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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

This week I had a young lady ask me what I thought about Becky Tirabassi’s teachings; having never heard of her before, I started the “Google” thing.  This is my summation:

Her church is one of those “market-driven” types which has lots of programs.  Classes I read about are sort of “me” focussed, with some on “spiritual disciplines” which usually means mysticism, such as the emergent church movement.  In fact, the church just might be emergent, since they do not state their doctrine.  And I’d really like to know what a “pastor of assimilation” does (staff member)!

Becky violates Scripture by being a pastor—co-pastor with her husband.  That is a bad setup from the get-go.  From reading about her on the Internet, a lot of her teachings seem to appeal to emotions, especially with a lot of pop-psychology.  And her close association with Joyce Meyer — who is a rank heretic — is very concerning.  She talks a lot about having “
as much of the Holy Spirit as you want,” but we can’t have any more H.S. than He who lives in us.  That is a favorite claim of charismatics - you just need “more” of the Holy Spirit.

Becky might have some good teachings (as does Beth Moore), but I wouldn’t trust her at all.

Speaking of Beth Moore, she is  Adorable and Dangerous.   She has more false claims of revelation from God, and she narcigetes herself [link gone by 7/18/18] into Acts 16:14.  How bad can she get?!?!

The sometimes questionable issues with Kay Arthur.

HT to Erin at Do Not Be Surprised… for the next two items:

False teachers are now getting another venue to spread their lies —
on Netflix.

Mark Driscoll, who has been proven to be unqualified to be a pastor, is now starting a new church in Phoenix.  I guess he needs more people to abuse.

It’s that time of the year for seeker-sensitive false churches to bring out the sex and sensuality for their “sermons.”

Does the Bible really say we’re not to judge? Marsha West has an excellent article addressing this subject.  Of course anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows my answer to the question.  As I noted on Marsha’s article, “If I had dollar for every time someone asked me if I confronted the accused false teacher IAW Matt. 18:15-17, I could take a cruise to Scotland!

Doug Evans has an excellent article exposing Rick Joyner as a false prophet, let alone a false teacher!

Alec Satin has a great article about the Catholic practice of praying the rosary.

The Passion Translation” is as bad as “The Message.”  Neither one are Bibles — just pretend Bibles pushing agendas.  Just like the cult versions.

Another example proving that the NAR people are bloviating false prophets.

Now that I’ve broached the subject of the NAR, here is a great collection of articles about the New Apostolic Reformation and all its false teachings.  These people are dangerous to the REAL Christian faith.

And, finally for today, Gary Gilley has good examinations of the “Toronto Blessing” and its offspring, the Brownsville Revival.  These circuses were nothing less than demonic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

OF COURSE Mark Driscoll is baaaaaack. Because as we all know, smutty and crude language from someone who has been known as the 'cussing pastor', plagiarism, bullying, crashing a conference and lying about what happened, multiple angry tirades, "p*rn*vision", having explicit information on your church's website, etc, etc, and etc, are all hallmarks of a faithful and godly pastor who meets the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.


The bigger fools are his enablers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn,

A quick note on Beth Moore:

She is saying Christendom is going to be united...now I don't believe she is hearing this from God but I do believe that the harlot in Revelation is a professing false Christendom united in a single system under one head, and if we are getting closer to the end then there is no reason we wouldn't see it forming.

Ironically she could be correct! And a puppet of the enemy helping to bring it about.

Anonymous said...

PS: I also read that Driscoll and Furtick are speaking at "leadership" conference held by Perry Noble.

Let him who has eyes/ears, see/hear.


Anonymous said...

My last post about Driscoll's involvement in Noble's so-called "leadership" conference was for the benefit of those pastors and men of God out there who think Driscoll "repented" or is fit for ministry.


PS: To correct my grammar in the last post, it should have read: "...speaking at A "leadership" conference..."... sorry about that.