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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas is Not Pagan!

Christian Answers for the New Age (CANA) Facebook posting by Marcia Montenegro


When I was a new Christian, I believed all the "Christmas is pagan" tales but did not check it out. I have checked it out and find that is not true. The cults have been very skillful at spreading these tales (Jehovah's Witnesses, Armstrong followers, Hebrew Roots, and others) and consequently, due to the proliferation of false information, some Christians have come to buy into it as well.

Comments such as "Christmas is pagan" or links to sites supporting false data will be deleted. I have spent too much time and energy on this topic in the past to spend more time on it, but want to post this for those interested. I am not going to engage in arguments, and disrespectful comments will be deleted.

If you do not observe Christmas due to commercialism or for a personal reason, this does not apply to you. But if you believe it's pagan, or think that Jeremiah 10 applies to Christmas trees, I hope you decide to investigate.

God bless all of you.

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Why the date of Dec. 25 became connected to the birth of Jesus

Quote== Devout Christians will be reassured to learn that the date of Christmas may derive from concepts in Judaism that link the time of the deaths of prophets being linked to their conception or birth. From this, early ecclesiastical number-crunchers extrapolated that the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy following the Annunciation on March 25th would produce a December 25th date for the birth of Christ. - See more at http://bit.ly/1MGpuKI

The Christmas Tree

==The fact of the matter is that the Christmas tree originated in Christian Germany about two thousand years after Jeremiah’s criticisms of wooden idols. It originated from two Christian symbols found in homes at Christmas time. The first was a “Paradise tree,” an evergreen which was hung with apples which represented the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. The second symbol was a “Christmas pyramid.” This of course was a triangular shelf holding Christmas figurines and decorated with a star. By about the 16th century these two symbols had been combined into the Christian Christmas tree.==



HISLOP Discredited: “Myths From Hislop: A Call to Examine Facts,” by Marcia Montenegro

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