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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

It is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the fast pace of apostasy and heresy invading the Church.  I can only try to give you highlights of stuff to look out for and to stay away from if you want good spiritual health.  I realize I’ve only posted two articles since my last “Random” collection, but my list has gotten too long to not post another “Random” article.  So hold onto your seat-belts, because this will be a rough ride.

I have previously written about the false teaching of The Alpha Course, and have directed readers to some in-depth studies as to the problems with it and why Christians should avoid it like the plague.  Well, now we have Janet Parshall of Moody Radio praising the course.  Not only that, but it appears that John Piper may also be approving  the course!  This needs to be watched for further developments, but Erin Benziger has another article demonstrating some of the mystical influences behind the course.  The point, of course, is that no matter who begins recommending this course, it is still spiritually unhealthy and should not be used.

Calvary Chapel has in the past been considered a very fundamental denomination, and I have indeed recommended the local assemblies.  However, the more I read about various Calvary assemblies moving over to the Emergent side of apostasy, the more leery I become about recommending them.  I have personally met a local C.C. pastor, and he is adamant about keeping Emergent stuff out, so this appears to be an assembly-by-assembly thing to check.  However, founder Chuck Smith seems to be leading the way into Emergent.  Stay tuned.

Another story about Kay Arthur gives me some more uneasy feelings about her; she has a story about her back-and-forth discussion with God.  This claim to direct revelation disturbs me.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you should know that Joel Osteen is not someone any Christian should listen to; the man is about as heretical as they get.  He may be a great motivational speaker, but he is not a teacher of the Word of God.  Well, he has a new book out, which brings him again into the media spotlight.  Of course, like his other books, you will find no Christian teaching in this one, and it seems the Word of Faith heresy is even stronger.  The fact that New Age guru Deepak Chopra thinks Osteen’s teaching is good should tell you something!  Albert Mohler’s article not only exposes this, but he also discusses Osteen’s answers in regards to questions about homosexuality.  Osteen really has a problem saying that homosexual behavior is a sin.  After all, he wouldn’t want to offend the many homosexuals in his congregation. 
Another example of Osteen’s horrible teaching in his new book is demonstrated by this video.  Osteen really, really has no clue what the Bible says, and yet thousands of Christians waste their money on his books!

Rick Warren’s apostasy just keeps building.  His focus on the social gospel long ago left the real gospel behind, but the real disturbing thing is his “bridge to Muslims.”  His idea is not to try to convert Muslims and bring them to salvation, rather he just wants Christians and Muslims to work together.  Can you imagine King David asking the Israelis to work together with the Canaanites?  Yet Warren has decided to work to have Christians declare that we worship the same God as do Muslims!!  This is just plain false; the god of Islam is NOT the God of the Bible.  The claim is that there are 1400 years of misunderstandings between Christians and Muslims, but I don’t see misunderstanding at all except on the part of Warren and his lackeys who do not see Islam for the pagan, violent religion that it is.  While we can respect individuals, we are not to respect belief systems which are against God and His Word, as is Islam.  Warren needs to read 2 Corinthians 6:14.  Far too many Christians are following this false teacher.

Continuing on the subject of Rick Warren, his “purpose-driven” nonsense just keeps morphing and building into more and more unbiblical teaching.  He has a new campaign to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his PDL, titled, “What on earth am I here for?”  Do you really think he’ll give you a biblical response?

On the subject of Saddleback and the Warrens, it seems that Saddleback is planning on having Kay Warren preach messages there this coming weekend - again violating the Bible’s teaching that women are not to be in that position (they previously had Christine Caine teaching, and Kay has previously done so).  They are also having Mark Driscoll come to teach, and he is someone who should not be promoted as a good teacher, for reasons I have thoroughly explained in previous articles.  However, a current, short article demonstrates the complete arrogance of Driscoll and what he thinks of his followers.

More and more Christians are pandering to the Mormons, and I just don’t understand the why behind such thinking.  Mormons are NOT Christian!!!  Another “pastor,” Robert Morris, now claims Glenn Beck is “a believer.”  Beck is a Mormon, and not even a good one because he mixes in a lot of New Age beliefs in his personal system.  Of course Morris is of the cultic Word of Faith belief system, so much of what he teaches doesn’t come close to true Christian faith anyway, so perhaps that is why he doesn’t recognized that Beck is not a “believer” in the Christian faith.

Another book has hit the shelves purporting to describe a visitation to heaven.  This one is titled, “My Proof of Heaven.”  As usual, the story is not orthodox in its claims, and a good review of it can be found at Guarding His Flock.

Neil Simpson, at Eternity Matters, has been giving lots of exposure over the past few months to Chuck Currie.  Currie seems to be one of those false teachers the media likes to give time and coverage to, so he really needs to be exposed so as to warn the sheep not to be taken in by him.  Currie claims to be a Christian, but there is no way a person with his belief system can be a true believer.  To begin with, he is a “minister” with the apostate and heretical United Church of Christ; that’s enough in and of itself to know to stay away from him.  He also promotes the social gospel, as well as every left-wing ideology conceivable - including abortion, the homosexual agenda, etc.  The man can twist the Scripture as good as any Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness, so that the Bible becomes unrecognizable in his hands.  For a good example of Currie’s teachings, take a look at Neil’s newest post about him.

Now go read the Bible and learn the truth!

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Glenn, you forgot to include the need for a helmet and shoulder straps. Satan is fast and furious in his movement within the church.