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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Curious Artwork

The band I play with recently played in the street outside a Catholic Church as first responders arrived for a “Blue Mass.”   We begin playing about 30 minutes prior to the Mass and we are playing for the responders, not for the mass.

While waiting the hour for the Mass to end we usually go inside the building and sit in the fellowship area where there are some benches, especially if it’s a bit chilly outside!  As the Mass comes to an end we form up again in the street and play as the first responders depart.

This year I picked up a couple of free books inside, books which I thought would be good for research purposes.  But I also picked up this 2 3/4 X 5 3/8 card which was for the people coming to the Mass:
What got my curiosity up is the central artwork, which apparently depicts Jesus on the cross, the Holy Spirit (the dove) above Jesus’ head, and then—I’m guessing here—is God the Father looking like Charlton Heston’s Moses!

Now, I didn’t realize that God the Father ever appeared as a human in Scripture, yet this artwork suggests He has appeared as a man.  So are Catholics now taking a cue from Mormons?  My Bible says God is a Spirit!

(FYI, there is another prayer on the backside, which is FOR the first responders, whereas the one on the front is ostensibly to be BY the responders.)


Anonymous said...

gee. Father denotes a male does it not? a tad picky glen Jesus referred to His Father as He.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


God is referred to as "Father" and is referred to in the male nouns, BUT He is not in the figure of a man, rather he is Spirit. No one has seen God, nor can anyone see God and live. His likeness in which we are made is not a human form. To present God as a bearded man is to make a graven image.,

Jesse said...


Exodus 33:18-23?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...