We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum. A.W. Tozer
Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service. 1 Timothy 1:12

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Few Interesting Items

Due to no access to my desktop shortly, I won't be posting much.  I will have a few citations drafted for posting from my lap-top, but my lap-top has virtually no files on it since it is mainly used as a back-up and for trips.  It's old and needs replace but the cash is not available.

Anyway, these are just a few items I've been collecting so I thought I'd go ahead and post them now.

An interesting read about the decline of culture and how Christians helped the decline.

How to read the Song of Solomon.  This certainly demonstrates the problem of allegorical type of interpretations.  However, I still think the author is wrong — not everything in the O.T. has to be about Christ.  It’s a love song, plain and simple.  “When the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense.”

Finally, I can't remember if I've pointed my readers to this site yet, so I'm doing it now.  Interesting commentaries -- just poke around a bit!

That's it for now.

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