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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kay Arthur Follow-Up

I received an email, in regards to Kay Arthur,  from a long-time follower of my blog.  This person gave me the following testimony, which I felt was important information for anyone using Arthur’s material or following her in any way.  I asked permission to use the testimony and was given said permission as long as the person’s identity was not included.  

I totally agree with your assessment of Kay Arthur.  I’ve personally taken over 50 Precept classes (from 1992 – 2002) and also have taken their leadership course to become a Precept leader.  I never did, though, because I wasn’t totally comfortable with some aspects of the way the teaching had to be done.  It was too ecumenical for me even at that time. 

I had a personal “run-in” with Kay when she first shared a simulcast with Joyce Meyer in 2000.  I was totally shocked and e-mailed the ministry for some clarification.  I received an e-mail back from Kay herself.  Her very condescending manner surprised me and thoroughly turned me off.  I also thought she was dishonest in her explanation.   From that point on, I wasn’t able to receive any teaching from her.  I think the last several classes I took had Wayne Barber’s videos. 

I also was concerned about her recommendations like Neil Anderson, Henry Blackaby, etc.  Then she began showing up in the Women of Faith meetings with Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer.  So, I would say that she’s one to be very careful of and I thank you for writing this article. 

Not many discernment sites have info regarding her and some of the other problems with the way the Precepts Bible study is carried out. Like I said, it’s very ecumenical.  Catholics, New Agers, cult members, etc. are in the classes with you and nothing can be mentioned about doctrinal differences, solid authors and teachers are not to be mentioned either.  This sets up a very dangerous precedence. 

As I have previously noted in some of my “RAAH” posts, Kay Arthur has become very questionable with her teachings and she associates approvingly with many false teachers.  She should therefore be avoided.


Tim Maguire said...

"Not many discernment sites have info regarding her (Kay Arthur) and some of the other problems with the way the Precepts Bible study is carried out. "

Dear Glenn
With regard to your recent decision about your RAAH articles (Dec 15th). The quote above is why you need to continue with RAAH as much as you can.
Please keep it up it is so necessary these days. Even though people may know the truth the errors you expose are not always noticed for lots of reasons other than lack of teaching.
I always, always appreciate your naming and exposing of false teaching and teachers. For example I hadn't heard of RedLetter "christians" until you exposed them in one of your posts.

I also love your comments regarding contemporary "worship". Something else that needs your discerning approach as much as possible.

Every blessing

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Tim,

Oh, I'm not stopping the RAAH posts. I'm just not going to be doing them as often because I'm not going to be continually covering the same ground!