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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service. 1 Timothy 1:12

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Apostasies and Heresies

I’ve been quite busy lately with bagpiping: Highland games in Springfield, IL, weekly band practice, playing for a funeral 141 miles away, heading 112 miles away for a parade, and a birthday party.  We also were busy with our book-table ministry, tons of yard work, and gone away from home much too often to get much done!  I decided I’d better get this “Random” post out before all the news is obsolete!

Francis Chan has not been a teacher I can recommend because he is often so touchy-feely, and likes pop-psychology.  But now I learned some news which demonstrates that Chan is not a teacher to listen to.  He seems to be too supportive of Roman Catholicism, and has apologized for allowing Mike Gendron to speak on the subject at his church.

Heresy is running rampant in the church due to acceptance of evolution and the millions of years time scale.  It seems Adam and Eve cannot be accepted as literal people with evolutionism.  Ken Ham gives an example of this heresy entering the church.

Ham also wrote about heretic Peter Enns being sponsored by a Baptist Church in Dayton, OH, who is a prime example of the heresy of mythologizing Adam & Eve.   As long as churches continue to compromise the faith, there will be fewer and fewer solid Christians to stand for the faith when persecution comes.

Steven Furtick, and his bizarre “Elevation Church,” have been frequent subjects of my “Random” posts.  Now Matt Slick at CARM has posted a short examination of Furtick.  While I disagree with Slick about Calvinism, he still demonstrates that the man is a first-class wolf. 

Ah, good old Christianity Today Astray is at it again.  Their review of a TV show is not what you’d expect from a Christian reviewer, but with that magazine I guess I’m not surprised.   Erin Benziger said this about it:  Did I miss something? Christianity Today sings the praises of finally-ending sitcom, The Office, a show which blasphemes, mocks and in short, hates God. This article lauds the romance and trials of the relationship of well-loved characters Jim and Pam. A relationship that began with fornication and led to marriage when a child was conceived. I used to watch The Office until one day God graciously showed me that I was celebrating something that, in every story and script, went against everything I professed as a Christian. I can hear the criticism: "You're such a prude!" but, really? Television like this stunts our spiritual growth as Christians. It may make you laugh, but at what are you really laughing?

Mark Driscoll is another frequent name on these posts because of self-centeredness, his looker-room jock attitude about sex - which he talks about quite a bit - and his special revelations from God, let alone his blasphemous jokes about Jesus having tattoos.  Pyromaniacs has an excellent open letter to Mark which everyone should read to learn about this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has been quite apostate for a long time, as I have previously demonstrated on this blog.  Recent news has them uncomfortable with the idea that God is angry with sin, and that they wanted to change the words of a hymn which reflected God’s anger.  They want a God who has no problem with sin, obviously, or else they would have major problems with their support of homosexuality.

Did you know that diversity in the church is what saves you?  Neither did I.  But the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church thinks so.  No wonder that denomination is so apostate!

Another name which pops up on these “Random” posts as a false teacher is Brian McLaren.  His latest money-grubbing scam sounds like what you’d expect from the Word of Faith heretics, coupled with social gospel promotion. 

A bit over a year ago I wrote an article about the false teaching in Mark Batterson’s book, “Be a Circle Maker.”  Of course my article was just from a layman’s pen, but this week Tim Challies posted HIS review and also had much critical so say about the book.

And lastly, the new pope seems to be a universalist, with a claim that atheists are saved.  Am I understanding this correctly?


ali said...

It appears it is becoming easier to tell the sheep from the goats.

The goats are becoming more vocal, while the sheep......

We must keep speaking truth while we can. There will come a time when our voices will be silenced.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Chan - oh dear. Years ago, I thought I heard that he quit pastoring because "God told him to" and began to wander, or something like that (am I wrong here?). At the least, his "Crazy Love" book was off the mark. So he's always made me leery. Very sad indeed what happened with Mike Gendron - who is probably one of the most compassionate evangelists to Catholics. Both Gendron and his new ministry partner Jason Hauser are fabulous brothers in the Lord, in their heart to reach the religiously deceived.

I noticed though that you commented at First John Four Five, and said Howse is a reconstructionist. I think Howse used to be very political, etc, but changed his view in more recent times. Have you heard anything recently to indicate any reconstructionist teachings? I only have some of his programs from 2011-current, and none were reconstructionist. Nonetheless, like Yvonne, not thrilled at what he did to Ingrid S.

Ken Ham - A+, great brother. Very necessary ministry. Love AiG and the museum is fabulous.

Furtick - ugh. Christianity Astray - ugh. Driscoll - ugh. McLaren - ugh. Most mainline denom's have long since tanked. The verse that their folly will be plain to all, comes to mind.

Ali- you are right, at times it is getting easier to see the difference between sheep and goats, Praise the Lord for that clarity when it comes! The sheep are still doing their Shepherd's work, and always will. Though there is a time to speak and a time to be silent; sometimes God's way is to withhold His word and create a famine in the land for the word of God.

Thanks both of you.