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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Personal Bible Notes: Proverbs to Malachi

Refer to my 9/25/18 post about the margin notes in my Bible, and why I decided to share them on this blog.  

1:20ff: Wisdom is personified, it is NOT Jesus!
1:33 “me”: is wisdom.

2:1-5, “if/then”: If welcome the word, store it up, listen to it, apply it.
2:3-4 “call out”: Means to cry out for it; seek it, lift up voice, search, dig.

Chapter 8 is has wisdom personified again.

3:11 “put eternity in their hearts”: Unbelievers are without excuse.

Song of Songs
This is a love poem and is not an allegory about God/Israel or Christ/Church.

7:10-17: Speaks to the same event as 8:1-4?
11:2: 6-fold Spirit (LXX has 7th); see Revelation.
12:2 “my strength and my song”: Music is power.
14:12: Is NOT Satan!!!

24:4-6: The earth is under corruption.
31:3: God is spirit; shown by parallel men/flesh, God/spirit.
40:22: Earth is round, universe is expanding.
40:28: God is eternal, creator, omniscient.

42:5-9: God as creator.
42:6-8: Israel’s purpose for the world.
43:10b-11: One God, one savior.
44:9-20: What idols are.
44:24: Universe is expanding.

Chapter 45 is about “no other God.”
45:12: Universe is expanding.

46:8-10: God’s omniscience.
49:1: God’s view of the pre-born.
49:6b: Israel’s purpose.

52: 3 “nothing”: Our price is no price.
52:4 “without cause.” Incorrectly translated. There was a cause —sin.
52:15: cf 1 Cor. 2:9
55:6: Refutes Calvinism.
59:17: Eph. 6:14,17.

64:4: 1 Cor. 2:9

1:5: God’s view of the pre-born.
17:5,6: Don’t trust the Pope or government.
17:9: Don’t trust feelings!
18:7-10: God’s conditional promises.
23:1-2: Woe to poor leadership!
31:35: Creation.
32:17: Creation.
51:15: Creation.

6:4 “idols”: Literally, “dung pellets”
18:18-20: The one who sins is punished; no one is punished for another’s sin.
20:12, 20: Sabbath given to Israel only, as a sign between them and God.
28:11-19: Satan is the force behind the king of Tyre.
34:2ff: Woe to poor leadership.
37:15ff: The two sticks are the two nations: Israel and Judah, not two books as LDS claim.

1:12 “vegetables”: Hebrew word includes fruits and grains.
3:1:  Statue of what?
7:9, 10: See Rev.1:12-16.
10:1-9: Rev 1:12-16.

11:2 “fourth”: Xerxes.
11:3 “warrior king”: Alexander the Great.
11:4 “four winds”: Four generals divided Alexander’s empire.
11:5: Ptolemies and Seleucids.
11:6-9: Alliance of Syria and Egypt.
11:10-12: Egypt defeats Syria.
11:13-16: Syria defeats Egypt.
11:17-19: Stalemate
11:20-35: Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
11:28 “holy covenant”: Israel.
11:30: “Kittim”: Cyprus.

12:2: Rev. 20:11-15.

Amos — 9:13-15: Modern Israel?

Seen at 2 Kings 14:25. He was not a false prophet as atheists/LDS claim: see Jer. 18:7-8.
1:8: Better translated as, “You, who are to blame, why?”
1:8: “trouble”: Literally, “calamity.”
1:9: “worship”: i.e., fear.
3:3b “extremely large”: Idiom meaning one of 5 ideas: 1) “to the gods a great city” 2) “large city even to God” 3) “of great importance to God” 4) “of God” meaning “belongs to God” 5) “great for God’s purpose.” #5 is best, seconded by #3.

Micah — Takes place before Jeremiah (3:12 is cited in Jer. 26:18)
14:6: See Rev.16

Malachi — 4:4: The “Law” (commandments) are for Israel ONLY.

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