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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Personal Bible Notes: Matthew

Refer to my 9/25/18 post about the margin notes in my Bible, and why I decided to share them on this blog. 

1:16: Differs from Lk.3 by having Jacob as father vs Heli. Heli died childless and Jacob had Levirate marriage to Heli’s wife, so Jacob was natural father, Heli was legal father.

1:18: KJV says “with child” vs “pregnant - pre-born IS a child.
1:25 “until”: Means Joseph DID have relations with her after Jesus was born.

2:11 “Entering the house.” Joseph, Mary, Jesus still in Bethlehem. After going to Jerusalem for the circumcision and purification, perhaps they returned to the same house where Jesus was born.

4:9: Matt. 28:18 proves this was a lie.

5:1 “disciples”: sermon on the mount is to disciples, not leaders of government.
5:2 ff: The Beatitudes are descriptive, not prescriptive.
5:3 “poor in spirit”: Acknowledge helplessness before God.
5:4-9: About the future kingdom, not current status. It is an O.T. sermon with some N.T. crossover.
5:9 “peacemakers”: Those who actively intervene to make peace.
5:48 “Be perfect”: Be perfect in love.

6:1 “seen by them”: theater, put on a show.
6:26 “Look”: Look with perception.

7:1: Do not judge hypocritically—see v.5.
7:15: Judge the “fruit” of false prophets/teachers.
7:27: The storms, etc, are judgments of God.

8:5 ff: Note that the centurion is not rebuked for being in the military.
8:17: The reason Jesus drove out demons and healed the sick.
8:23-27: Did they recognize God’s actions in Ps.107?

10:1: Shows the authority of the apostles!
10:10: Paying for teaching is right & proper.

11:22: Degrees of punishment in hell.
11:28 “rest”: Is salvation, contradicting TULIP
11:29-30: Is service. Cf. Matt.23:4.

12:5:  Because of service to God.
12:8: Claim to divinity. See Lev.19:3
12:29 “possessions”: Demons. Strong man is satan. Jesus binds the strong man.
12:46, 47: Jesus’ brothers—not cousins, etc.

13:37-43: Believers and unbelievers are together until the end; believers are not harvested (“raptured”) first.
13:55: Jesus’ brothers and sisters, not cousins, etc.

16:18 “this rock”: The rock is Peter’s answer to the question.
16:19: “will give” the keys to Peter, not given now.
16:19: “keys”: Are the “keys” knowledge? Or authority?

17:27 “coin”: Twice what is needed for the tax of one. Jesus is the son of the King of the temple and does not pay temple tax. God “pays” the tax. Peter is also a “son” of the King and the tax is for both.
18:18: Jesus gave the “keys” to all the apostles, not just to Peter.

19: 5 “joined”: Cemented.
19:13-15: Heaven is for children.
19:18-19: Note that “do not covet” was not listed; Jesus exposed that one.

22:45: Jesus is God as David’s Lord, and man as David’s son.

23:4: Cf. Matt. 11:30
23:5 “phylacteries”: Taking Deut. 6:8 literally. 
23:5 “tassels”: Num. 15:38-39.

24:3: Two separate questions. 1) When will they happen? 2) what is the sign of His coming?
24:26-27: Jesus will not come invisibly (as JW say) but will come plainly and open.
24:30-31: The rapture.

27:32ff: Best calculations is that it took place 3 April A.D.33
27:37 “Above His head”: Above head, not above hands. Must be a cross.

28:20: We are to observe—obey—everything Jesus commanded and taught.

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