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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Friday, December 4, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

What’s with church “karaoke”?  This is something I have experienced in several churches I’ve either attended (including the current one) or visited.  It can be a CD playing music for the choir to sing to or, more often, a soloist (sometimes duet) with a CD playing not only the music but also background singers!!  These become nothing more than performances and are always treated as such as the congregation applauds!  (I will never applaud anyone singing in church.)   Almost as annoying is when the song leader decides to have only the men sing a verse and then the women sing a verse with all singing the chorus.  Why oh why?!?!

Steven Furtick and T.D. Jakes — two peas in a pod.   Nasty wolves.  Are they both heretics?  Yes.

The following was written by L.L. (Don) Veinot, Jr.,  President,  Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc., in The Crux e-letter, 12/3/15 

We raising mission support can be difficult and at times cause the missionary to question their calling. This is especially true we see how well false teachers are paid to operate within the church. In the World Magazine article, "Management mania" about Teen Mania Ministries we find out that they paid Oneness Pentecostal, T.D. Jakes for one talk:

- $100,000.00 For A 50- minute speech
- $21,000.00 For a private jet
- $4,000.00 to stay two nights at the Ritz Carlton
- $10,000.00 For imported flowers, chocolates, gifts, etc,....
- Two Cadillac Escalade Limousine

In a way it reminds me of something Dr. Norman Geisler once said. He was talking about New Ager Shirley McLaine who put on weekend conferences for $300.00 where she told those who attend that they are god. Geisler said you would go to her conference and for $300.00 she will tell you you are god or you can go to his conference and for $10.00 he will tell you that you are a sinner. "You get what you pay for" he quipped. Yes, false teaching is profitable in this life but it will leave its followers in spiritual bankruptcy in eternity.

Interesting article exposing some of the inside workings of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Twenty years ago pastor Gary Gilley wrote a 3-part series examine spiritual warfare from a biblical viewpoint and from the false teachings of people such as Neil Anderson, C.F. Dickason, Mark Bubeck, et al.  I’ve had the printouts in my file and recently discovered them, and decided I should point out the series to my readers because they are an excellent resource.  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

How about instead of getting our kids hooked on Christian” video games, we not get them hooked on ANY video games!  These are time wasters, as well as money wasters.  Give children games which develop their imaginations and keep them away from the video idol.  Calling it “Christian” doesn’t make it so.

False teacher list —  wolves to stay away from!

Christianity Today Astray says legal abortion isn’t murder.  Gee, according to my dictionary, abortion, legal or not, fits the definition of murder.

Until next time, remember that they walk among us.  Learn to recognize them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

From the Christianity Astray article, "[to call] women who obtain abortions as “murderers” is worse than inflammatory: it is unchristlike. Calling legal abortion “murder” when it isn’t (it is, to our shame, lawful) is to say what isn’t true... To clarify: I am unwavering in my belief that according to God’s law, abortion is murder, despite its current definition in civil law..."

Well, Ms. Prior, EQUIVOCATING instead of speaking the plain truth is, to YOUR shame, unlawful in GOD'S eyes. God hates hands that shed innocent blood (including the life of a child in the womb). That verse and thou shall not murder are both two Scriptures that speak plain truth.

The False Teacher list - very good. Missing a few names, but all the ones mentioned are indeed wolves.


Pamela Couvrette said...

Eye-opening article about JW's, thank you for sharing it; thank you also for sharing my article :)


Alec said...

Gary Gilley's This little church went to market is also worth reading. There is a free PDF offered by the author here: http://www.thetruthunderfire.com/2013/10/this-little-church-went-to-market.html

In regard to the Christianity Today article, I find it interesting that the first thing a person said to me when he found out I was a Christian was, "I have a relationship with God, but I don't think abortion is murder". I hadn't said a word.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I have all of Gilley's books as well as hard copies of all his articles. He is one of my favorite teachers, after having personally sat in many of his classes at apologetics conferences.

I didn't know about that free pdf, though. Thanks for that link.

Anonymous said...

Alec, Thanks for the link.

Alec said...

Anonymous - you are welcome. Gilley's work deserves attention.