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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Ex-President Jimmy Carter (the worst in history until Obama) continues to be looked to as a spokesman for Christianity.  Now he claims that Jesus would approve of same-sex fake marriage.  This man worships another Christ — and apparently always has.

The superstition in the Roman Catholic Church never ceases to amaze me.  Their whole ideology of exorcism has been unbiblical from the start, but it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.  A priest performed an exorcism over a whole town from a helicopter!  Does he really think he affected any demons?  Come on, Catholics, where is your protest over this nonsense?!?  Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed?  It’s no wonder the world makes fun of the Christian faith when they see such antics.

OH BOY!!  Willow Creek, that bastion of the market-driven mentality, just held a “Leadership Conference,” where guest speakers included MORMONS!!!  And Brian Houston of Hillsong, to name a few.  Well, when you think of your assembly as a business organization instead of a place for believers to gather for corporate worship, edification and mutual support, I guess anything goes.

Anyone still in the United Methodist Church really has to justify why they are part of a denomination which is so deep in apostasy.  Now we have a “Methodist Healthcare Ministries” providing almost half-a-million dollars to Planned Parenthood!  Talk about dishonoring God!!!!

How often have you heard the saying, “Preach the Gospel, If Necessary Use Words”?  I’ve always thought it was a very stupid thing to say, but it usually comes from those who think they are more “holy” in someway because they promote the social gospel rather than the gospel which saves.  Take a look at Steven Kozar’s post — it hits the nail on the proverbial head.

Christian Missionary Alliance seems to be going deep into the whole mystical/contemplative movement.  Be forewarned.

Elizabeth Prata has an excellent, short commentary on Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God.

Midwest Christian Outreach’s blog article this week gave me a good laugh.  It’s about how we end up laughing at some of the foolishness of the cults — because it can be so absurd!!  The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “New World Translation” is used as an example of some really silly things.

Lastly, one of the best articles this past week comes from Pamela Couvrette: “The Cult of Personality Under the Evangelical Limelight.”  She hits a lot of false teachers with this one — don’t miss it.


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

Jimmy Carter revealed his fake christianity at least as early as 2008.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Oh, long, long before that! I've got stuff in my files from at least 20 years ago when he was making all sorts of comments about women should be pastors, the Bible isn't really clear on homosexuality, etc. He's a wolf.

Alec said...

Ralph, I've not really thought much about Jimmy Carter, but somehow always assumed he was a Christian from his born again comments back in the 1970's. How wrong I was. How wrong he is.

Wonderful links as usual, Glenn. Especially the Cult of Personality. That video Pamela included of Steven Furtick is profoundly disturbing - and accurate as to the true hatred of Christians he and many of his followers have just beneath the loving veneer.

Pamela said...

Thank you for the mention, Glenn!

I'm glad to see the Lighthouse Trails warning about the CM&A. That was my former church which is promoting Spiritual Formation.

God bless you and I pray these warnings will reach the many who are deceived.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


If you look in my "Labels" for Steven Furtick and see the previous links to him, it is scary how people follow him. Talk about a cult of personality!

Alec said...

Time for me to look at your labels, Glenn. Thirty (30!) links for Furtick, Steven. Good thing I have a strong stomach...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pamela's piece "The cult of personality" is a definite highlight. Have you noticed her commendable attitude in exposing and warning about these 'cult' leaders? What an example she is to countless others!