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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Did They Really Say That?!?

People have even argued about whether God is male or female.  But the Bible itself tells us that He’s both!  That’s right.  In the Hebrew language, all words have gender. They’re either male or female. But the Hebrew word Jehovah is both masculine and feminine. He’s as much female as He is male and as much male as He is female.

Originally mankind was that way too.  When God first made “man,” he was as much female as he was male.  Then God separated the female part out and made “wo-man,” or “the man with the womb.”  After that, man and woman had to come together to be perfectly whole.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, “Vive la Difference,” From Faith to Faith, published by Kenneth Copeland Publications, 6/28/82.

I don’t know Hebrew, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar the Copelands don’t know it either.  But here’s what I DO know:  

*Gender in language is not the same as gender in people.  Language gender may or may not directly refer to the same gender human—leastways that’s what happens in English.

*“Jehovah” is not a Hebrew word; it is a Germanic transliteration of YHWH.  My guess is the Hebrew is not “masculine and feminine,” rather it is probably neuter.

*God is neither male nor female—He is spirit.  He uses masculine terms for Himself by way of analogy as being a Father to mankind, a husband to his people (the bride), etc.

*Man was NEVER part female.  God did not take the “female part” out of Adam, rather he took a part of Adam to make a woman as a lesson to him about who and what she was. 

*“Woman” does NOT mean “the man with the womb.”  This is about fallacious as it gets.  The pun only works in English (i.e. “womb-man”)—if you can call it a pun.  Copeland just made that up out of whole cloth.
*Adam was not then remade “whole” by the woman— An unmarried man would be, by the Copeland’s claim, an “un-whole” person!

*Lastly, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are rank heretics who have no clue about the true Gospel, and are unsaved people who are leading their followers into spiritual dangers of every sort.


DebbieLynne7 said...

What abject blasphemy! Not surprising, considering the source. The Copelands blaspheme God all the time. Still, this one is particularly disgusting.

Jesse said...

This article may be a useful supplement here: