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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

“Seeker-Sensitive” and “Market-Driven” Appeal To the Spiritually Immature

The last characteristic of this childlike state and condition which leads to the danger and the susceptibility of being carried about by every wind of doctrine, is that the child is peculiarly susceptible to showmanship.  The child instinctively likes a showman.  The greater the element of showmanship the more the child will like it.  The child has no discrimination, he has no means of assessing these matters.  The bigger the show, the bigger the deceit in a sense, the more the child is likely to believe it.  Because he lacks knowledge and the ability to discriminate and to understand, he tends to be seduced by the spectacular, the big, the gaudy, anything which is done in a self-confident manner.  Showmanship always appeals to children; that is why the child has to be protected, and also why it is so essential that the child should be disciplined and taught.

All this is but introductory to that which the Apostle goes on to say.  It is important that we should understand this child mentality because of the terrible dangers which surround us.  And of all the dangers none is greater than “the sleight of men,” and the “cunning craftiness wherein they lie in wait to deceive.”  But there is no purpose in proceeding to consider these further matters unless we examine ourselves and are aware of the characteristics of the child mentality.  Two things are essential.  The child must realize that he is a child; and he must also realize that because he is a child he is in an extremely dangerous position.  The Apostle places these things in the right order.  May God forgive us for being so unstable, so fickle, so ready to be imposed upon, so ready to react violently!  May He also forgive us that we are so lacking in discipline, and in that true understanding which leads to a concern for the glory and honour of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and also the glory of the Church which is His body!  We have all entered this life as children, we are “born of the Spirit,” “born from above,” “born again.”  Some of us may have been in the Christian life for a long time.  Are we still children “tossed to and fro, and carried about by every wind of doctrine”?  May God have mercy upon us!

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, “Christian Unity: An Exposition of Ephesians 4:1-16,” pg.229-230


Alec said...

My, wasn't Lloyd-Jones a giant in his exposition of these things. Excellent. And amen.

Anonymous said...

Seeker/market churches dominate the area in which my husband and I live. This includes those vain philosophies having invaded and leavened many once solid Bible churches. We did a census of sorts of the churches in our area... if they're not seeker/market, they are charismatic, legalist, mainline (hence pretty much apostate), or aligned with groups that raise concern. Sad state of affairs.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

And that was decades ago when this nonsense was in its infancy! If only he was paid attention to.

Alec said...


Your situation is similar in my area too.


DebbieLynne7 said...

We need pastors to faithfully exposit Scripture. Preaching the Word is the only real antidote to all the silliness that happens in today's "churches."

Anonymous said...

More than that DebbieLynne, we need pastors who are real SHEPHERDS who truly and personally care for the souls in the church. All the sound preaching really doesn't matter if there is not genuine soul care. A lot of churches have good Bible lecturers/teachers, but not true shepherds.