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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Many unbelievers will attack Christianity by demonstrating the horrors perpetrated in the name of Christ; one of these horrors is the Inquisition.  They will often say hundreds of thousands, or even millions were kill by Christians.  Of course you must first explain that was instigated by the Roman Catholic Church, which was not operating in accordance with the teachings of Christ.  Then you might want to refer them to this article which gives the real estimate of those tortured and/or killed in the Inquisition, and ask them to stop exaggerating.

An example of the rank heresy taught by Rome is the recent “Mass of Reparation” in the Philippines.  Ex-Catholic Mike Gendron had this response to this (in e-mail newsletter):
This grieves my heart to see the spiritual blindness of so many devout Roman Catholics. Clearly, the prince of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers from the light of the Gospel and the glory of Christ (2 Cor. 4:4). Only when they turn from the worship of a false Christ to the true Christ of the Bible will the veil of blindness be removed (2 Cor. 3:15-16)

I really don’t understand the Roman Catholic Church.  This is an organization which claims to have the “vicar of Christ” as their leader who obeys all of Christ’s teachings.  And yet the Vatican hosted a feminist conference featuring a professor who compares their Mass to homosexual behavior!

I came across a new site which I’m following:  Entreating Favor.  An interesting post was about Jefferson Bethke, someone I hadn’t heard of but is apparently quite a “Christian celebrity.”  It seems he endorsed and spoke approvingly of “Macklemore,” who is a “rapper” who disdains Christianity.  Says he “loves” him.  So why would a Christian give accolades to someone who mocks Christ?  And when someone rebuked him for doing so, Bethke blocked them!  So there’s another name to put on your “do not follow or buy books by” list.

Another good post by Entreating Favor showed how God’s purpose can still be served with false teachers — there are names of false teachers named!

Hat tip to Erin Benziger for the next two items:

Andy Stanley is on the fast shuttle to apostasy; he doesn’t seem to care if you become a Christian, so long as you live a better life [link gone by 3/6/36] by following his teachings.  24 Emmaus Road gives some “Final Thoughts” on Stanley’s new series.

Word of Faith heretic Christine Caine has a “profound” statement demonstrating her false teachings.

The New York Fire Department has sworn in its first woman chaplain — a lesbian.  First, she’s not qualified to be a chaplain by virtue of not being a man, and secondly she is not qualified BECAUSE she is a lesbian.  God will not give credence to those claiming to be spiritual leaders while the are in direct and abject rebellion against Him.  I have a difficult time believing that any true Christian in that fire department would seek her counsel for anything.  But of course, the NYFD was only seeking “diversity.”

There are so very many items of apostasy and heresy in the Church at large, no one can keep up with it all — and it will only continue to get worse!


Anonymous said...

Bentley is still around? Wow, that's pathetic. You'd think people would have got the clue a long, long time ago that someone who kicks an elderly lady in the stomach to "cure" her disease, isn't a Christian.


Doug Evans said...

I was blessed to listen to Mike Gendron speak last month, I don't know if I could ever expose the heretical behavior of the Roman Catholic Church with as much Christian love as that man. I highly recommend his book Preparing for Eternity - most Christians will be shocked at the extents of the heresy that our Catholic brothers and sisters are being held hostage to.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I've only read Gendron's articles over the years, and citations by him from others, but about a year ago I came across his site and subscribed to his emails.

You are absolutely correct about the Romanist Church. All one has to do is read the Catechism and that itself is a mind-boggling experience. Then pick up a copy of Ludwig Ott's "Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma" and you'll want to run screaming!