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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where Is the Discernment?

I was surprised this song was used in our service this week:

Holy Spirit Breathe On Me, by Jeff Nelson and Eddie Smith

Holy Spirit breathe on me 
Holy Spirit let me see 
All the things You are 
All the things You want me to be 
Holy Spirit breathe on me 

Can anyone find in Scripture where the Holy Spirit breathes on us?  The Spirit LIVES in the believer—He doesn’t breathe on us.  And just how does the Spirit let us see “all the things You are”?

The Spirit’s role in the Christian's life is to be our counselor and guide in our living.  And He always points to Jesus—not to Himself.

So I’d say this song’s lyrics really don’t make sense, are unbiblical, and should not be used in any worship service, let alone for personal devotion.

Where is the discernment?!?


Neil said...

This isn't completely foolproof, but our new church puts Bible verses under the lyrics that support the song. Nice touch.

Alec said...

The Spirit’s role in the Christians life is to be our counselor and guide in our living. And He always points to Jesus—not to Himself.

There can't be too many reminders of this point. Many "evangelicals" seem never to have learned it...


Anonymous said...

That song is just abysmal. My husband and I flat out refuse to sing songs like that.

Alec's comment is spot on.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of unbiblical lyrics, you might get a chuckle out of what secularists have done to some Christmas carols.


Doug Evans said...

Our church uses the lyrics in the green Hymnals we've had for ages. It seems to be working pretty good for the past decades

Alec said...


You are fortunate. In the area I live, the hymnals have gone into the basement. Everything is printed in the bulletin.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Those "scientific" songs I'm sure are intentionally done to pick on Christians. I don't find them amusing; I find it sad that someone spent so much time on them to come up with lyrics to praise creation and to get the goat of Christians. They worship the "flying spaghetti monster."

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

We still have hymnals, but half the songs we sing are more contemporary. "Sovereign Grace" songs are used often, and they aren't too bad - lyrics usually okay but too much modern music with them -- i.e., loud, "light rock" type. Then there are many other contemporary "choruses" which get old with their round and round lyrics, and we did "Refiner's Fire" also this week, which is from Vineyard and I refuse to sing anything from Vineyard (or Hillsong, for that matter).

Anonymous said...

There was a song by stuart townend i was listening to entitled Spirit of Heaven. I didnt get the lyrics yet, but it was w/ 2 other songs Vagabonds and Salvation Song (both w/ lyrics in the vids tho). It was esp the Spirit song i wanted to hear the lyrics but want to find them yet.
If you'd be familiar with this, what can you say? Thank you.

It's from something downloaded by david flint.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! We have what is called Praise and Blessing time in church where individuals walk to the front and give a brief testimony. An elder/church board/deacon/youth group leader shared with us that "the holy spirit told him to get a tattoo, and this spirit even told him the verse to have etched on his arm."

After this disturbing display of lying and narcissism, several of the youth who look up to this man, went under the needle and graced us with their tattoos in the following weeks. Maybe he heard this message from his taro cards.

We know exactly what "spirit" was "breathing" on him, and it was not of our LORD.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 7:09AM,

What sort of church was that?!?! I can see where a "Praise and Blessing" time for testimonies could get really weird; I've seen that sort of thing and heard too many charismatic claims during those periods to where I'd never attend a church that does that.

I agree with you about the "spirit" active with that guy.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 2:20AM

Here are the lyrics to the song you mentioned:
Spirit of heaven, flood over me,
Forming Christ in all that I do;
Turn every sinful desire in me
Into holy passion for You.

O Spirit of God, come down;
Let mercy and grace abound.
My passionate prayer shall be:
Christ in me.

Spirit of beauty and holiness,
Come refine with fire from above,
Till I am cast in Your righteousness,
And I love the things that You love.

Breathe Your forgiveness when darkness falls
And my heart is heavy with sin;
Fill me with faith for the higher cause
Of the ceaseless praise of the King.

Stuart Townend & Keith Getty
Copyright © 2007 Thankyou Music
- See more at: http://www.stuarttownend.co.uk/song/spirit-of-heaven-flood-over-me/#sthash.Ek9i0w4l.dpuf

Townend & Getty usually are pretty solid doctrinally with their lyrics. This one is a bit odd. A bit allegorical to the point of confusion, but I take it to mean in general that he's asking for the filling of the Spirit so as to "walk by the Spirit". But for the most part, I'd say the lyrics were way off base, and more along the charismanic lines of calling for "more" of the Holy Spirit. Since the Spirit lives IN us, He's already "come down." In this case though, "Breathe Your Forgiveness" is more of a metaphor rather than the "Breathe on me" idea.

This one and "Vagabonds" are the strangest I've seen from this team.