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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Notice that I changed my heading for these weekly reports; it was due to someone pointing out an item wasn’t really a heresy, and there could be some debate as to whether it was even an apostasy.  So I decided to add “Aberrations” and let YOU decide which label best fits.

First up, a hat tip to Erin Benziger for pointing me to this one.  Perry Noble, a bonafide false teacher, has “Four Things That Are Essential For a Healthy Children’s Ministry”; and please note that the teaching of the Gospel isn’t included.   Well, what do you expect for a seeker-sensitive, entertainment-oriented emerging church like Noble’s?

I have quite often dealt with pacifist Christians who really like to twist what Jesus said about turning the other cheek.  These people use the reference to refuse to join the military, for example.  I worked with a fellow believer who said if someone broke into his home and was attacking his children and his wife, even sexually, he would not try to defend them because that would be using violence!  It is impossible for me to accept such rationale, let alone using Jesus’ words to support it!  At any rate, here is a good teaching on what Jesus meant.  Perhaps you will find it beneficial for the next time you encounter someone abusing this passage of Scripture.

Whatever happened to the Mennonites having mostly fundamental doctrines?  How in the world did they get to the point of teaching contemplative prayer to children?!?

Two years ago I linked to an article at Sola Sisters which reviewed the horrible book by Ann Voskamp, “One Thousand Gifts.” Sola Sisters has posted another article about this book, which demonstrates the bizarre sexuality/sensuality that Ann teaches about her relationship with God.

Charismatics have a lot of aberrational teachings in general, and addressing such nonsense was really what the “Strange Fire Conference” was all about.  Hip and Thigh has a good article exposing some of these really aberrant teachings.

What about the apostate teachings of the mystical movement, including lectio divina.   Tim Challies explains the danger of such teachings.

Another heretical movement is “gay Christianity,” an oxymoron if there ever was one.  This movement has a lot of claims against Paul’s New Testament teaching against homosexuality.  They misrepresent what Paul taught so as to justify a perversion God called an “abomination.”  Jeff Allen has an excellent article explaining the truth behind Paul’s teachings, as well as rebutting the claims of the apostates.

Finally, again in reference to Mormonism, Liberty University is actually defending its stance in regards to allowing Mormon Glenn Beck to speak there.  Let me address some specifics.
This is the excuse given for allowing Beck to preach a sermon (for that really is what it was): “College is about learning. How can you defend what you believe if you don’t understand what others believe?”  The problem here is that the students DIDN’T understand what Beck believes because he sounded just like a Christian!  Let’s look at some of Beck’s teachings in this sermon:

1.  “I am Mormon and share your faith,… Training Champions for Christ.”  NO, a Mormon does NOT share the same faith as Christians, so they cannot train anyone for Christ.

2.  “Days before Joseph Smith was martyred he was taken out by the sheriff;…”  Smith was not martyred.  He died in a shoot-out.  Martyrs don’t shoot back.  This is one of the big fables that Mormons like to teach to show how they have been persecuted.

3.  “Later in his message, the Mormon talk show host told the students that ‘no one in the Grand Councils’ sent them to earth just to make a living. Beck was referring to the Mormon belief that human souls pre-existed in heaven, and that a gathering of heavenly beings known as the Grand Councils, send certain individuals to earth to accomplish a special purpose.  ‘You didn’t come down for a job. You came to this university maybe thinking, “I have to have an education to get a job.” You need this education from Liberty University because of your only true job, the purpose you were sent here for.’”
Beck is actually teaching them nothing less than the Mormon doctrine of eternal progression!  Why was there no rebuttal given?!?!

The article claimed that there were those who believe Beck has had a “born again experience.”  Since Beck still teaches LDS doctrine, I’d say that is impossible for him to be “born again.”

Beck later made a typical Mormon whine about those who disagreed with his speaking there: “This is why your churches are dwindling.  You think you’re standing for something, when indeed, you’re standing for hate and bigotry. I think Jesus was hanging out with prostitutes and sinners, wasn’t He?”

So it is “hate and bigotry” to make a truth statement that having a Mormon preach a sermon at a “Christian” university is wrong?!?  Yes, just marginalize the opponents as hateful and bigoted so you don’t have to actually deal with their arguments.  And just what does the fact that Jesus was “hanging out with prostitutes and sinners” have to do with allowing a sermon full of false teachings being taught at a Christian university - does Beck really believe Jesus would have thought it was okay for a pagan Canaanite to be teaching in the temple?

If Beck had been there simply as a conservative commentator, and made no references to religion, then there would have been no problem.   Read James Duncan’s statement in the last couple paragraphs - he sums up the problem quite nicely.


Jon Gleason said...

Apparently Glenn Beck things there is an equivalence between Mormons and prostitutes?

Of course, God often does refer to false worship of false gods as spiritual adultery, so maybe he has a point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

What Liberty did is very wrong. Mormon teachings, which are false, should be clearly refuted, and not allowed unchallenged. One cannot be Mormon and a true born again Christian, the two are mutually exclusive. I appreciate your diligence in exposing the falsehoods of the LDS. A church I used to attend did do a religions of the world" evangelism training program, so we learned a little about each false system to know how to refute it with Scripture.

Good article from Sola Sisters, and I also liked their one on "Being Radical and Missional is the New Legalism". It echoed what Elizabeth Prata said not too long ago on the same issue. Always a timely reminder to the church.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Carolyn,

My diligence in exposing the LDS is because too many Christians believe the LDS are Christian and don't understand the problems. I started my spiritual life by becoming a Mormon, and then when I became a real Christian I began studying everything possible about the LDS as well as the true faith so as to reach Mormons with the truth. That was the beginning of my apologetics ministry.

That is why you will find more on my blog about the LDS than any other religion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn, you have a great testimony and ministry. I don't know a great deal about LDS, only what I learned in that evangelism program, which made it clear that LDS is not Christian. But I am fairly familiar with RCism, as that was a part of my background. Again, a major deviation from the truth, with many precious souls in need of rescuing.