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Friday, December 1, 2017

November Was Dedicated to Souls in Purgatory

There are some Catholics who wrongfully state that their church does not teach "purgatory" anymore. Little do they know, it is an infallible dogma that can never be rescinded or revoked. Catholics may also not know that the month of November is dedicated to the souls in purgatory. The Catholic Exchange published an article stating the souls in purgatory need your help more than you realize. Following are some incredible statements from the article that continue to hold Catholics in bondage to religious deception. 

Catholics are called to be intercessors, for both the living and the dead to offer up prayers, sacrifices and sufferings on behalf of the poor souls in purgatory. The souls in purgatory have to make recompense for their sins to satisfy the perfect justice of God. Catholics can assist them in that. The Catechism (CCC 1032) quotes an example from the Apocrypha saying, "Therefore [Judas Maccabeus] made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sin." (2 Macc. 12:45)  And so, how can we make atonement for the dead?  We can offer the sacrifice of the Mass, and indulgences granted by the Church, for souls in purgatory. Thus, it is within our power as members of the Communion of Saints to assist the poor souls in purgatory in the process of their purification and sanctification. Our prayers and sacrifices can help pay off their debts. We can be assured that our efforts, prayers and sacrifices are efficacious and capable of mitigating the suffering of those in purgatory (CCC 958).

Pope Benedict XVI reminded Catholics in his encyclical letter ("Saved in Hope") that we are each bound to one another "through innumerable interactions" so that: "No one lives alone. No one sins alone. No one is saved alone.” He exhorts us to ask, "what can I do in order that others may be saved? Then I will have done my utmost for my own personal salvation as well." 

Purgatory is one of the many damnable heresies that is taught by the Roman Catholic Church. It denies the sufficiency and efficacy of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Scripture, "When He (Jesus) had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high" (Hebrews 1:3). Only the truth of God's Word will set Catholics free from the bondage of religious deception (John 8:31-32). Purgatory is a terrible hoax that keeps Catholics utterly dependent upon their unbiblical, sacerdotal priesthood in this life and even after death. Catholics need to know the truth, "the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin" (1 John 1:7).

Mike Gendron, Proclaiming the Gospel email news, 12/1/17


Fred said...

I've been to numerous Roman Catholic funerals for friends and family. During every service, purgatory is mentioned, though that word is not used. Indulgences are also STILL taught and encouraged. People are encouraged to "give" money so that the deceased's time in purgatory is lessened.

The Reformation changed NOTHING about the Roman Catholic Church yet we are to believe things HAVE changed and the theological differences that exist between Catholics and Protestants are extremely minor.

Everyone should get a full copy of the Catechism/Beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and read through for themselves. It's all there. Nothing is hidden.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

HI Fred,

I've done an article about the issue:

And you are correct in your observations at funerals. I've played for many, many Catholic funerals and hear all that nonsense that supposedly isn't taught any more.

Jesse said...


Ah yes, I have also encountered the manipulative techniques of Roman Catholic apologists, especially on issues such as Purgatory/indulgences. In fact, I wrote an article debunking the doctrine awhile back:


And this, too:


I hope that all this helps in your evangelism to Roman Catholics.