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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

(graphic from Berean Research)

Looks to me like Thabiti Anyabwile is not a pastor to listen to!  What kind of Christian would support the racist “Black Lives Matter” movement and also claim the unborn aren’t living?!?

Royree Jensen — another false teacher with bizarre ideas.

More Scripture twisted and contorted by Steven Furtick.

Catholic doctrines just keep getting more and more bizarre — and unbiblical!

More Roman Catholic nonsensical paganism.

The Catholic Mass — a horrible abuse of Scripture.

A very unbiblical and bizarre teaching in Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling.”  Just another example as to why NO ONE should be reading that book!

The cult of women’s self-esteem.  The whole “self-esteem” idea is nothing less that pop-psychology — borrowed from atheistic ideology.

Rick Joyner’s doctorate degree is fake.  Just like his teaching.

More eisegesis from Rick Joyner.

More false teachings from Jennifer LeClaire

Marsha has a good post on spiritual warfare, which looks like the beginning of a series.

Theodore Shoebat is just as much a false teacher as his father Walid.

Does the church idolize music?  Something to think about.

False prophet/teacher Patricia King is now having visions of a 9-foot angel demon.  When you listen to this video, you see she has many angels demons working with her ministry.

Another false teacher in the Methodist Church who should be excommunicated.

Personal Freedom Outreach made a good point on Facebook about Beth Moore:
DID YOU KNOW? "Popular Bible teacher Beth Moore’s headliner status owes much to the way in which she and her publications are promoted. She is pitched as being the authority on the problems and challenges many women face, as someone who can teach her readers how to arm themselves against Satan’s attacks, get them out of the pit into deliverance, break free from spiritual strongholds, and cure the 'epidemic' of insecurity. Her writings are often promoted as something to fill the void in the lives of evangelical women.
The Spring issue of their Journal will examine Moore’s new book, “Audacious,” and it will be the sixth Journal issue examining her teachings.  I highly recommend subscribing to their journal. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Yes, the church idolizes music. Absolutely. The "worship leaders" are as guilty as - if not more guilty than - everyone else. Much has been said here about churches jettisoning hymnody and other congregational-friendly music for these performance style pop-contemporary songs which the congregation struggles to sing due to the musical range and complexity of the pieces. That's because decisions today are based on preference, not on truly facilitating corporate worship. Few bother to actually evaluate songs for suitability for congregational worship.

Of course, interpersonal problems on a worship team also happen, again, often based on the personal preferences of the leader. While attempting to serve in a music ministry, I was inappropriately treated (I'm being somewhat reticent here) by the leader. Eventually, I approached the young man to ask him why he treated me in that manner. He abruptly told me that he didn't like my style, I had the wrong sound, etc. He also at a later date also told me my "style" might be some sort of issue for the congregation... i.e., he extrapolated his personal dislike of my style to the entire congregation... ironically while simultaneously admitting that no one in the body had actually said that my style was an issue. There's more to that situation than I'm saying, and none of it even remotely good, either. Long story short, I walked out of that "ministry".

Unfortunately, that's not the only church where I've experienced that kind of situation. At another church, I was told by the leadership that they didn't want "my kind of music" in THEIR church (ahem, Whose church?!). What amazed me was that I wasn't asking them to change their entire music ministry to match "my style", nor was I rejecting or criticizing their style (which was contemporary). I would have only wanted to do one of my pieces for special music. But that "style" was not welcome. Nonetheless, I did end up doing special music there, from time to time, but picked pieces that would be more palatable to their contemporary tastes, as not to "offend" them. Because God forbid some classical worship music is brought into today's evangelical church.

Needless to say, until I find a church with a music ministry that is actually led by a God-minded, mature believer, preferably over the age of 40, I have no intention of serving in "music ministry" in a local assembly again. I have voiced my thoughts about the 20-something-year-old guy with a guitar who does not know how to shepherd. Enough said.

Furtick, of course. He is extremely arrogant. He's also of the venerated speakers alongside Mark Driscoll at Perry Noble's upcoming "leadership" conference. Just in case anyone wants to book tickets.

Beth Moore... your meme made me laugh. I honestly don't get why so many women are attracted to Moore. In one of your previous posts (it might have been another RAAH), you linked to Debbie Lynne (headstickdeb) article about Moore, something about her being "adorable and dangerous". Personally, I never found her "adorable". Maybe it's just me, but the cutsie-pie woman thing just doesn't appeal to me, southern drawl or not. To me, it comes across as insincere and hollow.


Anonymous said...


Anyabwile... isn't he part of "The Gospel Coalition"? Why yes, he is. Even though I am not a Calvinist, I have serious issues with TGC and some of the other reformed/Calvinist groups that seem to accept anyone into their ranks, as long as they claim Calvinist soteriology. Among the Gospel Coalition we have men like Anyabwile (with the above mentioned concerns), Driscoll (who used to be in their ranks, and he was never even qualified to be a pastor in the first place)... there are also men among them who deny literal 6 day young earth creation (like Keller and Justin Taylor)... and even though SGM is mired in a horrible scandal, Mahaney is slated to speak at T4G this year. Unreal. Apparently any theological position, philosophical persuasion, or personal behavior/conduct is allowed, as long as you are "Calvinist".

They seem to be a "good ole boys club" based on that particular soteriology.


Anonymous said...

Note to Carolyn,

I'm with your thoughts posted abt Beth Moore. She is not cute, adorable, or in anyway what I classify as a true southern lady. Now 'true, southern lady' is not a salvific term, but neither is a true lady of any geographical location over the top in antics and 'girlfriend' verbiage. My 30 + yr old daughter says all the women in her SB church adore Ms Moore, but my daughter knows some things about her teachings are amiss. I try to encourage her to use God's wisdom in who she listens to and whose books she reads. I always appreciate your comments.

Glenn, please let go of giving any more of your valuable research to G Riplinger. We who love KJV are so tired of her representing what we believe. Somewhere along the line I think you have been mislead about the AV. You seem to be on a rant against it. Excuse me, please, if I'm wrong. I do gain valuable insight from your blog and thank you for putting in time to benefit the body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, you probably know this but you don't have to be a "calvinist" to be a part of the good ole boys club. JDHall has been writing about the SBC and other arminian baptists in general for years and exposing the exact same behaviors, if not worse. You *sound* a just little bitter. Believe it or not there are sincere Christians who love the Lord Jesus who would be labeled "calvinist" and are just as offended by the Gospel coalition as you are. JD calls them the coalition (leaving out gospel) in their name due to their associations, teachings and behavior.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 2/19, 9:27 PM

I've watched many hours of Beth Moore and she does not act like a lady in any shape or form.

As for Riplinger's book, I will continue until I am finished with the entire book. Most of the KJVO arguments are the same ones she uses.

I am not mislead on the KJVO stance; I have studied it for decades. I am not on a rant against the KJV, rather I am against the whole nonsensical idea that the KJV is God's choice of English translation, the the TR is the best text, that anything other than the TR is corrupt, etc, etc, etc.

The KJV is a good, but obsolete, English translation. The language is obsolete and easily misunderstood by today's poorly educated culture, especially with so many words having changed in meanings. There are many errors in the translation of the KJV even from the TR itself. Modern formal translations are just as accurate and many times more accurate that the KJV, yet the KJV is held up almost as direct revelation from God. This is what I am against - not the KJV itself, since I use it myself.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 2/20, 8:26 AM,

Please understand that just because one isn't a Calvinist, that doesn't make them Arminian. I am a non-Calvinist and not an Armenian. Calvinists seem to think of either/or.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to both Anons who wrote me, assuming you are two different people:

First, Anon February 19, 2016 at 9:27 PM:

Thank you, I do not see any "lady" or anything attractive whatsoever in all that crazy, over-the-top "girlfriend chatter", either! So glad to hear another woman (I presume?) in agreement with me. Re, KJV, as Glenn said, he is not anti-KJV. He is, as he said, anti "KJV ONLY" though. As am I. A dear believer in my life loves and daily reads the KJV, and we study the word together frequently... with me reading my NASB.

Second, Anon February 20, 2016 at 8:26 AM:

Oh, friend, I know full well the SBC is chock full of the same "good ole boys club" garbage. Don't get me started on Rick Warren... or emotionally manipulative altar calls... or all the "church growth movement" nonsense, etc, etc... and what that leaven has done to the body! I only mentioned the Calvinist "good ole boys club" because Glenn had specifically mentioned one of the erring TGC members, and I had just read some of the follow up to the SGM scandal, and happened to be fit to be tied on Friday. What you see as "bitter" is just a sister in the Lord who is very disgusted with the garbage being kept in the house of God by the men who consider themselves preeminent teachers/preachers/leaders/elders.

I know there are good solid Calvinists who hate those things as well. I hold nothing against them, and I appreciate their stand against the leaven in the church. I once said years ago to a Calvinist friend that each "branch" of true Christianity, i.e. where the Gospel is still taught, needs to seriously clean house!!!!!! He agreed!

Finally, like Glenn said, just because one does not label oneself a Calvinist, that doesn't make you Arminian, Semi-Pelagian, or any other "-ian" either. I am a born-again Christian. Simple as that.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

One final comment: I do want to be clear that expressing disgust at rotten leaven in the church does not mean one is bitter. I have found that people sometimes will say "you sound bitter" when strong words of disdain are spoken. Jesus most certainly was not bitter when He called the Pharisees a brood of vipers, whitewashed tombs, hypocrites, etc. I think in the church, we've grown so accustomed to "meek and mild", that we've forgotten that righteous anger still has a place!


Anonymous said...


From another sister in Jesus Christ here to another (you), I know that you are not bitter.....than line was used and abused upon me as well when I dared to speak truth in church leader terminology; God's tough love.

I empathize with your situation concerning what modern Christianity has labeled 'music ministry.' Growing up in a small, rural, plain (most families were not wealthy so the giving was tight) church building with simple believers assembling together, we were blessed to have a small organ with a grandma-type organist who played well into her 80's! The hymns were good and I was surrounded by some amazing voices from folks around my parents age. I loved singing (and my voice is nothing to brag about, but the LORD hears my voice and knows the praises of my heart) and at times, I loved to just stop and listen to the talented voices around me singing in unison. The old hymns brought peace and joy to my soul.

And that quiet grandma-type organist playing all of those years not once, demanded or commanded to be the center of attention through applause or praise/special recognition. She served our LORD and not herself.

Fast forward to the churches I have attended.....the praise music is so loud complete with banging drums that I can't hear myself think, let alone sing, and my head hurts at the end of they call the worship part of the service......the leader music minister loves being the center of attention, cracking jokes and laughing loudly between songs....the music team often judges the rest of us while singing and I have heard them say, "Those who lift their hands high in the air are genuinely worshiping the lord more" (not for sure its the real LORD here-guess the rest of us who choose not to raise our hands are not genuinely worshipping according to their lofty standards......and those who do not praise, applaud, or compliment/flatter the praise band on a weekly basis to feed their ever so demanding self esteems, are regarded as backsliders, for we choose to worship Jesus in spirit and truth, not the band, thank-you very much.

I know, I know, I sound bitter, angry, and just down right critical here, not really. Times have changed from serving our LORD Jesus Christ and not making a big show of it, to serving up a platter full to over-flowing of man's narcissism. Who exactly are we worshipping in churches anymore for everyone seems to be so incredibly attention demanding and 'proud of themselves' because they have a 'performing talent.' It's like Broadway has come to the nearest church near you and your ticket price is your tithe on your gross income.

And Jesus still stands at the door and knocks..............waiting to be invited in amongst us.

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to ask a very important question....was Jesus a Calvinist? I personally have not found any Scripture reference identifying Him as one. Still thankful that He is in control of all things, instead of man. So very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Very true. I, like you, do not want to be labeled yet often we label others. I dont want to be called calvinist but Christian. I actually knew nothing about Calvin as i was coming to understand the doctrines of grace.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

"Doctrines of Grace" is a claim of Calvinism, as if the rest of us didn't believe in God's grace as a doctrine.

Calvinism should more appropriately be called Augustinianism, since Augustine invented the unbiblical doctrines.

Anonymous said...

Anon sister February 21, 2016 at 9:04 PM,

Thank you for your edifying words. Thank you for the acknowledgement that the term "bitter" is often leveled at saints who are objecting to leaven and trying to speak truth. Especially if said saints are (whispering) *female*.

You said, "the praise music is so loud complete with banging drums that I can't hear myself think, let alone sing". I HATE when churches do this. I'm at a point of showing up wearing hearing protection during the music segment of the service, and when asked, just telling them bluntly the music is too loud. They probably won't like such a blunt gesture of truth from a (whispering) *female*.

Laodicean age, indeed. I don't know why Jesus even bothers standing at the door, though. Who even answers it?


Anonymous said...

ETA: I wouldn't wear hearing protection, of course, unless we first asked politely for them to turn the volume down. In many churches we've visited/attended, the music has always been far too loud. In our experience, asking to turn the volume down is an oft ignored request.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Carolyn,

Thankfully, our Lord is still there, knocking on the church doors, so that someone inside might hear His voice calling to them personally. He is long suffering and patient, not willing that any should perish! If that person responds to His importuned knocking, then halelujah! Maybe some of my family members will respond. I know you know this....just putting it down in black and white. Thanks, Glenn.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Be careful about using Revelation 3:20 as a salvation message. That is not what the passage is about, as I explain here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

I do mean Rev 3:20 as intended by Scripture, that Christ is outside the door of a local assembly that has gone astray, knocking, to be let back in. My comment was along the thought process of why does Jesus even bother, because who in the local assembly these days even notices He's *outside*, knocking to come back in, let alone even get up to answer the door?

I know Jesus isn't knocking on the "door" of someone's heart. I guess we don't have to cue up the sappy altar call music now...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Glen for bringing up Augustine! Appreciate that in the light of the fact that our children's Sunday school materials came from the Augustinian printing press of the denominational synod. Authority within this Lutheran church was NOT to be questioned and with no rocking of the boat. Until the day came when some adult lower laity knuckleheads chose to throw out the stinky bathwater with the baby in it and have the children bring their Bibles from home, and they all had one, and were asked to open up their Bibles having a genuine Bible study within the classroom, verse upon verse.

The pastor was angry, and very bitter I may add, and those who had influence and deemed themselves as somewhat important were not very happy either, possibly bitter as well, for volumes of money was spent on these materials from the Augustine Press.

Wow! Open up a Bible in a church, studying and meditating upon God's Holy Word, and the religious wolves attack for lunch, but open up the Augustinian lies, teaching them to the children, and the adult romper room dances for joy.

Harlot church systems love their lies, do they not?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anon, 2/23, 0720,

Which version of Lutheranism? I'm thinking Augustinian Press is Catholic?

I'm very familiar how some Lutheran pastors can be with tradition over Bible - my wife grew up in LCMS, and we attended LCMS for eight years after we were married.