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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Do What You Are Called To Do

Each of us is to be willing to do anything that the Lord may call us to do — to go to the Mission Field, and equally perhaps, not to go to the Mission Field.  Sometimes it may be easier to go than not to go.  There are people who comfort and satisfy their consciences by doing something heroic, such as going to the heart of Africa and building a hospital.  But it may not be God’s will that they should do so.  It may be His will that they stay doing something drab and ordinary in this country.  As Christian people, as members of the body of Christ in particular, we are to be at His disposal, to be ready to do anything He calls us to do.  Those whom He calls to go and sends do a faithful work and bring glory to His name.

There has been much confusion in connection with this whole subject of Foreign Mission work, and Christ’s name has often been bought into disrepute.  People who rush emotionally into the work discover their mistake when they get to the Field, and when they come home on furlough they to do not go back again, and this becomes known to those who are outside the Church.  I have heard that in some countries only about one in three return to the Mission Field after their first furlough.  This is so  because they have been called by men and not by the Lord; the need has been regarded as the Call, or the Church has given the Call.  They have never realized that we are but individual parts and members of a body, and that it is the Head who decides and calls, and that this is His prerogative, and His alone.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Christian Unity: An Exposition of Ephesians 4:1-16, pp.174-175


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Boy this post will surely irritate some in the church, for it is hitting at the heart of Christian pride, and many believer's selfish need to do something "big" for Jesus Christ. How often are we sending out people who are called by man, but have not truly been called by God? I'd say probably quite often, because as Lloyd-Jones said, the need is regarded as the call, or man is the one doing the calling.

Moreover, I've listened to at least one missionary speaking during a worship service, where said missionary chastised all us "drab and ordinary" Christians for "sitting comfortably on our couches" instead of suffering for Christ like they are in some war torn foreign country. OH THE PRIDE! I am very tempted to ask missionaries with that attitude if they enjoy eating and having a roof over their head, because my husband's "drab and ordinary" job is paying to support them abroad. Those who send missionaries are as important as those who serve as missionaries. Without the senders, those sent would have to support themselves on the field, and wouldn't be able to give themselves fully over to the work of the Lord.

Great post, Glenn.


Jim B said...

Awesome post Glenn, One word comes to mind and that is humanism, a lot of those in the mission field are there for the wrong reasons, they want to see their fellow man who may be suffering here on Earth make Heaven their how where they will have comfort and joy forever more. Well their motives are wrong, God is not a means to an end, He is the end of it all. We must continue to seek God in prayer and find out what He has called us to instead of going off and doing what we want to do or think He called us to because someone said God opened the door so we should walk through it. In all we do let God be glorified, and His name be honored.

-> Jim B.

twiga92 said...

This is a great reminder, thank you! We just got back from a ministry trip visiting some mission fields. My husband is the IT guy at a mission agency (their US office) and we visited some of their fields to see what they are doing and to provide some tech support as needed. It is easy to romanticize the countries while there visiting and experiencing new things. Having grown up on the mission field, I know that phase eventually ends. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

We send our missionaries overseas to "do missions." Perhaps missionary works is needed or required in ALL NATIONS. There is a huge push to send our young people to what are labeled as third world nations only, and yes, I would agree the Gospel is to be preached/taught there as well. With that said, even here in America, with the growing state of paganism/hedonism even within the church system, there is a growing need for true missionaries to minister the Gospel and teach discipleship amongst us, for many within the leadership of our churches have fallen for the apostate religious system, ie., the signs and wonders crowd, the health, wealth and prosperity wolves, the mysticism and contemplative wizards, and the jewish roots folks have all invaded our churches with their missions/agendas.

Long ago, I had a decision to make regarding a human life growing inside of me. I was a fornicator and was caught in my sin, very much unsaved at that time. Our LORD still cared enough for me, an unbeliever, to graciously send unchurched believers and followers of the Risen Christ to minister to me to not have an abortion. These were non-institutional 501c.3 church believers who were called to do exactly what Jesus commands all of us to do, and no, they were not from a cult.

Because of these blessed 'missionaries,' our child was born and several years later, my soul was saved by our Savior, Jesus, the Christ. God, our Father's grace is still alive through His precious Son, Jesus.

To Jesus, be the glory. There is humility and abundant love at the foot of His cross.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Yes, we really need missionaries in the USA, and that should be promoted just as much as overseas missions. Too many people think that just because we have lots of churches, we don't need to evangelize in the USA because the unbelievers can just come to any church. Theses people forget that the local assembly is ONLY for believers.