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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

First, an update on Andy Stanley’s apparent approval of homosexuality.  I’d say with the language he uses against Christians - i.e., calling us “judgmental, homophobic, moralists” - demonstrates his sympathies.  It really looks like Stanley is joining the Emergent wolves.
Roman Catholics really need to clean up their house.  Here’s another example of Romanists supporting all that is unholy: Catholics in Media, a group which purports to recognize movies and television shows that “[make] clearer the Word of God” and “help us better understand what it is to be part of the human family,” has given an award to “Modern Family,” a sitcom with a homosexual couple.  The show is anything BUT a proper “human family,” and surely denigrates the Word of God.  Why has the Pope not condemned this group?
The Episcopal Church continues its blatant support of same-sex fake marriage.  Four of their so-called bishops came out in complete opposition to the North Carolina constitutional amendment  [link gone by 12/16/16] which was to prevent re-defining marriage to include same-sex unions.    And yet the Episcopal Church does not excommunicate these “bishops.”
Of course their “mother church,” the Church of England, has the same problem with advocacy of same-sex fake marriage.  A lay minister has been temporarily banned from preaching because he had the audacity to speak up for real marriage.
As I have stated before, Mark Driscoll is not qualified to be a pastor.  This article examines his attitude towards those taking a doctrinal stance on teaching.  Yeah, Driscoll’s cool - a cool wolf.
Rick Warren’s Saddleback church keeps proving how far they keep going from orthodoxy.  Believe it or not, their men’s group studied heretic Joyce Meyer’s horrid teaching in her book, “Battlefield of the Mind.”  This book is rife with false teaching!  What is any Christian group, let a lone a men’s group, doing studying this false teacher’s material?!?
More on T.D. Jakes, and whether or not he is truly a false teaching heretic.  I’d say anyone who praises Paul Crouch for anything has absolutely NO discernment.  Jakes is solidly in the Word of Faith crowd.
The book, “Pagan Christianity,” by Gene Edwards and Frank Viola, has certainly caused a lot of division in the church.  A friend of mine swears by that book, and is part of a home church built on ideas from it.  I had never read the book until this friend kept telling me how great some of the teachings were - which I told him were wrong - so I finally went out and bought the book and read it last year.  I came across a site this week which really dissects this book, demonstrating all the errors and historical revisionism.  I highly recommend visiting “Pagan Christianity?” and perusing the articles.  Aside from addressing that book, it also has a good review on the heretical book, “The Shack,” as well as an article on Viola in general.
More information about “The Voice” translation of the Bible.  I guess I’m a bit behind on this version, although I mentioned some reviews in a previous “Random” post in April.  This week I came across this article by Lighthouse Trails Research demonstrating the “translation” is indeed no more than a prop for the Emergent church.  Don’t waste your money on it.
Erin has more about heretic Shane Hipps at Willow Creek.  The fact that Willow Creek would even invite him to speak demonstrates the lack of discernment in the leadership.  Reading what Erin has to say about Hipps explains why it was unconscionable for Willow Creek leadership to have him speak there.

I came across this interesting article about why gender really matters in Christian counseling.  This is certainly something which should be considered by all Christians.

Finally, I was really amused by this article about Hindus wanting to take yoga back. [link gone by 12/16/16] There are way too many “Christian Yoga” classes going on.  Ladies and gentlemen, yoga is a blatant Hindu practice and cannot in any way, shape or form be “Christianized.”  If you have been practicing this, leave it immediately.


Neil said...

Good roundup.

My former church had yoga classes, which is one of the many reasons it is my former church.

Committed Christian said...

I too thought that yoga article was interesting. I believe that it has no place in Christianity and at least the hindus affirm that as well1

Linda said...

I believe it with the RCC in supporting such shows that espouse homosexuality. They've been in support of it all along indirectly through others with all their homosexual abuse. not just because that's the only reason, but because they are truly a satanic controlled wicked system

when hundreds of self-appointed ministers and church leaders independently abuse members in any way, shape, or form…it is hundreds of stories, If a priest is involved, it's “that Catholic Church scandal" and keep it within their confined System. They are the catalyst behind many of these mega Churches I truly believe as slowly this anti-Christ system rises and destroys wonderfully.....

It's in their unconverted nature that has never changed. The whole RCC is the harlot the whore and out of her is every unclean thing...

Bob Snyder said...

I wrote an article inspired by an interview I listened to between Todd Friel and a yoga instructor. Here is the link. http://snyderssoapbox.blogspot.com/2011/09/what-is-yoga-should-christian-do-yoga.html