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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Heresy in the Episcopal Church

Unless you’ve been in a coma, it is difficult to miss the news about the “prayer service” last Friday at the Washington National Cathedral.  This was a MUSLIM prayer service in an ostensibly Christian facility.

Can’t you just see Paul inviting the pagans to pray to their gods while assembling with Christians?  Perhaps Elijah was wrong to challenge the Baal worshipers?

These Muslims, who worship a false god, would be including their own worship customs: “About 100 people will be at the service, which will be spoken and chanted without music, Campbell said. Muslim leaders will bring prayer carpets.”  

Even the secular press had an excellent commentary about this event, addressing an issue the Episcopals are obviously totally ignorant of, let alone the issue of theology.

Only one person spoke the truth during this service; a woman who drove from Tennessee just to expose the fraud for what it was.   The sad thing is that there were no men with the courage to stand up to this as she did.  How many hundreds of thousands of good Christian men within short driving distances would have been able to do the same thing?  The defense of the Christian faith is more and more done by women, as men abdicate spiritual leadership.

With all the protest marches in front of abortion clinics, at “gay pride” parades, etc, where were these protesters when Muslims are invited to a “Christian” facility to promote the religion of Islam?  If the woman could make a point by disrupting the service, couldn’t a point also have been made by a solitary man outside with a sign?

I’m just making a point, but in reality I doubt if this woman accomplished much.  After all, those in charge of that church long ago turned apostate and will not listen to rebuke.


ali said...

Wonderful thing the women from TN did, BUT how many stood against this apostacy - praying that God would tear down this evil before it even happened. How many prayers of intercession were offered asking God to intervene and stop this heresy? Hmmmm...

Just thinking out loud!!!..!!!..

ali said...

Wanted to share this very good article.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

The whole Ferguson fiasco is due to racism on the part of the black population. For them, the thugs should be left alone, especially by white cops. If a white cop intervenes in a crime by a black person, they yell racism regardless of whether it was a crime.

The evidence is showing that the cop did what was necessary, that his defense was right and proper, and yet these racists want him lynched just because he is white.

From reading all the information, I knew the National Guard would be needed.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Shortly after what was labeled "911" here in this country, the local leadership/influential people within our rural communities, scrambled and rushed into damage control mode. For residing amongst us were/are practicing muslims who are doctors/lawyers/surgeons and such and those so called leaders did not want to "offend" their religion, despite the fact that they did not do their research regarding Islam. Articles were written for the local newspapers, the ad papers, and conferences were held at local high schools for the public to attend in showing how Christianity and Islam are the same.

Like I stated.....it was damage control time. And unfortunately, most of the community bought into these lies including "the churched." It's like Rick Warren teaches....go in to the communities and search for the "key influential people/leaders" and use them to instruct and convince the masses.

I believe according to the Hegelian dialectic process, these influential stewards are called "useful idiots." So thus, I have a mother in law who was indoctrinated into believing muslins and Christians worship the same God, and is difficult to reason with.

So these propaganda programs have literally worked in convincing the masses of this great deception, even in small town rural America.

And sadly, I have not been to a church where the pastor has done a cross comparison between the two, for that might take a little "work" to do so.