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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Worship Music, Worship Teams

It should be obvious to any thinking observer that today's "worship music" is designed to please man, even the carnal and the unsaved, and not God.  In The Purpose Driven Church (p.279), Rick Warren bold declare, "We use the style of music the majority of people in our church listen to on the radio . . . contemporary pop/rock."  This is the world's music, and it draws the worldly into the church.

In plain words, the music in purpose-driven churches is not chosen because it pleases God, but man.  Purpose-driven worship is less about worshipping God than about entertaining the "worshipers."  That is its deliberate design.  Thus, the music and the entire "program" (like any secular performance) must appeal to the audience rather than to the One whom they are supposedly worshiping!

In Born After Midnight, A.W. Tozer declared, "Much singing. . .has in it more of romance than it has of the Holy Ghost.  Words and music [don't reflect] the reverent intimacy of the adoring saint, but the impudent familiarity of the carnal lover."  Nor are those churches that are driven by the new "purpose," which has become the vision of tens of thousands of today's pastors, the only ones that have turned worship upside down and inside out.  The same is true of thousands of other churches that have forgotten the fact that worship, far from being for our enjoyment, is supposed to be directed toward God!  Rare is the awesome reverence that befits those bowing in His presence to singHis praise.  The attitude, dress, and sensuality of many "worship teams" and their "music" would not be tolerated for a moment by God before His throne!

Dave Hunt, "Loving God," The Berean Call, November 2004


Anonymous said...

Excellent comment here, Glen.

Here is a statement from one who performs in a "worship team" and I quote verbatim: "I can tell the ones in the audience who are more spiritual, because they raise their hands to god."

Fascinating statement from one who believes in judging the spirituality of others based on their own personal assessment from the platform. And this individual confirmed EXACTLY what I have believed for a long time concerning the "worship team/contemporary music, music minister(where is this in the Bible) issue," and this is this....

for a long time I have believed that those standing up on the stage "performing" are doing several things unbeknownst to the innocent;


Anonymous said...

"Worship teams".....

1. Judge the reactions of their audience based on what they see from their stages/platforms. So and so is more "spiritual" because they do this, this , and this. The other so and so, they might not even be saved for there is no outward manifestation going on there.

2. Desire and require praise from the pastor and audience as well as applause for their brilliant performance.

3. Let everyone know how much "time" they are donating and serving the lord (not sure here if they are serving our LORD Jesus Christ or the lord of themselves here.) For their works must be paraded before everyone to see meanwhile the fruits of others go unnoticed. (These are the true servants of Christ-Matthew 6).

4. Believe they are the ones to usher in the power of the Holy Spirit into the church so that manifestations and prophecies can follow.

5. Also believe that born again believers cannot truly worship God in spirit and truth without their music.

6. Have become more professional with many graduating from so called "Bible colleges" with degrees in music whatever, so now your average uneducated musician is not worthy of being asked to perform on the team.


Anonymous said...

I had a parent visit my home from a nearby Pentecostal church and I had great respect for her and her faith, until the boasting and bragging came and it went like this....

"My daughter (21 years old) is the lead worship pastor of our church's praise band. She is so led by the Holy Spirit and our pastor's just love her because she leads people into the presence of the spirit." Okay, I get that.

So I asked this mother, do you know what the word "worship" literally means? It means to literally "bow down."

How is it Glen, that worship now has become such a proud, self serving performance no different that attending the musical awards show? How is it that worship is now about the "praise band, praise team, worship leader, music minister, or whatever name the church chooses to give this system? And how is it that any church in this day and age ever function without the praise band?

Perhaps we need to go back and share with David while he was in the wilderness that he needed that "praise band" in order to write and recite the "Psalms." How dare he write music without "the team!"

Sorry about my sarcasm here, but to be perfectly honest here....when I enter a church now days and see the "praise band" warming up their instruments, I just want to sprint out that front door....so tired of worshiping the "praise and worship team" and miss that elderly organist who never received one bit of praise from the pastor nor the congregation in that little old church of my youth.

Praise God in Heaven for that wonderful "old" saint who never called attention to herself. God Bless her for she is now 94 years of age.

Ron Livesay said...

I had a friend who told me he believed that if the "worship team" were put in the back of the auditorium where they could not be readily seen, there would be fewer volunteers. Even the term "worship team" rubs me the wrong way. It should be called a "music team." Better yet, get rid of the "team" and have a good old-fashioned song leader.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

We visited a church this week which had a "worship band." I agree the name "worship" should be dropped. But this church had a small "band" which was not overpowering, and which was off to a side instead of the focus! THAT, I can handle!

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

anonymous said, So I asked this mother, do you know what the word "worship" literally means? It means to literally "bow down."

That's almost right. Worship is to "bow down AND OBEY."

I don't intend to get preachy here but I do want to articulate a couple thoughts.

First, it occurs to me that Cain and Abel were both required by God to an act of WORSHIP. I'm sure they both thought they were sincerely worshipping God. The difference was that Abel's offering was presented obediently. Cain's was not.

Second, scripture is FULL of instruction, FROM GOD HIMSELF, throughout the ages about how He desires to be worshipped. So why do contemporary christians think that, as long as they are sincere with their offerings (sacrifices), God will be pleased?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Because that's what they are told, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

It is always a wonderful day when I learn something new, so thank-you Ralph for clarifying the true meaning of the word "worship."

wor-ship; "To bow down and obey." This adds such depth to our faith and the true meaning of humility as a Christ follower. I will ponder this all day today as I go about His business.

Also, Ralph, you mentioned the offerings of Cain and Abel. You presented a valuable lesson here as told in Genesis, Abel offered our LORD something of which he had no control over (not the work of his hands), while Cain offered up something by his own efforts expecting this to please our Father. Oh, how we can relate to this truth today, expecting our own "works" and our own "goodness" to please the Father who made us.

And it seems from what I have observed from the 501c. 3 church, is that people give and do to be "seen, acknowledged, and praised by men." This extends from the boasting and bragging from the pastor on down the line..."the swelling words of thyself". This is precisely why a few "cringe" when the so called "praise and blessing" time comes during the church service.
What initially was humanly designed to offer up praise and thanksgiving to our LORD, has become but a gong of self aggrandizement.

We listen to the great and glorious wonders of these people's great works and how "they are blessing people galore" with absolutely no glorifying God's Holy Presence.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, those who are faithfully serving and living a life of self denial for Christ, never call attention to themselves. And these are the folks that witness to my soul as they bow down and obey God.

Jesus acknowledged the poor woman who gave (money) out of her necessity verses those who gave out of their abundance. That poor woman honored our LORD and did not boast nor brag of her serving or giving and Jesus saw and knew her!

Oh, what faith and Oh, what a Savior we have. Matthew 6.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

On this subject, I have pulled an old post from my blog archives (2008). You can see it here:


ali said...

We are so blessed to attend a church that has a,piano and an organ. Period!!! We sing from a hymnal.

We looked long and hard and have been blessed because of our diligence. Just got so weary of guitars, drums and singing little ditties.

Great post Glen. Thanks