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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

It Is Time to Grow Up and Quit Behaving as Children

Ever since I wrote the article about Steve Cioccolanti’s false teachings (essentially Word of Faith/charismatic) I have gotten more rude comments and emails than for any other post — except for those about Beth Moore.  Both these teachers have followers who are rude, nasty, hateful and just plain un-Christ-like as they defend their favorite false teachers like cult members defend their cult leaders.  It is really sad!  And a large percentage do so anonymously.

With the article on Steve Cioccolanti I finally closed comments because they were redundant and just kept addressing what had already been responded to, and there were also too many “nasty-grams.”  Well, closing comments didn’t faze these cultists (which is the only way to describe them) as they continued posting comments knowing they would be seen anyway as I moderated them.  So I collected them.  

This article now is to show exactly what I’ve been receiving since closing comments, so that the world can see the behavior of those who follow false teachers: ad hominem attacks, false witness about what I wrote, etc, with no addressing any of the points I made in the article!  Perhaps this will convince them to stop bothering me!  (Oh, and in the article I linked to a video of Steve’s which I watched and commented on, and linked to his site, which I read fully and cited, yet this wasn’t enough “research” for some of the commenters.) 

Comments will be shown just as they are written - misspellings, bad grammar, “….” which aren’t ellipses, and all (remember, these are just since closed comments).

“James” wrote:
This review is pathetic.  Clearly you just read the titles of his books and videos and make your false assumptions without actually doing true research.  Just the fact that you took time out of your day to discredit a man of God shows how much you’ve missed the mark. This is somebody’s pastor.  You are causing division amongs the church, which is a abomination. I rebuke you pharisee.

God communicates with His people via the Word (Jesus Christ) and His written Word the Bible, and His Sprit the Holy Spirit.  If you don’t believe in that then sir I am praying for you.  When Jesus died the curtain was torn thereby allowing us to go directly to Jesus.  Really study God’s Word.  When you get saved you become a disciple of Jesus.  He fills you with His Spirit the Holy Spirit.   You sir are denying the power of the Holy Spirit and that is a dangerous thing to do.  I have been healed by prayer.  I have witnessed the laying on of hands and being healed by the Lord’s Spirit.  Yea of little faith.  Please pray for your own discernment and for God to open up your heart.  He says we are not to pass judgment for this very reason.  For with what measure you judge someone else God will be judging you.  I pray you are filled with love for your brother and look at the log within your own eye before trying to take the splinter out of his.

I believe one limits God when they say only the apostles could have God heal through them.  Also to call someone out as a false prophet is a dangerous thing to do.  I truly believe that this pastor Steve is filled with the Holy Spirit.

God spoke to Moses audibly.  Are you denying that He couldn’t do so to Corri?  Are you denying the power of God?  That is sad.

“hey a”:  (posted the same comment twice)
I find Steve’s teachings fascinating.  So right, to the point.  There’s nothing wrong with him.  You, Glenn, are the one who has problems.  Why can’t you support other fellow preachers?  You can’t even become like him and imitate what he does.  You are an unloving Christian, and a woman hater.

I certainly believe in true Biblical, “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”, but you self appointed heresy hunters [a favorite label by the WOF charismania leaders against those who expose them] are just sickening.  You are the only ones with truth (in your own minds) and all others who disagree with you are heritics.  So sad.  You are confronted by Scripture that you just pas off as not correctly, hermeneutically interpreted, and thus make yourself just as guilty of doing what you criticize your “heretics” for doing.  For instance, if you believe that God cannot speak to us today, that we cannot hear His still small voice of leadership, knowledge, correction, encouragement - denying our Lord’s own Words that His “sheep hear (His) voice” ….. then you have a sad “experience” of God.  Oh wait, you don’t believe in any experience.  Sorry.  I for one gladly accept what Jesus taught despite your denial of the Word of God.  I also believe you hype people’s statements in order to make them something you can deny or mock.  No one that I have read, certainly I’m not making this claim, has said that to “hear His voice” (God TOLD HIM - right!” You once mocked) is to be equal with divine revelation of Scripture.  You’re saying God cannot lead, speak, or encourage or be that still small voice in our hearts because that would  be us claiming to be Prophets receiving divine, Scripture level revelation.  How sad.
What you promote, dear sir, is a Gnostic level of Christianity.  A religious relationship based only on Scripture Knowledge only.  God is impersonal and you cannot KNOW Him, only know His Word.  Jesus condemned folks for not only disobeying His Word, but also because He never knew us.  He is the one who said we are in Him and He in us.  It is an intimate personal relationship. And it is also NOT a muted one.
That’s just one point that drives me mad.  You deny Devine healing when the Word is replete with it’s promises of such grace from God.  PS 103:3, Isa.53/Matt8/1Peter4; James 5; Mark 16).  But for each Scripture I just listed, you have a way of explaining them away from meaning what they say they mean.  God delivered me from this type of MacArthurism legalism, reformed Holy Spirit/Literal Word denying kind of religious system, AND I THANK HIM FOR IT!

“Tuan Le”:
Steve is a wise man.  He is a man of faith.  His teachings of the end times is his own opinion and never he said it is accurate but his knowledge of the Bible is highly advance, therefore, makes me a better Christian.  Please don’t hate my Christian brothers.

I believe you need to read you Bible more.  There was a wOman over a church on the new testament.  There was even woman prophets in the old testament.  Also, you spelled Kenneth Hagin wrong.  It’s time that all of the Christian began to come together and support each other instead critusing and fighting with one another.  If you feel or believe something is wrong then we are to pray for them.  Then of they don’t change we are to go to them and confront them about their sin.  Then of they still don’t repent the you bring them before the pastor or their head.  That is God’s way of doing things.  I know in this case we are talking about a Pastor so we pray to his head which would be Christ.

Please back up your opinion of what you say is the truth in the Bible with actual scriptures.

Why are you people wasting time with someone like Glenn Chatfield with an UNSOUND mind.  Don’t talk to him, don’t respond to him.  You’ll become like Glenn if you keep reading about what he said, or respond to him.  Just leave Glenn Chatfield alone.  Some of you who have responded appears to be of a sound mind and clever, so mingle with someone like-minded, NOT with Glenn Chatfield.  Wisdom dictates -- JUST LEAVE SOMEONE LIKE GLENN CHATFIELD WITH AN UNSOUND MIND ALONE!

In the not-so-distant future, no one will be reading what he says.  But if you keep responding to him, you’ll only be adding fuel to his unstable/unsound mind, and no one will benefit from this process. Thank you.

Mr. Watchman you are very judgemental, only God is to judge us.  I do not feel God’s presence in what you say.

Wow, Mr. Chatfield, you really do sound hateful. 
I will no longer read or want to read anything from you.

God gave me a vision when I was saved (born again) and continues to convict me (one might call this urging or prompting of the Holy Spirit speaking).  This article is totally off base.  I’m praying for the salvation of anyone who believes they are a Christian but never hears from God, including the author.

Dear Glenn
We are praying for your soul.  God bless you.

You are truly deceived.  You are a Pharisee living under the Law.  Jesus Christ initiated the Gospel of Grace.  The third person of the Holy Trinity is the Holy Spirit.  You do not recognize Him.  You do not know His fruit.  You are not a part of the Body of Christ.

I think you get the drift.  If you disagree with charismania, well you are just denying the work of the Holy Spirit, you’re a Pharisee causing division, you aren’t allowed to judge people’s teachings, God will be judging your soul, you don’t know your Bible, you are attacking a man of God, you’re denying the power of God, you are unloving, a woman hater (huh?!??!), and not even part of the body of Christ, but just a heresy hunter---with an unsound mind!

What is really ironic is that these comments read almost the same as the ones I get from Mormons when I expose the false teaching of their leaders!

Cioccolanti followers, you aren’t going be given a forum for your comments on this post either.  I don’t allow cult members to promote their false teachers, so save your comments!


Joy said...

Glenn, PLEASE don't stop doing what you are doing. I rarely comment, but I've learned so much from you and the links, research, and information you have provided. I've grown in my knowledge of the Bible and in wisdom in how to discern what is really true, and I've found Godly teachers through your website. I hope to encourage you today to keep up the good fight, you are making a difference, and hopefully one day the "nasty" commenters will finally see the truth through your work. God bless you.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Thank you, Joy,

I have no intention of stopping the exposing of false teachers. I just find it so sad that people refuse to at least examine what they are taught rather than attack those who do examine. It really is the same as cults - they don't want to know the truth because they are too emotionally tied to what they've been told.