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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

A BIG collection today!

I had to be amused about this article.  President Obama can’t understand why REAL Christians can’t accept his claim of being a Christian.  Let’s see: could it be that he spent 20 years in an assembly of the United Church of Christ - the most heretical and aberrant denomination still claiming to be Christian?  Could it be that the “pastor” he sat under for 20 years taught racism?  Could it be because his “pastor” taught Black Liberation Theology?  Could it be because he is 100% pro-homosexual behavior and has fought to establish same-sex fake marriage?  Could it be his rabid protection and promotion of abortion?  Could it be his support for Islam?  What about all these reasons and more?  The man abuses Scripture when he does mention Christian teachings!  Mr. Obama has no understanding of the Christian faith, promotes heretical theology and rebellion against God and he wonders why his claim to be a Christian is questioned?!?!?!?

A major story in the news this past week is the mega-church in Nashville whose “pastor” Stan Mitchell has decided to embrace same-sex fake marriage as well as homosexual behavior in general.  He claims to “sense the presence of God.”  So not only has he led his congregation into apostasy, but he blasphemes God while he’s at it.  Denny Burke points out that his church really transitioned to this point three years ago due to being “bereft of biblical ecclesiology.”  Larry Tomczak has an excellent “Word of Warning to a Gay-approving Nashville Church and Beyond.”  I especially like Larry’s opening statement by Adolf Hitler.

The sad thing is that those who practice homosexual behavior while maintaining that they are Christians is becoming the norm.   These people think rebelling against God is okay.

Did you know that Jesus is God’s tithe?  Where DO these people get such inane ideas?!?

I can’t think of a much more blasphemous sculpture than one which claims to be a homeless “Jesus” sleeping on a bench.  Of course the local PCUSA “pastor” is excited about it.  What can you expect from an apostate denomination?  Oh, and you’ll be excited to know that the Pope commissioned it to go to Rome!!  Pure idolatry.

Yet another article explaining what the Bible really means when it says, “Judge not that ye be not judged.

Let’s Stop Singing These 10 Worship Songs.”  I can think of a lot more to add to this list!  In a discussion about worship songs with a friend, he said, “When you feed kids milk it’s hard to wean them...even harder when an industry is built up around the milk products.”  He was so right on target.

Some quick memes to learn what Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen teach.

One of the heretical teachings from the Word of Faith teachers is that Jesus was actually made into sin while on the Cross.  The Cripplegate has an excellent article to refute such nonsense.

Many of these same heretics claim that dead heretics appear to them in dreams.

Finally, the station which hosts a huge number of these WoF heretics is the subject of a scandal, which really doesn’t surprise me.  These people are only in it for the millions of dollars the swindle out of their deceived followers.


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

RE: Obama's Christian faith - Could it be that this quote, “Our nations are strongest when we see that we are all God’s children—all equal in His eyes and worthy of His love,” and this one,“Across our two great countries, we have Hindus and Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, and Jews and Buddhists, and Jains, and so many faiths,” Obama continued. “And we remember the wisdom of Gandhi, [who said], ‘For me, the different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or they are branches of the same majestic tree.'” are NOT biblically sound Christian doctrines.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the two AiG links, the first, on the unfortunate growing acceptance and normalization of homosexual sin in the church, and the second on the ever-so-popular yanked out of context verse "Judge Not".

Regarding the first, I can't help but wonder if it is a result of previous compromise in the church. Churches in America seemingly have been plagued with immorality - unbiblical divorces/remarriages, immodesty in attire especially amongst young women, tolerance of unsavory character and conduct of pastors (think of how popular Mark Driscoll was), etc. We let the world in the door, and now the world has filled many people's hearts.

Also, many churches have abandoned a literal teaching of the early chapters of Genesis, from which the foundational doctrine of marriage is based. Before governments, before nations/people groups emerged, before the church existed, before any human institution was created, God took one man, united him with one woman, and joined them as echad flesh for life. This - the only definition of marriage - is foundational to all other human institutions. A proper understanding of marriage requires a literal understanding of Genesis. Matthew 19:4-6.

So regarding this matter, 1 Cor 5 applies. We should be weeping and asking the Holy Spirit to purify our churches, instead of rejoicing in sin and allowing iniquity to putrefy our churches.

On the second, "judge not" usually means the person loves their sin so much that he/she wants to spend the rest of their life with a sequoia forest in their eye... hence they refuse correction. Proverbs has much to say about people who will not heed Biblical wisdom and reproof, none of it praiseworthy.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

We could probably come up with many more examples!

Yes, a big reason for the capitulation to homosexuality is indeed the previous compromising on sexual morality. After all, when you justify one kind of sexual immorality, how can you not justify all?

Anonymous said...

Let's stop singing these 10 songs. I agree. The breathless singing style drives me crazy - like that Jesus Culture song. The emotionalism I find very manipulative and phony - now. I'm in my 50s - brought on hymns. Left church a long time ago to do things my way, my love of the world so strong. 20+ years later I come back and things had changed. I liked it! The cool music had me swaying back and forth and crying - oh so emotional. And then I started reading the Bible for myself and changing. And seeing through this stuff. It's very harmful. It's very fake. This music worships a fake Jesus. Jesus Culture with Bethel Church - False christ. Jesus said false christs would come. Jesus warns us about not being deceived. Not many are listening. I started reading the comments on that link. So many people defend that music fiercely! They are being tricked into worshiping a false christ. Just like if you have God's spirit, you cannot stomach false teachers. I think it's the same here - with God's spirit, you want the real deal. These songs say nothing of sin, repentance, walking in the spirit. Nothing of substance - just lots of milk.

Anonymous said...

Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen are steering people towards the false christ. Joyce and Beth Moore are in a video together to get people to unify under christ. Beth Moore says is deplorable that we do not just all come together (under their false christ). They are so shocked and appalled that some people don't see things their way and it's insulting to christ! The say they love the same Jesus! But they can't be loving the same Jesus. The drama was too much too watch. They sure said "I" alot. Not much about Jesus of the bible. I sat though 28 minutes of Joel Osteen and his talk on all you have to do is believe - that God will give you that new business, health, meet that new person. He said, "God arranges things in your favor - all will be well." I thought of I Thessalonians 5:3 - when they say peace and safety - sudden destruction will come. He did not mention belief in Jesus Christ at all. It was all about believing in getting things of this world. He did not mention that Jesus said we will have tribulation. No, it's all a nice bank account, clear medical reports....Like God is just waiting for you to believe he wants to give you all the trappings of this world. And people eat it up. He says God is whatever you need him to be. There we go, making up our own god. I cry at times because I see my friends watching him and posting his quotes. I wonder, why can't they see? I'm always warning them, but they look right through me. I think of II Thessalonians 2 where it says those who do not love the truth will believe a lie. God will send a strong delusion. And it's heartbreaking to watch.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:24,

You nailed it.....smack on the head! Thank-you!

The Jesus culture is not about the Jesus of our Bibles, it is about the "I, me, and self." It could be correctly labeled the

"I, me, and more of me culture" with man/woman at the center and Jesus standing outside of the courts wondering when He will be truly worshiped in spirit and truth.

The harlot church=the selfie church.

As a visiting member of a Baptist church in the southern part of the U.S., we applauded the organist over and over, we only prayed for the pastor who was sick (none of the lower laity who were ill), and the sermon was on "it is good for man to have pride" from a senior elder of that group. I heard the name of Jesus mentioned once by a woman who stood up and said, "There is someone who needs to hear about Jesus today, tell your neighbor sitting next to you "Go out and tell someone about Jesus today after you leave here." The elderly woman sitting beside me said to me, "We need to tell someone about Jesus today."

Apologize here, but that "tell your neighbor sitting next to you thing" is getting a little old and just plain sickening....had to listen to that garbage for years and years from the false teachers and false profits that visited our Baptist church (with an Assembly of God minister). If that is what is called fellowship, count me out.....yuk!

So I responded to this elderly woman, "We should be telling people about and living for Jesus every day, just not on Sundays. Are we not to "be the church" to people every day, 24/7, as a living sacrifice to Him?" Her response was "Yes! You are right, we should be telling people about Jesus every day."

Most western churches have become so "man focused" that we are not being fed the true Word of God and we are not being equipped by the 501c. 3 system to do as Jesus commanded in "going out and making disciples of all nations", teaching, preaching, and living God's Word. And after church services, when a believer desires a conversation about Jesus and what He is teaching you as you read the Gospels, people look at you as if you were a "crazy woman" because you want to talk about Jesus.

Jesus, the only One Who Saves.

Anonymous said...

To Ralph....

As I stood before the television in Washington, D.C., on a vacation with my husband, I saw with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears, President Bush being interviewed by Cynthia MacFadden. When she asked the President this question, "Do Muslims and Christians worship the same god/God?"

Mr. Bush's response was "Yes, I believe we worship the same god."

As a republican at that particular time in my life (no longer a member of a political party system), and a Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ studying upon the precepts of His Word daily, I stood there numb before the tube, in shock, beckoning my husband to come and hear the remainder of this interview.

Would a born again Christian speak such a lie? So by God's standards, President Bush is not a Christian either....same boat as President Obama is in....a sinking one.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Out of defense of Bush's claim, most Christians believe that the God of Islam is the God of the Bible. It comes from ignorance and listening to the media. This ignorance does not make one a non-Chrisitan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks Glen for the response. I do appreciate your defense for President Bush as that is the same comment I used to make when I was a staunch Republican engaging the political games myself. And oh, how I loved to argue with the best of them.

Then I studied the teachings of Jesus and was transformed by His Spirit....totally broken before my LORD. Long story, beautiful ending, He saved me, of which no political party/force could ever claim of my life. Praise our true KING!

Our family visited a non-denominational church this past summer during our vacation. Our children are all grown and away from home, so it is delightful to come together and spend time nurturing our relationships. On this particular Sunday, a missionary/pastor from the most violent parts of inner city Chicago came to share the message of the Gospel in ministering to the assembly. Our children already knew of the work Jesus had placed on his heart, so they were excited for this man's encouragement of the Word.

Scriptures were read, personal testimonies were shared via a video of homeless people, families living in poverty hearing the voice of gunshots in the streets every day, and those who needed love and encouragement in this hard, hard world. The tears flowed and the hope increased as the Gospel was and is still being shared with these precious souls.

During this humble missionary's testimony I had the wonderful privilege of hearing this truth spoken in the natural as he said, "I have some news for you and this may shock some of you. Jesus wasn't a Democrat."

Many in the assembly shouted out "Praise the LORD, Amen, and Alleluia" as the laughter, smiles, and nods of "yes" ensued. That moment sang of pride as I looked around the room wondering why the people were so upbeat. Then this man spoke something I have never heard in a church building ever in my long life (I heard the Jesus was no democrat indoctrination before in a Baptist church), he said "Now what I'm going to say is going to surprise most of you, "Jesus was not a Republican either."

Dead silence....you could hear a mouse chew on his cheese. Before I could think, my mouth let out a whooping "Amen, sir!" As I looked at my family for they were sober and in somewhat of a shock mode, my eyes gravitated once again towards the rest of the congregation who faces were painted with shock, unbelief, sobriety, and disgust.

"Jesus wasn't a Republican either." Talk about purification coming from a humble servant who has witnessed more crime, more poverty, and more brokenness amongst people, than most of us sitting in that assembly will see in a life time. "Jesus wasn't a Republican either." And the people dislike that statement...amazing, simply amazing!

My point here Glen, I too, defended President Bush and the ignorance thing for quite some time because I once WAS a hard core Republican until Jesus delivered me out of such a system, for my hope and trust was placed in a political system/man. That was my folly. We must remember that just because a president attends a bible study, a church, or throws out some religious language once in awhile, does not mean he is truly born again of the Spirit of God. Many of our country's presidents belong to or have belonged to some very occultic organizations and have not renounced nor repented of their involvement, whether republican or democrat....Michael Medved called out President Bush of his membership in "Skull and Bones" many years ago...I had the privilege of hearing this via the tractor radio and was stunned because I had placed such hope in my Republican President....again, my folly.

With that said, the words from a humble Christian man who spoke the truth to all of us on that Sunday morning still shares the life saving Gospel in inner city Chicago....Jesus be praised.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


First I want to make it clear that I am not a Demokrat or a Republican. However, I will always vote Republican because of the party platforms: I will vote the lesser of two evils always. And this country really has only two viable political parties, both of which are corrupt. But as citizens of this country, it is incumbent upon us to help get the right leaders into office.

Now having said this, I was not defending President Bush as president. My point was simply that you can't judge a person based on their belief that the God of Islam is the God of the Bible. The majority of Christians believe the same thing out of ignorance; most people don't study other belief systems and, in this case, will accept what they learn from the main stream media. This belief does not mean one isn't a Christian; that is my point.

As for Bush's membership in a questionable organization, that was many decades ago and neither you nor I know where his heart is today.

And, yes, I am very familiar with how many presidents in the past were not Christian, and some which claim to be Christians but were also involved in questionable organizations. We don't know if they ever repented before God.