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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Well, here goes another episode of reporting on various things happening among the Christian Church, which brings disgrace to the name of Christ.

Let’s start with the Billy Graham association and it’s overseer, Franklin  Graham.  I previously reported that his association removed Mormons from their list of cults, but now it gets even worse.  Franklin said he was shocked to learn Mormons were on such a list.  Graham states the LDS will not be put on such a list, and that it is nothing more than name-calling.  Well, he is wrong; contrary to calling names, labeling such groups as the LDS and JWs, e.g., as cults only protects the true Christian faith by letting people know that these groups are false belief systems.  It’s called exposing the wolves!  This issue really brings to light that Billy Graham and his association have long compromised the Christian faith by sanctioning false teachings and false teachers.

Too many assemblies are bringing in the teachings and practice of Yoga, in the belief that is just a harmless exercise program.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Yoga is part of the Hindu belief system and should never be a part of the Christian’s life.  Chris Lawson has an excellent video explaining the problems with Yoga, as warning about “Calvary Chapel and Purpose-Driven Pastors Doing Yoga.

I have never really known much about Kay Arthur’s “Precept Ministries.”  From the publications I have seen, as well as some radio programs I have heard, I thought she seemed to be pretty solid.  Well her ministry has come under scrutiny this past week due to an apparent recommendation of Steven Furtick.  While this seems to have been cleared up, there are apparently other problems with Kay Arthur’s ministry which were discussed in light of this problem.  First, she recommends Neil Anderson as a teacher!  Neil Anderson is about as aberrant as a person can get with his teachings on “deliverance ministries” and spiritual warfare, and yet Arthur has endorsed his books!!!  However, the problem with Kay Arthur goes beyond this, because she has often shared the stage with women teachers who are known to have bad or false teachings.  Now that I have this information, I just can’t in good conscience recommend her.

Wayne Grudem is well-known for his volume on systematic theology, but I’ve never read any of his stuff, nor have I really learned anything about him.  Now, though, I know I won’t ever bother with anything he writes, because he has a new book promoting the charismatic teaching of the gift of prophecy.  While reading this review, it became clear to me that Grudem is like most in the charismatic movement , in that they abuse Scripture to support their view.  Learning that he is a member of a Vineyard assembly says a lot (they are all about “signs and wonders”).

Speaking of “charismaniacs” and all the nonsense they can come up with, the International House of Prayer is known for a whole trainload of aberrational teachings.  This past week I learned about a teaching there, which I hadn’t previously known: Mike Bickle’s teaching about the Song of Solomon using a “Bridegroom Jesus” paradigm.  Bizarre - simply bizarre.  IHOP is so bizarre that even the secular reporters look askance at them!

IHOP is part of the larger New Apostolic Reformation, which is nothing but updated dominion theology.  The NAR has a thing for date-setting in regards to superstitious ideas of the date numbers.  Take a look at the report at Herescope exposing this nonsense

Some people will do anything to promote an agenda, as we all should know quite well!  There are liberal “Christians” now abusing the Bible - taking passages out of their context - so as to promote abortion!  In their view, the pre-born baby is not living, supposedly because it doesn’t have a “breath of life” - i.e., it isn’t breathing yet!  My response has to be, then why does the Bible call the pre-born baby a “child” - or is a child not a living thing?


Steve Bricker said...

I'm bummed about Kay Arthur. Even if you are a champion of studying the Bible working from the original meaning to its application for today, it does not guarantee you will not go off course.

I knew that Grudem was positive toward sign gifts and such, so the book is less of a surprise. Still, it's disturbing that a "doctor" of the Bible would alter the definition of prophecy to fit his liking.

Tamara Lord said...

Hi Mr. Watchman,
I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to comment on the Kay Arthur post. Precept ministries was founded by Kay and Jack Arthur some 40 yrs ago. The purpose is to establish people in God's word. It is about studying the Bible using inductive type of study,i.e.marking key words, time phrases, characters, locations, etc. Using scripture to interpret scripture. I have been studying this way for about 4 yrs now and am amazed at how much I have learned from God's truth and how to apply it to living as a Christian. The more I study, the more I want to study! It is amazing. Precept ministries is not about Kay Arthur, it is about God and His truth. I hope you will check it out and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed! Happy Thanksgiving!

ali said...

I too was saddened by the comments on Kay Arthur - Billy Graham Assn. seems to have taken a left turn and the others....... Oy Vey.!!.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Tamara,

Here's the thing: Kay Arthur may very well have good Bible studies, but, if she is a follower and promoter of Neil Anderson and his false teaching based on twisting of Scripture, how can I trust her studies?

And her reputation is based, like it or not, who she associates with, and if she is associating with know false teachers, then how can I trust her?

Anonymous said...

Dear Watchman,

Is there a good Bible teacher/program you do recommend?


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Kay,

Well, I don't like "programs" because they tend to be "fluffy," and most programs are more entertaining than they are meaty. Others, such as Promise Keepers and Alpha Course, are ecumenical and have much aberrational teaching - and I consider them downright spiritually hazardous!

There are many, many good teachers I can recommend, but I'm having difficulty finding good women teachers. So fare I have found Martha Peace, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Marie Notcheva off the top of my head. I know I have books by a few others in my library.

As for men, my list is quite long! But you will not find any Word of Faith, neo-Calvinist (Driscoll, e.g.), emergent, seeker-sensitive, or market-driven teachers on my list of good ones. Off the top of my head I can say John MacArthur, Gary Gilley, Norman Geisler, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dave Hunt, Alexander Strauch, Ravi Zacharias, et al - a very diverse bunch.

Ministries such as The Berean Call, Personal Freedom Outreach, Midwest Christian Outreach, Apologetics Resource Center are excellent in the apologetics field.

If you are looking for more details, just send me an e-mail.


Drew said...

I agree that calling Mormons a "cult" is basically just name-calling. While they are indeed a false religion, I could say the same for a great number of denominations -- especially Catholics, and also very liberal groups like the Episcopalians and such. Just calling a false religion a "cult" doesn't really mean anything. Is Islam a "cult"?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


There is a very specific reason for labeling such groups as cults, and that is for the protection of the Christian faith. If Christians are not warned that these groups are not true Christians, then they can be sucked into them.

The wrong use of the word is to tell a Mormon he is a member of a cult. The correct use of the word it to tell other people that Mormons are a cult and not true Christians.

There are two types of cults: sociologically and theologically. Any individual cult can actually be both types. The Mormons at times have acted as a sociological cult (control, brainwashing, abuse, etc), as have JWs and other theological cults.

A theological cult is defined as a break-off group from an established religion, or an invented group taking on the name of a religion, but do not hold to the doctrinal positions of the "mother" religion.

For example, the Nation of Isalm is a cult of Islam. There are cults of Hinduism and other systems.

Mormons, JSs, Christian Science, Unification (Moonies), Unitarian Universalism, Word of Faith, Unity School are all cults of Christianity - claiming to be Christians but violating virtually ever Christian doctrine.

Liberal Christian denominations such as Episcopal, ELCA Lutherans, Roman and Orthoccox Catholics, Seventh-day Adventists, Church of Christ, Local Church, Amish,et al are considered "cultic" because of the many additions to the faith, legalistic control, etc. But they still adhere to the fundamental doctrines. (although many, including me, say that the SDA is also a cult because they have a false prophet, additional Scripture, works-salvation, etc)

It is not "name-calling" to identify a group as a cult; it is factual information which helps prevent people from associating them with the true Faith.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but I just found it. Do some more recent research into Ravi...he's been keeping company with some aberant teachers in the passed year or so. I liked him too...until I found out that. I don't read him any more. Sorry, it's been a while I'm not sure where I read it, but a simple yahoo or google should be sufficient. Be blessed!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Yes, we've been watching Ravi, and I did a post about him and his questionable associations:

Karen Reid said...

You listed John HacArthur as a "good" teacher. Have you listened to/read his beliefs concerning the blood of Christ and the Mark? I was shocked that he believes the same as Mary Baker Eddy concerning the blood of Jesus (Christian Science) and teaches people can take the Mark and still be saved.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


From looking at your google site it is apparent that you are rabid anti-Calvinist to the point that you seek to find things others have posted to make people look bad by misrepresenting them. Let's look at your comments:

MacArthur's supposed claim about the blood of Christ not saving us is really out of context. His point is that the blood of Christ in and of itself is not salvific; Jesus could have had all sorts of blood spilled and remained alive and that blood would not save us. What actually saved us was his death for our sins and His blood is just a part of the overall equation. And, no, he doesn't believe the same thing as Eddy.

As for the Mark of the Beast issue, I really wish people would quit passing gossip and investigate for themselves what actually has been said. Go here: https://www.gty.org/blog/B131030

The issue really boils down to this:
Question: Can a person take the mark of the beast and still be saved?
If a person thinks that one who takes the mark later hears the gospel and accepts the gospel of salvation, then that person is saved, does this make the person believing this a false teacher? Absolutely not. It just means they have a particular understanding of the ultimate result of the mark. This idea does not affect any cardinal doctrines, nor does it lead anyone to any particular sin, etc. It really has no bearing on anything except how one understands this one situation.

I also suggest you peruse my article about Calvinist teachers and John MacArthur specifically: