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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Excellent review of “Young Messiah” which demonstrates why no Christian should waste money on it.  (Note that Focus on the Family has endorsed this blasphemy!)

The junk coming to “Christian” stores will now include all the marketing of, “Young Messiah.”   It is really, really sickening.

A book which came out a decade ago, but which is still being promoted a lot, is John Eldredge’s “Wild At Heart.”  One apologist I know called it “Wildly Unbiblical.”  You might find Gilley’s review of this book to be also worthwhile.  Part 1 here, part 2 here.

Rick Joyner’s teachings are just foolishness contrived to suit his agenda.

Mary Dalke had a very good article exposing false teacher John Hagee.  (I forgot to note this article previously.)

George Otis and the NAR’s “Spiritual Mapping”  — all part of the aberrant “Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare” movement.  FALSE spiritual warfare, by the way.  (I have a half-dozen books in my library on this topic!)

Catholic HERESY!!!!

Roman Catholicism has long taught their people to be anti-Jew.  Oh, it has supposedly been pretty much corrected over the past 50 years or so, but you can’t erase a lengthy history that quickly.  The problem began when Rome decided that the Christian Church replaced Israel, and that Jews were “Christ-killers.”  Of course the whole idea of Jews were to blame for the death of Jesus is absurd, since Jesus gave his own life to pay for sin and the actually execution was by Roman soldiers.  I’ve always thought it odd that so many “Christians” throughout history have railed at Jews for “murdering” Jesus, when if they stopped to think what would be their position if Jesus was not hung on the cross — where would their salvation be?  Yet here we have Catholic high schoolers raising the old “You Killed Jesus!” claim against Jews.  Where did they even get the idea if they haven’t heard it from their teachers?  IF Jews were responsible for the actual crucifixion, why rail at them when it was the cause of their salvation?  They should be thankful that God used man to provide the method of death for Jesus’ offering for our salvation.

On my March 3rd “Random….” post I had a note about Greg Laurie now having a show on the TBN heretic TV station, and one of those commenting on that post gave information about where Greg Laurie is headed with his beliefs.  Well, now “Berean Research” has an article demonstrating that Laurie is diving into the charismanic swimming pool.  I guess he has really become a teacher to avoid.

A short commentary by Marsh West as she directs her readers to an article at Pulpit & Pen in regards to another event where teachers who should know better are joining with false teachers.  Take a look at the names!

A problem with mega-churches.  To lighten up, though, here is some satire about Andy Stanley and his mega-church!

An old article on the Ezzo cult, but well worth it if you never heard of them.  Their books and followers are still out there.

Non-Catholics should NOT celebrate Ash Wednesday or Lent.  They are unbiblical practices.

Fred has posted part 8 of his review of Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

Mary Dalke has a collection of short videos demonstrating some heretical teachings of the Pope.

One of the worst cults ever, for those who haven’t been around long enough to know about them — the Children of God.  Sex and cults, cults and sex.  It is an inevitable mixture.  They are still around, by the way, and known as “The Family International.”

Time for some humor to end with.  A SWAT team raids a church after learning about many people being slain.  The Salvation Army and landfills are refusing "rapture" books.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

I was going to ask you to post Alec Satin's article on Roseborough the "Pirate" in your next RAAH. Honestly, I wasn't surprised one bit by what I read, because I am aware of some of the "Pirate's" past ignoble behaviors. I agree with Alec, especially that the "Pirate"'s constant snark and sarcasm is not fitting for a leader in the church (good supporting verse)... that Roseborough's support of that wolf Price is disgraceful... and Alec's last paragraph truly hit home.

Thanks for posting the articles on Eldredge. I forgot about them! I had found those years ago when trying to understand more about Eldredge's popularity. A friend had given me one of Eldredge's books for women, and though I read some of it, I couldn't finish it. It was so utterly confusing, and Gilley's articles really cleared the air.

GARY EZZO. I knew that guy's teachings were off the mark (and asked you about him, Glenn, a while back), but I had NO idea just how bad his character was until reading the Midwest Outreach article.

Lent? Ash Wednesday? Seriously? The Bible is clear about fasting, it is to be done in secret. So that scratches out those rituals. Additionally, if I am not mistaken, Ash Wednesday comes immediately after Fat Tuesday (better known as Mardi Gras), where you are supposed to live like the devil, and then look religious the next day.

The quote in your meme today, true, and unfortunately so very discouraging.

Thanks, therefore, for closing with more Babylon Bee. The SWAT team/slain one was downright hilarious!


Eternity Matters said...

Love that picture!

Sorry to hear that about Rosebrough. Having a discernment gap with those close to you seems to be a problem with lots of otherwise-sound leaders.