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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

It’s that time again to expose the stuff I’ve found in the news since my last Random post.  Sometimes this stuff can really be discouraging and frustrating to learn, but someone has to expose these false teachers and false teachings for what they are so as to warn the sheep to keep away from wolves.
Steve Harvey was a new name to me, but since he appeared on TBN it is obvious where his theology lies.  At any rate, he as a written a book where he gives a “90 day rule” - i.e., date for 90 days before fornicating.  After all, people are going to fornicate so it is unreasonable to ask them to wait for marriage, but it isn’t unreasonable to ask them to get to know each other a bit better.  Heretic Paula White agreed with him (what do you expect from a heretic?).  On thing I take issue with in this article [link gone by 9/20/15] is that the author calls TBN “Christian” television.  Sorry, but that station doesn’t have anyone who preaches the truth about Christ; it is a station of blatant heresy.  Otherwise, the examination of this fornication teaching is excellent.
The ever-heretical Joel Osteen is again claiming Mormonism is Christian.  I really wish the media would quit seeking him out for discussing Christianity; the man has no clue about his proclaimed faith, let alone LDS.  But there is good news: Osteen actually admits to teaching the heretical prosperity gospel.
Spiritual Formation has become a fad, especially with Emergent churches, but it has actually been around for quite a while, with one of the main origins being mystic Richard Foster.  Spiritual Formation is unbiblical mysticism - period.  Lighthouse trails has an excellent article about this false teaching.  Bob DeWaay had a good article about Foster’s false teaching a couple years ago which is still worth reading.

I really can’t understand the Roman Catholic Church’s love affair with the false belief system of evolutionism.  Their latest foray into this nonsense is the official Bible used in Latin American countries, which promotes evolutionism in Genesis!  What is evolutionism doing in a Bible to begin with, except for that fact it helps promotes Satan’s agenda.  Ken Ham has a good article about the situation.

More problems with “gay marriage” being given at least tacit support by so-called Christians.  Look what has taken place recently at a conference on “sexuality and covenant” with some things stated about marriage.  More sliding to apostasy.
Going along with the promotion of same-sex fake marriage by apostate churches, we have news that the Episcopal Church has released a draft of same-sex union rites!  Well, I have reported many times in the past about this apostate denomination, but this just demonstrates how far they are descending into the pit.
And another concern in this area is Andy Stanley’s latest comments, reported on by Albert Mohler and Denny Burke.  It sure seems that Stanley becoming favorable towards acceptance of homosexual behavior.  It will be interesting to see how this develops.
Rather than properly teach youth about the Gospel and everything else in the Bible, along with teaching them how it should affect their worldview, it seems too many assemblies today are more interested in spiritual junk food.  An Assemblies of God church has gone way overboard and staged a kidnapping, ostensibly so the youth would know what persecution is like.  The teen did NOT know it wasn’t a real kidnapping and suffered emotional trauma and some injury.  This is a youth pastor who should be fired.
Willow Creek was on the cutting edge of the unbiblical idea of “market-driven” mentality - one of the original “seeker-sensitive” churches.  Over the years the continually have demonstrated that sticking to truth and doctrinal standards is something they don’t choose to do.  Remember, this assembly has allowed Imams to teach from the pulpit, to prove that Islam is a peaceful, God-fearing religion similar to Christianity.  More recently, Bill Hybels, their leader, has stepped all over himself to prove they are not “anti-gay” (whatever that is supposed to mean) as he severed Willow Creek’s relationship with Exodus International.  Now he’s putting a rank heretic in the pulpit - Shane Hipps.  When you start pandering to the world to draw in your audience, anything goes.

Finally, Erin reports on a “worship” song which is really weird and unbiblical, regardless of the nuances the author claims are really there.  To me, it sounds much like another “Jesus is my boyfriend” story.


Neil said...

Good roundup, as usual. I'm sorry to hear that about Hank H. I used to listen to the Bible Answer Man a lot in my early years as a Christian, but it got repetitive and I didn't like his fundraising approach (especially when he accused the post office of losing his donations and asked for more).

P.S. Just curious -- Does blogger give you the option of letting people subscribe to follow-up comments via email? That keeps one from having to come back just to check.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Neil,

Hank has been bugging me for quite a while, especially since the fiasco with his supporting the Local Church. But his Preterist views also bug me.

If you sign in with a google account, it has a box below your name to check for follow-up comments. I'm assuming the box would be there with OpenID also, which shows a Wordpress logo. Since your are signed in with Wordpress (I'm assuming), I don't know why it isn't there.

I don't understand this thing. Some people with blogspot don't have the same comment window I have, and they have a link to hit for e-mail followups, which I use - but it may be there because I'm signed in with google account.

Neil said...

Thanks - now I see it!

Linda said...

Glenn, your blog is beautiful brother. I cannot accept that you are a dinosaur. Nope!!

Anyways about Andy Stanley trying to separate the stigma of Homosexuality being sin ONLY if you commit Adultery doesn't WASH!!!

I know brother because before I was saved I was a homosexual but never practiced it and never committed adultery. I was molested by my father and it turned my thinking and choices in the wrong direction. I was tortured, tormented, very sensual in my thinking and committed adultery in my heart often

BUT GOD back in 1997, he reached down to me when I was 33 years old and when He did ALL that grunge, all that trash, all those sensual homosexual thoughts were GONE because it was ALL SIN and Jesus washed it all away by his precious blood. It's SIN and I had offended a Holy God --I never committed the literal act adultery.

So Andy is egregiously wrong to try and placate the sin of homosexuality. He is keeping people imprisoned and enslaving them by the huge lie if he continues to preach that it's ONLY sin if you commit adultery. Homosexuality itself is SIN~~

SHAME on Andy Stanley

God bless you brother

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Linda,

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your kind words.

I'm still wrestling with understanding a lot about making this blog work, so I'm still a dinosaur in most people's books. :oD

Praise God for your release from that sin. I have a friend who spent a couple decades in the homosexual lifestyle before the Lord released him from that prison. He has since married and gone on to seminary, and is a warrior for the faith.

We will all be waiting for clarification from Stanley.

Linda said...

"We will all be waiting for clarification from Stanley."-

very wise words from you brother, thanks~ I'll heed them

so far his answer has been to go through his "8 part series". which I don't need to go through to know that homosexuality is SIN.