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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Heresy Alert!

One of my readers, James Kiefordorf, has discovered an anti-trinitarian had a longtime broadcast program with American Family Radio:  Irvin Baxter.  I’ve never heard of this guy, but James provided some samples of Baxter’s teachings (with James' comments parentheses):

"Those who are baptized in the name of the father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not part of the bride of Christ"

"Satan knew what he was doing when he "hatched" the plurality of deities” (It's obvious what he means by this statement)

"The doctrine of the Trinity was born in 325 A. D." (Does this not sound familiar? Many cults use this line of attack to deny the Trinity!)

"Those who believe in this doctrine of the Trinity, should leave their "false church.” (He cites Rev 18:4 as a proof text; what does Rev 18:4 have to do with the Trinity?)

"Those who espouse the Trinity, and the Trinitarian formula according to Matthew 28:19, are identified as being "daughters of the mother of harlots---the Roman catholic Church"

While AFR discontinued broadcasting teachings by Baxter, Wilkins Christian Communications has been airing them.  When James notified Wilkins Communications of the problem, they were quite miffed.  It seems they were previously warned by James of teachers they promoted being adherents of some version of Armstrongism, such as Ron Dart.  The manager complained that by dropping Dart’s “Born to Win” they lost $150,000 per year revenue, that they do not regret, but they were adamant that James would not tell them who they should or should not air.

I found it interesting that they stated they didn't regret dropping Dart's program once they learned of the false teaching, yet they don't seem to be interested in having to drop another one.

So if anyone is listening to Wilkins' broadcasts of Baxter, know that you are listening to the teachings of a heretic.

(As an aside, when I looked up to see who James is, I discovered that he has too often warned broadcast ministries of their entanglements with heretics of one sort or another, and they just don't like him!  Terrible thing to have a sheep dog yapping at your heels.)

UPDATE 7/24/15:  Irvin Baxter is affiliated with the heretical Oneness Pentecostalists.

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Jesse said...

If Jesus is not God, then how could He rightly claim to be Lord over the Sabbath (Matthew 12:6-8)? How could He tell His Jewish audience that He was greater than the temple? Why would the Pharisees conspire against Christ, if what He had affirmed about Himself did not imply that He was divine (Matthew 12:14)? If the Lord Jesus Christ is only a created being, and He is the wisdom and power of God (1 Corinthians 1:24), then would that also mean that God had no wisdom and power prior to Him creating His Son (which is absurd in the highest degree)?