Did you know that Jesus was lacking in knowledge?  No?  Well, neither did I.  Obviously we just aren’t up on things like this.  There is a Goatherd - Reverend Oliver White - who says that Jesus was wrong about same-sex fake marriage, and that God intended for there to be such an institution!  He also states that Jesus would say that he didn’t know everything!  You have to hear it to believe it.  But guess what denomination he goatherds - the totally apostate and heretical United Church of Christ.  That explains it all.

Rod Parsley is one of those showboat Word of Faith heretics, so it’s hard to be surprised when you see something like this.  Who is the “star” of his service - Jesus or himself?

How many truly faithful will Jesus find when He returns?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random Apostasies and Heresies

I’m thinking about discontinuing this “Random” series as a regular posting.  It takes a lot of time reviewing all the goofy stuff in the Church, and there are many more articles I want to write!  If you are interested in keeping up to date with such problems, about half of my sources are listed in the blogs I follow on my profile page, while a few more are on ‘My Blog List” and “Some favorite apologetics sites” listed in the right-hand column of this blog.   Rather than wait until I have a collection, I think with more important issues I’ll just do a short report pointing to the article I refer to.  I guess we’ll just see how it goes, but I think alerting Christians to what is happening in the church, and what to avoid, etc, is very important.

Tim Keller has more issues we need to be careful about; he is teaching Romanist and Quaker mysticism.  Why is it so many good teacher seem to think this mysticism is good?!?!

Steve Chalke, who is supposed to be the U.K.’s leading evangelical, is 100% for same-sex fake marriage.  He equates supporting such an abomination with opposing slavery.  As with other so-called Christians who support same-sex fake marriage, Chalke just says we don’t understand what the Bible says about homosexuality.  Yeah, right.

And of course the ever-apostate United Church of Christ is also increasing their push for the legalization of same-sex fake marriage nation-wide.  More people who don’t read their Bible!

Ken Silva posted an article by Gary Hand examining the heretical “Wider Mercy Doctrine” - the “belief that salvation can be obtained even when a person has not heard the gospel and does not know Jesus Christ.”  Yep, a form of universalism.  Heretic Robert Schuller has taught this, and so has Billy Graham.

I learned of something new this week: “Incarnational Ministry.”  The Cripplegate examines this idea - and why the title is wrong-headed.

More on the imbroglio about Louis Giglio comes from Pyromaniacs.

Apprising Ministries posted another article about problems with Nicky Gumbel’s The Alpha Course.  I don’t think we can have enough articles exposing this spiritually damaging course.

I’ve posted some short items about spiritual abuse in the past, but I think it is another very important issue to understand.  There are many false teachers us use spiritual abuse to control their followers, and one of the first names which comes to my mind is Bill Gothard!  (Just read the many testimonies at Recovering Grace.)  I highly recommend the book, “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse,” by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen, which I picked up 12 years ago at a Biblical Counselors’ Conference.
Ken Silva posted an excellent article on the subject, “Beware of Spiritual Abuse.”

Well, I can’t help but have a wee bit more about “Jesus Culture” and the false teaching behind them.  Ken Silva had two very interesting articles which I highly recommend.  First, he highlights Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith and her false teachings about her encounter with God and Jesus.  The other article examines the connection between Jesus Culture, their church home of Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church, and rank heretic and false prophet Cindy Jacobs.  These articles again demonstrate just how wrong it was for Louis Giglio to have Jesus Culture at the Passion 2013 event.

I wonder what in the world is going on with Andy Stanley?!?  I previously pointed out his apparent approval of homosexuality, but now he thinks President Obama should be titled, “Pastor in Chief”!!!  Barak Obama, the man who is the most pro-abortion president in history (and who called a child, “punishment”), the man who is the most pro-homosexual agenda President in history, and the man who is the most pro-Islam and anti-Israel President in history - and Stanley thinks he should be called “Pastor in Chief”?!?!
I direct you to three good articles on the subject by three apologetics ministries: Apprising Ministries (which includes other information about Stanley’s pre-inaugural sermon),  Sola Sisters, and Christian Research Network.

Don Veinot, of Midwest Christian Outreach, has a good example of how to respond to those who say we are mean for exposing false teachers.  I’ve heard Don in person tell about his method of responding, and I always liked it.  In this article he gives some examples of assaults he has responded to.

Can anyone explain what a “fire mantle” is?

For those who aren’t convinced that Todd Bentley is nothing but a show-boating charlatan of a false teacher, take a gander at the video provided by Ken Silva.  All I see is a demonic spirit behind Bentley - it certainly isn’t anything holy.

Just remember to be alert at all times - the wolves are watching for their opportunity to devour the sheep.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Another fad book among non-discerning Christians is “Jesus Calling,” by Sarah Young.  This book is about supposed messages directly from Jesus.  This is an author who “is making Jesus out in her own image,” according to this review at the Cripplegate.  This book is not only a favorite among women, but study groups are using it!

Todd Bentley is one of the charismania heretics who continues in the news because he holds “revivals.”  But these performances of Bentley are really bizarre, especially with his abusive methods of fake healing which are quite dangerous.  The United Kingdom was to be a location of one of Bentley’s circuses, but they decided that his counterfeit miracles have no place in their country - and they banned him!!!  Now if only he was banned in the USA!

Another Word Faith heretic, Rod Parsley, now claims lots of direct revelations from God - numerous little “nuggets” deposited in his heart daily; and non-discerning people just keep sending him millions of dollars.

Surprise, surprise: the heretical and apostate, homosexual-supporting United Church of Christ has condemned the Boy Scouts for their stance in refusing homosexual leaders.  Just another example which demonstrates that this “Church” has no real Christians as members.

Multi-site churches are something I find quite disturbing.  They are usually quite seeker-sensitive, to start with, but also very impersonal.  I came across an article this past week which sums up some of my thoughts; “cult of personality” is what they become.

Perry Noble, one of the modern false teachers who gathers huge non-discerning audiences, is really descending to worldly depths for worship - correction, entertainment.  Now his “worship band” copies KISS

Another modern false teacher, and buddy of Perry Noble, is Steven Furtick.  I’ve discussed him before, but he has proven what a false teacher he is with his praises of heretic Joel Osteen, and now he has preached at Osteen’s church!  This is just the latest in his total support for false Word Faith teachers.  He has promoted Osteen in the past, and also promotes Australian WOF teachers Brian and Bobbie Houston, Joyce Meyer, Brian Carn, Rod Parsley, and T.D. Jakes.  And he violates the biblical injunction against women pastors, including having his own wife preach in his church, when he supports Bobbie Houston as a pastrix.  Erin even reports about Furtick’s direct revelations from God.  Christians should have nothing to do with Furtick.

Readers of this blog have seen many articles I’ve written about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), demonstrating how they are not Christians but rather a religious cult.  The deception by this organization is getting more and more crafty as they do their best to come across as a real Christian church.  Janis Hutchinson has an excellent article describing the LDS’ latest strategies.

Emergent Church leader Tony Jones is now saying, “Death to Homeschooling.”  Jones is well-known for teaching the social gospel also.  So why does he hate home-schooling?  According to this report, he doesn’t say.

Sex-minded Ed Young, Jr is back at it again.  His newest conference appearance is at “Sextember: Romance Uncensored.”  Put on by another false teacher, Shannon O’Dell (“husband to a hottie”), this is nothing but another attempt at titillation by people with nothing but sex on their brains.  Aren’t shepherds supposed to be teaching the Word of God?  Young has a promotional video about this “conference,” which is about as juvenile as it gets.

Erin over at “Do Not Be Surprised...” posted a video similar to many I’ve previously seen, showing the truly demonic “slain in the spirit” and “holy laughter” manifestations.  This is what too often passes for Christianity under the claim of movements of the Holy Spirit.  I say it is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit!

Lastly, here is a “poem” video with some very profound teaching about problems in the Church.   People should be listening to what this young lady says.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random Apostasies and Heresies

The Word of Faith cult has some of the most outlandish teachers out there, and all are heretics to some degree or another.  The one teacher who is so obviously a fraud is Benny Hinn.  I have never understood why anyone takes him seriously.  I came across and interesting blog article about Hinn this week, which should demonstrate to any doubters that he and his teachings should be avoided like the plague.
Another good article I found this week exposes the false teachings of Eugene Peterson and his “Mess” of a paraphrased Bible.  I really need to get some time to do some good comparisons of the whole “Mess,” but for now this article should be conclusive evidence that Peterson and his “Mess” should also be avoided like the plague!
More United Methodist apostasy is reported this week by James Sundquist.  Too many UMC churches are allowing the Qur’an to be read in their assemblies, and now we even have one claiming that they will demolish a church each time a Qur’an is burned.  I thought we were not supposed to worship with unbelievers, nor help them spread their false teachings; maybe I’m reading the wrong Bible.

The United Church of Christ long ago left any semblance of orthodoxy and is in a complete state of apostasy.  They have now adopted a resolution opposing hostility towards Islam.  This includes speaking against Islam and exposing it for what it is - a demonic religious belief system.

Roman Catholic bishops in New York have no plans to excommunicate Governor Cuomo.  The guy is living in a fornicating relationship, which in and of itself is grounds for excommunication until he repents, and he pressured the New York legislature to pass a law legalizing faux marriage for homophiles.  Unless God has recanted and decided that homosexuality isn’t a sin and that their relationships should be treated like normal human relationships, then Cuomo has violated God’s laws against homosexuality.  And yet these bishops have no plans for discipline.  It’s no wonder we have more and more politicians doing evil - they can claim to be Christians and no one will hold them responsible for obeying God.
I’ve read many, many book reviews on Rob Bells’ Love Wins, all demonstrating conclusively that Bell is a heretic.  I’m not going to waste my money on the book, nor am I going to waste my time reading it just to give a review.  However, I will tell you that one of the best I’ve read is by Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel in Illinois.  I highly recommend it for your education.
Finally, I have long found Focus on the Family to be problematic.  While they have provided excellent teachings and advice on families, they also have promoted the oxymoronic “Christian Psychology” model of counseling, including the promotion of individual self-esteem.  Well, I have noticed some of their other theological materials have been getting farther and farther away from orthodoxy and that has disturbed me greatly.  Lighthouse Trails Research ministry took FoF to task and were slam-dunked in return.  Apprising Ministries has a very good report on the issue.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The United Church of Christ - A Love Affair With the World

From LifeNews.com (10/2/09) is the following:
A coalition of mainline Protestant church clergy have authored a letter to members of Congress asking them to make certain health care bills they are considering contain taxpayer funding for abortions. … The letter calls abortion a “morally justifiable decision.” … The denominations endorsing the letter include the American Baptist Churches, Church of the Brethren, Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church, and others.

 How can anyone claiming the name of Christ believe abortion is a “morally justifiable decision?” By whose moral standards - the worlds? Certainly not God’s because God says murder is a serious sin!

Well, of this line up I have already pointed out the apostasy of ELCA, and the PCUSA, but this time I think I’ll focus on the apostate United Church of Christ denomination.

The UCC is one of the most liberal of the denominations. All one has to do is look at Jeremiah Wright as an example of the pastors in this church; he preaches Black Liberation Theology, which is very cultic in its own right. But look at some concrete examples of the UCC’s apostasy.

One of my favorites is the UCC’s New Century Hymnal, issued in 1995. They didn’t like the old, theologically-correct hymns because they weren’t politically-correct enough. So some changes just had to be made. As reported in a 6/15/96 AP story in the Cedar Rapids, IA, Gazette, there were some really disgusting changes, such as Faith of Our Fathers became Faith of the Martyrs (removed that patriarchal tone). In Silent Night we can’t have “Son of God” because that is sexist. (But wasn’t Jesus a male?)

“Even the ‘right hand of God’ is sometimes changed to the ‘mighty’ or ‘strong’ hand of God - lest left-handed people be offended. … And ‘Just As I Am,’ minus a reference to ‘poor, wretched, blind.’”

A pernicious change is to America the Beautiful. How dare we have a song praising the United States - it hurts the self-esteem of those living in other countries in the Americas. No longer will UCC sing “O Beautiful, for spacious skies” because it is more politically-correct to sing “How Beautiful, our spacious skies” as they sing of all the Americas. Do you remember the last stanza of the original? “O beautiful for patriot dreams that sees beyond the years; thine alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears! America! America! God shed his grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.” Well, in the New Century Hymnal the final stanza is thus: “How beautiful, two continents, and islands in the sea, that dream of peace, non-violence, all people living free. Americas! Americas! God grant that we may be, a hemisphere where people here all live in harmony.” I think I’m feeling ill.

Anyway, the UCC has permitted the ordination of non-celibate homosexuals since 1972, and as of a Gazette article in 2000, “more than 150 openly gay and lesbian clergy have been ordained in the UCC.” The article also pointed out that the UCC leaves the decision to officiate at a same-sex “marriage” up to the local pastor. By 2005, however, the UCC openly endorsed and encouraged same-sex “marriage” as being a matter of “Equal Marriage Rights For All” (the title of a resolution adopted at the 25th General Synod), and called upon members to work against laws which ban same-sex “marriage.”

The UCC has for decades now condoned and promoted homosexual behavior, contrary to the plain teaching of Scripture which condemns it in no uncertain terms. As a denomination they teach what is commonly known as the “social gospel” - a socialistic abomination - rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They promote political-correctness to the point of marginalizing the differences between male and female. They promote the society-destroying idea of same-sex “marriage,” and they teach abortion as being “morally justifiable.”

The United Church of Christ is an apostate denomination. They seek to be friends with the world, and we all know that, “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” If you are a true Christian and a member of the UCC, my question is - WHY?