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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Another installment from the Cripplegate about Tim Keller’s Center Church.

“Homosexual theology” is becoming more and more prevalent as those who practice and/or promote the perversion of homosexual behavior try to justify what they are doing.  We need to educate ourselves about their “theology” so as to be able to refute it just as we do with every other cult “theology.”  Hip and Thigh has an excellent article about The Folly of Same-Sex Theology.  Stan steps in with an article about the phrase “gay Christian,” which is often used by “homosexual” theologians.

Some more articles about the book/movie “Heaven is For Real.”   Thinking Christian has a good one which itemizes some of the gross errors of the book.  The Berean Call also has an interesting examination.  Meanwhile, the Cripplegate has an excellent article about all the claims of visiting heaven.

Pat Robertson has so often been proven to be a false prophet it is amazing that he still garners a huge following.  According to him, Jesus said an asteroid will destroy us.

Recovering Grace has an article surveying Bill Gothard’s teaching on sexual assault and abuse.  This survey demonstrates just how far away from the Bible Gothard’s Scripture twisting leads - and just how dangerous his teachings are.

Many states have tried to ban same-sex fake marriage, and they have had their laws overturned with the help of homosexual activists.  But in North Carolina the United Church of Christ has filed a lawsuit against the state’s same-sex fake marriage ban, claiming that it violates the 1st Amendment - that it interferes with the religious practices of some churches!!!!  Once again we have proof that the UCC is not a Christian group regardless of their claims.  They were joined by a Lutheran “priest” (obviously from the apostate ELCA), a rabbi (obviously not a practicing Jew), two Unitarian Universalist ministers (UU is an un-Christian cult), a “Baptist” pastor (that term can run the gamut), and — of course — the obligatory group of same-sex “couples”.  These people are not Christians, but minions of Satan, and, unfortunately, the world sees them as representing the Christian faith.

Then we have a United Methodist pastor, Adam Hamilton, who is also a promoter of same-sex fake marriage.  He’s the “pastor” of the largest UMC congregation in the country, which gives you an idea of how many people he is leading into full-blown apostasy.  His abuse of Scripture rivals that of any other cult leader.

Tim Challies examined Brian McLaren in the latest of his series on false teachers.

Finally, the very heretical book, The Shack, is set to become a movie.  It will represent the same false belief system as promoted in the “Noah” movie and the movie about “Heaven is for Real.”  Satan is having a field day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Re: Keller, my husband and I have had concerns about him for years.

The Berean Call did a great job with their article about Heaven is For Real. Would that more believers read that piece on discernment!

Speaking of "religious" movies (I refuse to call them Christian, because they are not!) - the Shack, major ugggggh! Sadly I know a few ladies who got entangled in that book. I think you're right, Satan is having a field day with deception, both in and out of the church.

Bill Goatherd - what lies and evil teachings have emanated from that man. Frankly, his recent "confession" doesn't impress me one whit. John the Baptist called the crooked religious men of his day "a brood of vipers" and told them to "bear fruit in keeping with repentance". I think John's words apply here.

The NC lawsuit, not shocking. The foundations are being destroyed (Ps 11:3). And the nations that forget God shall descend into hell (Ps 9:17).

Sometimes the amount of filth being done in Christ's name - and just the wickedness of the world around us - is dizzying. Even so, come Lord Jesus!


Robyn Base said...

I'm glad I found your blog! I'm going through a mini-crisis right now because my closest Christian friends are so easily deceived by false teachings; they are excited about every new fad if it claims to be about Jesus. Quotes from the Jesus Calling app, silly TV preachers on Daystar, TD Jakes, the Prayer of Jabez, and any other bending or twisting of the Scripture seems to interest them. What I've discovered is they do not like reading the Bible. One has said it's boring, and from conversations with the others, it's obvious they don't know the fundamentals of the Bible. This has been nagging at me for some time, but the other night when some of us met, they cited Wilkinson's claim that Jesus' teaching about the vine really should have been translated as "lifted up" instead of "cut off." That didn't ring true in light of any other Scripture, and it kept bothering me until I had to find out whether he was right. I researched the use of the same Greek root word (airo) and its translations on Biblehub, and it quickly became obvious that either Wilkinson is blatantly lying or is a terrible Bible scholar. But we should know better anyway! At one time, all my Christian friends were enamored with the teachings of Rob Bell. One minute into his videos, I immediately detected a snake; he made my skin crawl. I couldn't understand why everyone was raving about him when he was so obviously a creep! Then I read part of Velvet Elvis after hearing them rave about that book & after a few sentences I felt like I'd ingested poison. But I doubted myself & thought I was being too judgmental. Guess I was picking up on something, huh? The point is, I'm not even in the Bible more than twice a week, much to my embarrassment, but if even I can see this stuff, shouldn't Christians be able to see through these lies better than this? I mean, good, loving, genuine believers are acting like fangirls every time the newest twisted fad comes along. I'm deeply troubled over this and it makes me feel alone!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You aren't alone. And yes, you are so right in that EVERY Christian should have enough common sense discernment to see these thing for what they are. But they choose to follow the fads because it makes them feel good.