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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Friday, September 30, 2016

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Yep, it’s that time again for a scary post!
Talk about leading children astray!!  This is the spiritual danger from heretics like Rodney Howard-Browne.  (And this doesn’t even consider that she’s a young woman “preaching” and “teaching” to the entire congregation of people — who are just as deceived — when Paul clearly says this is forbidden to women.)

This is an example of what happens to people who abuse God’s Word to make a mega-church (with an assistant leader as a woman) with a cult of personality. Glyn Barrett demonstrates why he is totally disqualified as a church leader.

The Andy Stanley Cornucopia of false teachings includes sooooo many links to items demonstrating why he should be disqualified from church leadership!

More examples of the horrible teachings and abuses of Scripture by Bill Gothard.

An interesting article about the Hutterite sect.  I hadn’t studied the Hutterites (although I have heard of them) so I did a wee bit of “Googling” to get some information and found this National Geographic article. [link gone by 7/18/18]  I see a lot of similarities between them and the Amish and Mennonites, especially with some legalistic practices.  Apparently there was a television program by National Geographic which didn’t set well with some of the Hutterites.  Of course this is common when cultic groups are examined.  Wikipedia has a pretty good article about the history of this sect.

Joyce Meyer’s jokes at Steven Furtick’s “revival.”  An excellent example as to why her teachings should be avoided at all costs.

Doug Evans has an excellent examination of false teacher Steven Furtick.

If your “church” does this, leave it and find a God-honoring assembly.  Concert performances are not worship services.

Excellent sermon examining false prophets/teachers, including Beth Moore.

Is John Piper disqualifying himself as a pastor?

Several years back the Emergent movement came up with what became known as “The New Perspective on Paul,” which is nothing but more heretical theology.  I came across articles on the subject by Gary Gilley, which were in my file, and decided it was something which should be made available for as many people as possible so everyone can avoid this false teaching.  It’s a three part series:  part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Refuting Word of Faith teachings.


Matt Wingler said...

Thanks for the articles on the "new perspective on paul". I have heard and read some of N.T. Wright, and he seemed heretical to me (but I wasn't too sure), but this article series cements that view. I know some people who are studied theologians who subscribe to it, and my thoughts are that in order to subscribe to the NPP, a person would necessarily need to rip the book of Hebrews out of the bible.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I heartily agree with you, Matt!

Anonymous said...

I attended Tom Flaherty's Pentecostal/charismatic church for some time. It was on one given Sunday that he and an 'elder' were visiting with me after the service in casual conversation. I shared that I had better be getting home to finish up some work which had to be done that day (Sunday) for one of my customers to meet their deadline. To my surprise, both men began badgering me, "You work on Sundays?" "Surely you don't work on Sundays, it's the Lord's day." "You should be resting on Sunday!"

I felt horrible after their verbal attack and never went back to that church system ever again! Years later the elder had a stroke from which he is not fully recovered and my heart went out to him and his family in compassion, praying for this 'elder' to heal. And I wondered to myself, did this "elder man" appreciate the wonderful care that he received by many faithful Christian men and women in that hospital while he was there on "A SUNDAY, The LORD'S day?" Or did he lecture those working Christians that they should be home?"

I wonder what Tom Flaherty would say to all of those hospital personnel......I really don't want to know for he's another one of those who speaks "god spoke to me this or that" and he will have to answer to the real God of the Bible one day. May our LORD have mercy on their souls as well as mine....still have to work on Sunday's at times....unapologetically and unashamedly, for I worship our LORD every day of my born again life.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Excellent example of the nonsensical way some Christians hold Sundays as super-special days. Nothing in the N.T. reflects such teaching. There are many occupations which are 100% totally necessary and which require working on Sundays. I was an Air Traffic Controller for 30 years and worked more Sundays than I was off. Try sending all controllers home for Sunday and see what happens. Send the police and fire personnel home on Sundays and see what happens. The foolishness of those who are anti-working Sundays knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Glenn, Martha,

Of course! How did the Pharisees respond to Jesus healing on the Sabbath, or picking grain, etc? There's truly nothing new under the sun. There will always be religious hypocrites.

(And yes, I know the Sabbath of OT times is not equal to Sunday, since the Sabbath was a foreshadow of Christ, but the same attitude toward "Sunday" prevails today amongst some Christians...)

Thankful Christ is my Sabbath rest.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

It really boils down to the false teachings that Sunday is the Sabbath and that Christians are required to keep the Sabbath. I demonstrated a long time ago why this thinking is wrong:

Anonymous said...

Glenn, you are completely correct! Thanks for the link to your article, it was thorough. As expected, you got some wild comments on that one.

Also thank you for the Midwest Outreach article on Gothard. That was excellent. What a really cruel, abusive misuse of Malachi...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of your RAAH posts... guess what came in the mail today................


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

A CBD catalog?

Anonymous said...

You got it! With its requisite pages upon pages of toxic waste masquerading as Christian literature.


Martha said...

Praise our LORD for air traffic controllers.....can't imagine flying the great skies without them!

And you are correct Carolyn with those great Scriptures of Jesus' disciples harvesting grain on the Sabbath so they could eat! We harvest our grain on Sundays as well when we know rain is coming in the forecast.

And one thing that I find so interesting is this....those folks who judge us for working on Sundays, don't bat an eye when taking their families to the restaurant to have others wait on them for their Sunday meals.....shouldn't they be telling the restaurants and gas stations they should be closed so as to stay at home...instead of working????

There must be a god of sorts telling these people all kinds of things that are not in the Bible!

I will be reading your post on the Sabbath, Glen. Thank-you for that reference.

Anonymous said...


Your point about those Sunday-tarians who don't bat an eye taking out their families for brunch on Sunday after church - brilliant! Again, demonstrating their hypocrisy. I can't help but wonder if some of those Sunday-tarians sometimes are rude to the waitstaff and leave poor tips.

And having flown in and out of busy airports, I agree, praise the LORD for you stable minded souls in air traffic control who keep us all safe! Talk about a job requiring vigilance. No wonder Glenn does apologetics...


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

I had to work on Sundays occasionally. One time, a pastor asked me if I work on Sunday and I answered, "Why not? You do!" End of discussion.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Great retort!

Wayne said...

In the 70s I was brought up to honor Sunday as a day of worship, rest and fellowship. I was also taught that some folks need to work that day as work of necessity (first responders, hospital personnel, airport, etc). My dad in fact, was one of the early male nurses in the 70s who often worked the night shift, including weekends, so he understood full well the importance of his job and finding an alternate day to rest and refresh his soul. As a general rule, we did not eat out very often after church because my mom was an excellent cook, but cooking and related cleanup was the extent of our housework for that day. We often had a large Sunday meal at lunchtime with invited church visitors or visiting missionaries and fellowship time that lasted throughout the afternoon. My mom was the consummate hostess! My parents also discouraged going shopping on Sunday, which to this day, I still rarely do. As an adult, I have sometimes bought groceries on Sunday, done work that could have been done throughout the week, etc, but still prefer to make Sunday a day of rest. I certainly don't fault or judge those who have to work that day, but this is my preference. Taking time off is beneficial for a person's health and well-being.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

We always had a "day of rest" which fit my work schedule! But we didn't see it the same as the Israeli "Sabbath"; there were many times yard work, etc had to be done when the day off was there, because if the weather didn't accommodate the mornings or evenings I was off, a job still needed to be done. Nowadays, since I'm retired and we spend our mornings at Church, we eat out and spend the rest of the day relaxing in some form or another.

Wayne said...

That sounds good to me! I believe studies have been done that show taking one day off each week, away from the craziness of one's life, can actually refresh one's body and soul.