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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults

The following are the notes I took during a plenary session taught by Ron Rhodes at the 2012 St. Louis Conference on Biblical Discernment.  There are some good things to think about.
Counterfeit Jesus + counterfeit gospel = counterfeit salvation.
1.  Don’t assume all cultists believe the same thing.  Ask them what they believe - don’t tell them what they believe.
2.  Know your Bible
3.  Beware that cultists are trained to answer objections.  Take the discussion to the Bible and keep it there.
4.  Always check the Bible when citations are given.  This way you can demonstrate context.
5.  Define terms.  They talk the same language with different meanings.
6.  Ask Strategic Questions; make them think.
e.g.  Jehovah’s Witnesses: was God without witness for over 18 centuries?  How can Jesus be “mighty God” with Deut. 32:39; Isa. 45:5.   1961 NWT Bible, Hebrews 1:6 says “worship,” while 1971 version says “do obeisance” - why the change?
Good resource is http://www.witnessinc.com/
7.  Be loving - be humble!  Avoid highly critical approach.
8.  Demonstrate the Deity of Christ:
a.  Isa. 44:24 cf. Col. 1:16  Creator
b.  Isa. 43:11 cf. Tit. 2:13-14  Savior
c.  Isa. 6:1-5 cf. Jn. 12:41  Glory
9.  Emphasize God’s Gospel of Grace.  Paint a dark picture of what they “need” for salvation and then provide the light of the Gospel.  e.g.  LDS “be ye perfect”  - a rope to heaven; how far could you get? Joseph Fielding Smith said we must be better today than yesterday!
10.  Give your testimony.  Ask them, “Are you ready to die?”


Neil said...

Good tips, thanks! I'm going to print these out.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Yep. Ron has some really excellent stuff for working with cultists. Have you seen any of his books in the "Reasoning from the Scriptures" series?

His ministry is "Reasoning From The Scriptures Ministries"

Neil said...

No, I'd never heard of him.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well, check him out at http://www.ronrhodes.org/

He's an excellent speaker and has been at, I think, at least four of the six PFO conferences we've attended. I have all his "Reasoning From the Scriptures" books, having first found the series over a dozen years ago. Top-notch apologist, and one of my favorite teachers.

Linda said...

I have that book "Reasoning from the Scriptures with Jehovah's Witnesses"

Fantastic book that really helped me understand what verses they take out of context, skew and how to refute their arguments..
Ron Rhodes as I understand it used to be a JW. Correct me if I'm wrong~

I agree with you that Ron is a "Top-notch apologist

Another great book he wrote is "Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, & Skeptics" I read through almost half the book taking notes and then put it back down. I need to finish the book.

Anyways, I'm so glad you were able to attend one of his sessions. That must have been such a blessing!

Steve Bricker said...

As I was reading the list, I couldn't help but see the applicability of each item in sharing Christ with anyone.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


No, Rhodes was never a JW. At least I've never heard him say that nor have I read that any where. If you look at his site his bio shows all the studying in seminary's that he's accomplished.

Rhodes has many, many good books. The list on his site totals 35; I have 27 of them.

Yes, Rhodes is always good to listen to. He has such a down-to-earth bearing and presentation, always with great grace extended towards unbelievers of every sort, as well as towards false teachers in the Church. He calls a spade a spade, yet does it with humility and respect.

Steve, you are 100% correct - it's a good list for witnessing to anyone!

Linda said...

Thanks Glenn for the correction. I appreciate you and your valuable part in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord use you in a mighty way for the sake of His Holy Name

Anonymous said...

One seed planted in the year before I left the RCC (which was in 2011), someone asked me "what do you believe in?" and I couldn't answer b/c in my VERY catholic-catechized head I was thinking: where do I start? And, do we have a few hours to go over doctrines/dogmas/catechism, etc!

I find the above very applicable to Catholics.


Lois said...

I witnessed to two JWs a few days ago. I had the advantage of seeing them coming down the street before they got to my door. I went outdoors to "water the flowers," which I was doing when they arrived. I prayed for the words to say, and the Lord encouraged me to speak the truth in love, and not to be ashamed of the gospel. So, rather than pointing out their errors, I welcomed them with a warm greeting and asked what I could do for them. Then I asked how to get to heaven. One of them said she wasn't going to heaven, but was going to live on earth forever. I was incredulous, and said I thought that was sad to have no hope. Then I told her what I believed from the Bible. After 30 min. of discussion (me talking), which I kept bringing back around to the gospel of salvation, I came to a good stopping place, and bid them adieu. All in all, I think I showed them the love of Christ, I thanked them for coming by and they went on their way without even giving me their pamphlet! One of them said she was "delighted" that I actually read the Bible, because they don't encounter that often. Hopefully, some of the things I said will take root in their heart. They never once had the opportunity to say what they were supposed to!

All this just to say I usually am intimidated by remembering what a certain group believes, so I just stuck to what I know (saved by grace) and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Thank you for the info. I'll have to look up this Rhodes guy.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Lois,
Good for you!

With JWs especially, I like to just ask them questions - "leading" questions to make them think, and, as you did, take them to the truth.

Showing concern for them is what too many lack in their dealings with cult members. Most will just shut the door in their faces, reinforcing everything they've been taught about "so-called Christians."

It's important to always plant seeds. You'll never know how that will eventually take hold.

Keep up the good work!