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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Only a week has gone by and it’s already time for a “Random” post because so many things are happening — and I can only scratch the surface!

I guess it isn’t surprising that Christianity Today Astray has “whitewashed” Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.  To them she is a hero because she was an advocate for birth control.  Yet Sanger was a eugenist and decried what she called “human weeds,” and was all for elimination of such “weeds” by forced sterilization.

On another note, Christianity Today Astray did get one commentary right; a Christian assembly’s view on marriage is a very good litmus test of their doctrinal soundness.  “In other words, by the time a Church legitimizes "same sex marriage", it has already ceased to be a Church. The shift on a biblical idea of God and his Word has already happened and the result is a people who have created God in their own image, and whom he has given over to themselves, so that they even approve of what is evil (Romans 1:32).”

Arch heretic Creflo Dollar is looking to purchase a HUGE corporate jet, a Gulfstream 650, to the tune of $65 million.  While he claims it is so he can work more effectively for Christ, it is really about traveling in the lavish style he is accustomed to.  As a Word of Faith con artist, his “ministry” is nothing more than a way of enriching himself.  Michael Brown explains why Creflo won’t be getting his money - nor mine!  (Of course to me the primary reason is because he teaches a false gospel which we don’t want spread anywhere!)

Lutheran Satire seems to have quite a few good videos making good points (too bad Lutheranism is much like Calvinism doctrinally, and also has false teachings such as baptismal regeneration and consubstantiation).  This one is right on target in regards to current “praise and worship” songs.  If you let it go to the next one, you’ll see a good satire about contemporary worship.  One of the best laughs I had is this one about Rob Bell — and any of his ilk!

Rachel Held Evans has left evangelical Christianity.  Hmmm.   By her teachings, there isn’t any evidence she was ever part of it.

Four characteristics of legalism warning; if you recognized these in your assembly, abandon the place!  (Disclaimer— I disagree with the author's recommendation of Phillip Yancey’s book — that is not a book for anyone looking for good teaching.)

Sola Sisters blog has another good article about Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” books.  BBBAAADDD stuff!

San Francisco’s largest megachurch has decided to allow as members non-repentant practitioners of homosexual behavior"If Jesus were the pastor of City Church, what would he say to the people who are asking if they can belong?" the pastor asks. "As we consider the life of Christ, his example of love, his call to embrace the outsider and cast down, and his patience with those earnestly seeking him, what is a Christ-like response?”  Ending the requirement for celibacy for gays "aligns with our existing core vision: the doors of this church are as wide as the arms of the Savior it proclaims," he adds. "We will no longer discriminate based on sexual orientation and demand lifelong celibacy as a precondition for joining. For all members, regardless of sexual orientation, we will continue to expect chastity in singleness until marriage," Harrell concludes.  Harrell seems to have a lack of understanding as to the reason for the local assembly.  The purpose of the local assembly is quite clear:  It is for the meeting of the body of Christ, not a place to evangelize.  It certainly is not a place for membership to be bestowed on unrepentant sinners!  What’s next — unrepentant adulterers?  What about unrepentant child molesters?  What did Jesus REALLY say — what would a real “Christ-like response” be?  “Go and sin no more!

Elizabeth Prata’s blog post for yesterday included some good examples of apostasy in the church: 1) the internal rot of the Southern Baptist Convention continues unabated with another member church led by a woman pastor, 2) the election as a Baptist college president of an unrepentant practitioner of homosexual behavior, and 3) another Baptist college inviting a lesbian to speak.

Speaking of homosexuality-based apostasy in the Church at large, the very apostate PCUSA indeed decided to vote in a new definition of marriage in their “Book of Order” to include same-sex unions.  (They already decided that the “love of gays and lesbian couples is worth celebrating,” in total rebellion against God’s abhorrence of such sexual behavior.)  How can anyone in the PCUSA still claim to be Christian?!?  [Today I came across someone’s definition of PCUSA: Presbyterian Church (Unlimited State of Apostasy).  That pretty much sums them up.]

Easter is upon us and every aberrant, seeker-sensitive, and market-driven assembly will be looking for new ways to appeal to the flesh with their services — as well as advertisements for their services.   A perfect example from Southpointe Church.  (HT to the Museum of Idolatry)

It really gets discouraging to see all this nonsense invading the Church.  The tares are being deeply sowed among the wheat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

The CT whitewash of Sanger was absolutely disgusting. For shame!

I agree with retiring the concept of "worship leader". These days, I'm also contemplating why many worship ministries are youth dominated. Most of the vocalists/musicians are teenagers or college co-eds. Where are the mature adults?

RHE - I agree, she was never part of evangelical Christianity. At least now she agrees, too! She and Sarah Young, two birds of the same (wrong) feather.

Pretty much all of the characteristics of legalism on Reclaiming the Mind - I would call it all hypocrisy. That's what legalists are, hypocrites.

Rot in the SBC, yes, PCUSA too. I like the new moniker for PCUSA, "Unlimited State of Apostasy". I've also heard people call the SBC "Slowly Being Compromised".

Yes this is all discouraging, but keep looking up brother, our redemption draws nearer by the day!


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

SBC -- Slowly Being Compromised. I love it. OF course their darling of compromise is Beth Moore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Ok, if the SBCs darling of compromise is Beth Moore, their homecoming king of compromise is Rick Warren. PD has swallowed up many otherwise good Baptist churches.


Jack Morrow said...

Francis Schaeffer, in his last book, The Great Evangelical Disaster, said that the Southern Baptist Convention was in the same shape today (today being 1984) that the mainline denominations were in in the 1920s and '30s. We're more than 30 years past that time, and more than just the SBC have gone down the road to apostasy.

Joe said...

"...the internal rot of the Southern Baptist Convention..."

There is no such thing as "The Southern Baptist Convention" except on those days messengers from around the country and/or world convene. The entity in Nashville is the "Executive Committee," which must do the bidding of the conventioneers.

I have been a "Southern Baptist" minister for more years than there has been dirt. "My" churches were, and are, all autonomous bodies. They do not do the bidding of the Executive Committee unless they want to. I have used the literature I want to use, the bookstore(s) I want to use, the by-laws I want to use, the hymnal I want to use, etc.

If a given church chooses to allow women preachers, there is nothing I or any other Baptist church or the Executive Committee can do about it. (Shame on that church, however, in my humble, but correct, opinion.

Southern Baptist churches voluntarily work together through the "Cooperative Program" for the cause of missions and spreading the gospel at home and abroad. That's all.

At the convention(s), we tell the Executive Committee what we want them to do and they are bound to do it.

I would prefer that no Baptist church use women as pastors. Certainly no church in which I minister will. But I have no say in what any other Baptist church does or does not do. And that is as it should be.

(The preceding was for informational and edificational purposes only.)

Anonymous said...

Is Jesus a set of moral principles? If so, then it is time to throw out the baby and the bathwater. I, personally, detest the baby and the bathwater cliché, for it reeks of compromise.

I came out of the Lutheran church system, and will NEVER go back to a religion named after a man who whole being hated Jews with a passion. Read Martin Luther's writings and you will come away wondering if he, indeed, was born of the Spirit of God, for out of the heart doth man speaketh. His penned writings are ripe with rage, vitriol and murder and Adolph Hitler adored this man of the reformation.

I hold in my hand a letter from a Lutheran pastor who was elected a Senator here in the state of Minnesota. After my conversion in becoming a born again Christian while in my 30's, I became a Republican, gave money to Pat Robertson's Christian (?) Coalition, and was quite active in politics. In writing a personal letter to this Lutheran Pastor, now turned Senator regarding the institution of marriage here in our state, it became apparent to me just how far the "church" has become apostate in not understanding the times.

Clergy, leadership, and dumbed down pew sitters have embraced, followed, and now worship a world system whose gods have become man, instead of Jesus and His teachings. I too, WAS one of them, placing my hope in our nation (nationalism), men and women, and the systems (educational, economical, and social), instead of Christ alone. I was, and to an extent, still am an idolater of man....we are all plagued with this to some extent because of the nature of our sin.

My letter addressed homosexuality and the state of marriage here in Minnesota, for many of us were beginning to understand the workings of man behind the "scenes." Here are a few quotes from a Lutheran pastor who became a politician......was Jesus, his disciples and apostles politicians, let alone Democrats or Republicans......God's Word tells us clearly what they were, Praise Him.

Quoting the Senator:

"This letter is coming to those of you who sent in a card from your church and a few others, who have expressed concern over the issue of a "marriage amendment" (emphasis added by Senator)being added to the State's Constitution. What follows is a synopsis of a letter I sent to Bishop Nienstadt at the New Ulm Diocese."

"I certainly agree that marriage is between a male and a female. I voted for Minnesota's law which banned marriage between members of the same sex when it was adopted in the late 1990's, but I do not believe placing it on the Constitution is either needed or desirable for the following reasons:"

continuing to share.....

Anonymous said...

Direct quotes from this Lutheran Pastor/Senator's letter:

"1. As stated above, Minnesota has a law that bans marriage between members of the same sex. Both, the Governor and the Speaker have been quoted as saying they believe Minnesota's law could withstand a legal challenge.

2. Minnesota also has a Supreme Court decision that defines marriage as being between two people of the opposite sex. There is no need to define it further by putting it on the Constitution. This definition has been in place for thirty years and was upheld in federal court. Minnesota is well protected on this issue. I cannot find any other state where the Supreme Court has nullified their own legal precedent.

3. Minnesota's Supreme Court members are elected, not appointed as they are in Massachusetts. After the Wersal case which allows judges to run for public office with political endorsement and allows you as a voter to ask a candidate for a judgeship how they might rule on any given issue, it doesn't seem necessary to me that we need anything additional."

Senator's letter continued....

Anonymous said...

"4. Massachusetts, the only state to allow "same sex marriage" does not now, nor have they ever had a law banning same sex marriage. They do not have a Supreme Court decision defining marriage as being between a male and female either. Some supporters of this amendment have said, "Yes, Minnesota has a law, but so did Massachusetts." That is not true. Please feel free to call the Massachusetts legislature for confirmation.

5. I believe this amendment is driven primarily by fear, anger, and hate. You may disagree with that assessment, but the rallies held here at the Capital have displayed clear evidence of this fact. Two signs I remember well, read, "Death to all homosexuals" and "All homosexuals are banned to hell." If you are a practicing Christian, I would hope you are aware that kind of judgment is not up to us. It belongs to God alone.

It's too bad those who support this amendment have succeeded in convincing so many good people this is needed when Minnesota has already done more to protect marriage than any other state I'm aware of."

Letter continued....

Anonymous said...

"A few people who have contacted me have suggested that I need to pray about this issue. There are two implications in this reference that bother me. First, it implies that I do not pray about this issue. I can assure you, I have prayed about this and many other issues here at the Capitol. Secondly, it implies that if I did pray about it, I would arrive at the same point they have. I was ordained into the Christian ministry in 1974 and have been around people of faith long enough to know that people of faith who pray about issues of policy or faith frequently do not arrive at the same conclusion. We need to remember our faith teaches unity, not necessarily uniformity.

I suppose I'm somewhat unique in being a legislator who supported the law banning same sex marriage while opposing a Constitutional amendment, but believing this amendment to be driven primarily by negative human emotions, I simply cannot vote for it. I always told my kids when they were growing up to try and live their lives in a way that allowed themselves to live with themselves and with their God wherever they went. I have to do the same. So, believing that Minnesota is well protected on this issue and that this amendment is driven by fear, anger, and hate, I have trouble living with myself if I voted for it. I just don't see how I can do that. I do not expect that any of you will be in agreement with my position; I'm simply asking for your understanding for a different point of view. Is that too much to ask of other Christians?

Gary W. Kubley
State Senator, District 20"

Date of letter: April 3, 2006


Anonymous said...

In addition to the letter, I received a copy of a picture taken at the Minnesota State Capitol of people holding signs at the state rally with the Senator's penned question:

"Do you want this kind of emotion on the Constitution?"

The protestor's sign stated "Intolerance of Discrimination against Death Penalty for Homosexuals as prescribed in the Bible."

In reading Senator Kubley's response, I will address the fact that my letter was written responsibly with love, not fear, anger, nor hatred as addressed by the politician. I, personally have not petitioned nor demonstrated in trying to sway public opinion, but instead, chose to write with regards to Jesus and His approach to loving people and the eternal state of their souls. It is what we are called to do as born again Christians.

And yes, I too, once believed that abortion was acceptable and up to individual choice before my conversion into following Jesus.....any my former Lutheran pastor and his wife also believed it was an acceptable form of birth control.

At the end of the day, Jesus knows no "Christian" (?) denomination, nor does He know no joining hands with any geopolitical government or land. In my relationship with Jesus, I too, am learning the hard way, one marked by suffering and soft persecution by those who think they are "Christians" on paper (church membership card, baptismal certificate, and confirmation class document) that act just like the rest of the world, with absolutely no remarkable difference in being "called out."

I sit in church shouting amens to the charismatic preacher man when he condemns homosexuality, meanwhile behind the scenes, he is making sexual advances on women, his children are having premarital sex, having extra marital affairs and multiple divorces and remarriages, and he is personally receiving audible extra-Biblical "words of knowledge from the lord."

Has "the 501c. 3" corporate church here in America gone south for the winter?

We say, "we must reach the "unchurched" and bring them to church so they can become "a Christian." Perhaps a better response is to "share the life saving Gospel with people, churched and unchurched alike, and point the that individual soul to Jesus, the Christ, and His teachings," rather than worshiping another human being or religious denomination. For most organized churches do not preach Jesus, nor do they truly love people........they just want your nickel and your nose. It's a pride thing.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Good information. But the general public sees the SBC as a virtual denomination. I know they aren't, and you know they aren't, but the public is ignorant. Still, the Executive Committee is indeed becoming more and more liberal based on too much acquiescing to the demands of various assemblies.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I usually don't post such long comments, but I thought you had some good points about some "random" apostasies in the Church, including the horrid idea of bringing the unchurched into the assembly hoping they'll be converted.

I would say, however, that there is nothing wrong with Christians participating in the governmental system when it is the type we have in the USA. We should never vote for any party which promotes - as part of their platform - all that is unholy, such as does the Democratic Party. Voting, writing congressmen, letters-to-the-editor, and other political actions are part of the democratic process in the USA, and is a way to influence the culture for the good, and whether can reach them all for Christ we still need a culture in which we have the freedom to worship as we please as well as the freedom to teach the Gospel.

Joe said...

GEC: There were a couple of conventions in which a number of "messengers" wanted churches to conform to certain liberal values (women, gays, etc.), but they were voted down. They subsequently withdrew affiliation with the other churches. Interestingly, former president, Jimmy Carter, was among those whose churches disaffiliated themselves.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Jimmy Carter was another one of those politicians who claimed to be Christian all the while teaching everything ungodly. He was their adult Sunday School teacher, which in itself demonstrated that his church had a major problem. So it was good when they left the SBC.