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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Did They Really Say That?!?

"Mary is co-redemptrix of the human race...because with Christ she ransomed mankind from the power of Satan.  Jesus redeemed us with the blood of His body, Mary with the agonies of her heart.... The church and the saints greet her thus: 'You, O Mary, together with Jesus Christ, redeemed us.'...

God has ordained that no grace will be granted to us except through Mary. ....No one will be saved or obtain mercy except through you, O Heavenly Lady. ...No one will enter heaven without passing through Mary as one would pass through a door.... O Mary, our salvation is in your hands."

Keith A. Fournier, "Evangelical Catholics"

"Sustain us, O Virgin Mary, on our journey of faith and obtain for us the grace of eternal salvation."

John Paul II, "The Holy Father's Prayer for the Marian Year," 1988

These examples of the Roman Catholic worship -- yes, WORSHIP -- of Mary show just how blasphemous and unbiblical are such teachings.  Nowhere in the Bible will you find Mary being a redeemer of mankind; that office is held ONLY by Jesus.  Nowhere does Scripture say that Mary "ransomed" mankind in any way.  Nowhere in Scripture does it even intimate that Mary is God's channel of grace to mankind, or that salvation is through her.

Salvation is ONLY through Christ, the redemption of our sins is ONLY through Christ, the ransom paid for our sins was ONLY by Christ.

Roman Catholicism has made Mary into a part of the Godhead, and this is pure blasphemy and idolatry.  Mary was no more than a humble woman who was blessed to be chosen to give birth to our Savior.  She was not born sinless, nor was she bodily assumed into heaven.  These are stories the Roman Catholic Church made up.  And these teachings are examples of why Romanism is a false belief system.


Doug Evans said...

These are good examples of the fact that Roman Catholicism does not believe that Christ Jesus' sacrifice was enough for our redemption, nor is He good enough to intercede for us with God. This is what is behind their dogma of "Intercession Of The Saints" - Jesus isn't good enough, so they pray to dead people to intercede with God for us.

Anonymous said...

Same thought process on the so-called "purgatory" - adhering to that false doctrine means they do not believe Jesus' work at Calvary was all sufficient.


ali said...

We have catholic family members, friends and neighbors, all lost, separated from God and Salvation in Jesus our LORD. Continuing to believe it is Jesus plus their good works that save them. Tragically, millions will stand condemned on judgement day, shocked when they hear, depart from Me, I never knew you.

We must continue to pray their eyes and hearts will be opened by the truth of His Word.

With God, all things are possible.

Anonymous said...

A friend approached me at the local county fair with the news of how "we need to reach the "unchurched" in our community. Her faith tradition has been Lutheran, but having wedded a catholic, their children were raised in the Roman catholic religion. She shared with me that she is currently "turning catholic" and is taking religion classes from "the sister" at their church.

So I asked her "Why do you have to take classes from a "sister" when you went to confirmation classes as a Lutheran and were "confirmed" in the Lutheran church? Don't they accept that?"

And another question, "Does a person have to go to any of these "classes" in order to be saved by Jesus Christ?" Really?"

And if a person really dug deep into the catholic doctrines, the higher clergy system (let's call it what it is- the Nicolaitan system)labels those of us not belonging to Roman catholicism as "unsaved" and "going to hell."

I agree with ali in praying for those indoctrinated by this false religious system who believes their good works will earn them a trip to heaven.....similar of what I currently see and hear with the majority of Lutherans.....most cannot even give you a clear Gospel message because they haven't heard it preached and taught in their church systems either.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


My wife was raised in the Lutheran Church (LCMS) but has said she realized she really wasn't a Christian until after hanging around with me. When I met her I had been a believer for 7 months, and was always talking about my faith. I got her a Bible for Christmas 4 months later so we could study together.

After we married, we ended up spending 8 years in the Lutheran Church until we could no longer stand tradition over Scripture.