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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Give Our Youth Meat!

Herbert Schlossberg reminds us, “In their uncompromising determination to proclaim truth, Christians must avoid the intellectual flabbiness of the larger society.  They must rally against the prevailing distrust of reason and the exaltation of the irrational.  Emotional self-indulgence and irrationalities have always been the enemies of the gospel, and the apostles warned their followers against them.”  Indeed, the apostles left no doubt as to the place of intellect in their work.  Peter’s masterful presentation of the Christian faith in Acts 2:14-36 displayed his grasp of the substantive issues.  His ability to expound on the intricacies of the relationship between David and Christ was a brilliant piece of verbal tapestry that appealed directly to the minds of his Jewish audience.  Soon thereafter, Paul effectively engaged all manner of groups and individuals in his missionary journeys, using his reasoning capabilities to present the gospel of Jesus Christ with lucid clarity. . . .

It might be an interesting exercise to randomly survey our young people coming out of their next emotionally charged rally.  Let’s ask them if they, like young Timothy, could adhere to Paul’s instructions to defend the faith.  Their answers, or perhaps more precisely, bewildered looks, will reflect leaders who have bought into the myth that dumbing down the faith will make it more palatable for our youth.  In addition to the “it’s boring” cant, these leaders offer other arguments: “We do whatever works,” they say, leaving us to wonder, works to accomplish what? . . . 

Perhaps most disconcerting is the realization that once leaving the cozy, entertaining subculture we have created for them, our youth are ill prepared to face the bombardment of “isms,” which carry no warning labels for the unwary neophyte. . . .

What should be do about this state of affairs?  In his most recent book, Charles Colson comments that “local churches need to encourage youth leaders to go beyond volleyball and pizza parties and begin to teach apologetics and worldview issues.”  Indeed, the bar should be raised, and nothing less should be accepted by parents and leaders alike.

Paul Kerr, “Where’s Timothy,” Christian Research Journal, Vol. 23/No.1, p.61


Anonymous said...


Yes, AMEN!

The emotionalism that is fed to our youth frankly disgusts me. Kerr is right, it leaves the children utterly unprepared to face the bombardment of worldly 'isms', all of which are lies cloaked as 'truth'.

Sadly many adults also cannot articulate or defend the Christian faith. Many adults are as emotionally based as the youth. They give themselves over to experience over substance.

Of course I lay the blame squarely on church leadership. My husband and I once respectfully rebuked a senior pastor who was using RW's Purpose Drivel to "disciple" new converts and young believers. We told him to feed sound doctrine (Scripture alone) to the youth, to the new converts, and to the young believers. We told him that RWs book was no good for anyone at any stage of Christian growth. Unfortunately, he dismissed our concerns.

One time, I actually heard a children's church leader/teacher say, "Preaching's boring, man". Yes, this man and his wife were in charge of teaching the children at this church. We respectfully rebuked that pastor, who again, did not listen.

Dumbing down our faith is a tremendous sin.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry here, for much of this entry poses some truth, but I just cannot abide by the Charles (Chuck) Colson name mentioned here, for he was a devout Catholic who embodied the "ecumenical movement" most vehemently. It grieves me how even Franklin Graham had a Catholic priest give a prayer at one of his functions recently, so the Scriptures ring true even unto this day...."Do not put your hope in man, but in the LORD Jesus Christ." Psalm 118:8-9

So what kind of meat would Charles Colson really like to teach our youth? Catholic doctrines disguised as truth....I smell a wolf amongst the sheep here. And when the catholic church says that one must be a part of their religious system in order to go to heaven, it is time to dig out the steak knives with some serious dissecting in mind, cutting to the core of their false belief system.

Jesus Christ and His Word....YES!

Charles Colson and his word....NO!

Sorry Glen, I still love your blog and respect your posts.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


The citation from Colson was accurate. I've read a lot of Colson over the years, and he spoke from a conservative viewpoint which was almost always on target. Besides, Colson's statement was just a small part of what I though was an excellent quote.

Believe it or not, there are true Christians in the Romanist church. They may be few and far between, but they are there. I've known many. And I've heard and read the testimonies of many Christians who finally left Rome because they had come to saving faith. I've also known many Christians who remained in the Romanist church because of family connections they don't want to lose.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Glen, Charles Colson was a Catholic and an ecumenical bridge in uniting the Roman catholic church system with the protestant (as labeled by the catholic church....the protesters became the "protestants." Although Mr. Colson's statement may ring truth, and yes, he may be a "conservative", although I see no evidence where Jesus Christ or His Disciples/Apostles labeled themselves as conservatives, liberals, or such, for they preached and taught "truth" and called out the "lies." In this world, both conservatives and liberals embrace "truths" and "lies", for I honestly cannot worship either ideology.

In traveling with my husband, we came across and huge banner attached to a massive church building that read "Calling all souls back to the Catholic Church." I personally have not known a catholic that claims the Name of Jesus nor refutes catholic doctrines.

One of my children brought home a small piece of paper handed out to college students on campus that read and I quote, "Why Protestantism is False: Calling People Back to the True Church"
Then it gave the time and place for which the meeting was to be held.

Glen, I am just fine not quite agreeing with you concerning Chuck Colson and Catholicism, for I don't equate conservatism nor Catholicism with my faith in Christ alone.....for I have seen and heard abominations cultivated in both systems.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You are really blowing this whole thing about that short citation by Colson way out of proportion.

I didn't say conservatism was Christian, however, Jesus and the disciples were "conservative" by definition of the word in regards to theological and cultural positions. The only point I was making with noting that Colson was conservative is that he more often followed the non-Romanist position than not. Romanists are often very liberal, which is why the majority vote Democrat - the whole social gospel bit. No one is "worshiping" an ideology when they espouse it. I espouse that which is conservative in theology vs that which is liberal in theology, and I espouse that which is conservative in culture vs that which is liberal in culture. It has nothing to do with worshiping that ideology, only that conservative cultural ideology is closer to what the Bible teaches than is liberal cultural ideology.

I know very well what the Romanist church espouses and have writing a whole series on their unbiblical doctrine and dogma. I am very familiar with their attempts to bring everyone back into the "fold" of Romanism. So please don't treat me as ignorant of the subject.

Whether or not you have personally know a Catholic who is saved is irrelevant to the FACT that there are those who are indeed saved. I know and have known several, and you can find many testimonies of others on the 'net as well as in books. As I stated, the majority of the time these people, once they are saved, will eventually leave the church because they can no longer tolerate it, while others will remain only for peace in the family.

Don't be bigoted towards Catholic people -- be "bigoted" towards the Catholic Church as an institution and against their false teaching. But have mercy on the people and remember that they need the gospel.

Joe said...

For the record, Chuck Colson was a member of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida. I knew him. I interviewed him on radio. He had Lutherian tendencies, but no longer Roman Catholic. Colson identified as a Baptist but had a vision for reconciliation among believers of Christ, including legitimate, born again Catholics.

His Prison Fellowship Ministries was distinctly good news gospel oriented. He believed and taught salvation by grace through faith.

Colson had some faults (unlike anonymous above), but his faith was real and evangelically orthodox.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Thank you, Joe, for that factual information!

Pumice said...

I am always glad to hear that someone else has read Schlossberg. I am currently trying to work through "Idols for Destruction" again.

Grace and peace.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I had that book for a couple decades and just recently passed it on to a friend. good book

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here....

Joe, thank-you for the correction as I do not desire to make accusations verified with false facts, ie., lies. I appreciated your truth.

Orrel Steinkamp over there at Plumbline Ministries, has as excellent presentation regarding the subtle ecumenism taking place within the constructs of Christianity that is a worthwhile piece.

While some value Charles Colson's comment regarding youth groups not learning the "meat of the Word", thus replacing it with pizza parties, amusement park excitement, and listening to the worldly lives of youth group leaders.....our congregations are being run over by the bus of ecumenism and encouraged to accept, embrace, and now even practice the ways of the catholic church system!

Due to the accelerated rate of ecumenism and the people who blatantly promote this, taking place within our own country, perhaps the era of the dark ages, as in medieval Europe, may soon visit our front doors.

So who is really "dumbing down" our faith?