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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random Apostasies and Heresies

I was surprised by how many e-mails and comments I received when I discussed the probability of eliminating my “Random” posts as a regular posting; many said it was one of their favorite articles!  Well, I don’t know how regular I can keep doing them, but I guess I won’t totally discontinue them.  This past week has been one of those times when I read much that needed sharing with as many people as possible, so as to protect the flock from deception.  And I didn’t have time to finish my next episode on the book I’m reviewing.

Let me start with a report about how Radio Bible Class has been promoting the writings of Philip Yancey.  If you don’t know about the problems with Yancey, I recommend you read the article I wrote about him a bit over a year ago.  If you don’t want to take the time to read that article, I summed it up as follows:

My case against Philip Yancey has demonstrated him to be a follower and promoter of New Age mysticism in its many permutations, a teacher of unbiblical secular psychological theories, a teacher of varieties of ecumenicism; that he often fails to base his beliefs and teachings on the clear Word of God, that he defends homosexuality, approves of the Emergent movement, and has demonstrated ignorance of the Islamic faith.  To top it all off, he rejects correction, denigrating those who would dare point out error.

RBC has been using Yancey’s writings for over four years now.  As Lighthouse Trails reminds us, now that RBC’s founder has gone, we need to realize that there is a whole new generation running the organization which “negates the guarantee that the ministry will be run with the same biblical integrity.”  Lighthouse trails then posted a rebuttal from RBC, followed-up by more examination and their response to RBC.

There’s been quite a stir about Andy Stanley’s comment about President Obama being “the Pastor in Chief.”  Andy has an explanation, but I don’t buy it.  Just because Obama showed some sort of compassion, that doesn’t make him even close to being a pastor.  Barak Obama has demonstrated that he is pretty much anti-Christ: he is the most pro-abortion president in history, he endorses and promotes the homosexual agenda, and has no compunction about violating the rights of Christians.  To even mention the word “Pastor” in the same breath as “Obama” is disgraceful.

Here’s a shock: A “seeker-driven” pastor teaches polytheism!  A new name to me is John Mark Comer, another of the new, young preachers who seek to be relevant to the culture rather than relevant to Christ.  The man indeed is teaching that there are many real gods out there!  The Bible says there is only ONE God, and no other.  The sad thing is that another pastor is defending Comer!

I came across another review of Rachel Held Evans’ book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  I’ve linked to several reviews of this book, all demonstrating that Evans has no real idea of what the Bible teaches, and all she does is mock those who are complementarians.  It’s a travesty that Thomas Nelson published this assault on the Christian faith.

The Bible makes it plain that Christians should not sue each other (1 Cor. 6:1-8), yet Jonathan Cahn has decided to sue David James for quoting too much of Cahn’s book in Jame’s book exposing the false teachings of Cahn.  Apparently, false teachers just can’t  accept exposure of their false teachings!

Speaking of false teachers, Jay Bakker (son of Jimmy and Tammy Bakker) is still preaching pro-homosexual theology.  He claims that evangelical pastors don’t endorse homosexuality only because they fear losing money, power and acceptance.  I hate to be the one to break Jay’s bubble, but REAL Christians don’t endorse homosexuality because God calls it an abomination!

I have written articles on this blog exposing the false, apostate, and heretical nature of much of the teachings of Roman Catholicism.  I have also posted many articles where Roman Catholic leadership compromise over and over again with the world and other false religions.  Lately, the Vatican has been making a lot of overtures towards Muslim nations to befriend them.  Well, now we see an example of how Rome would rather pander to Islam than to allow the truth of the dangers of that belief system to be exposed.  Robert Spencer, noted specialist, and critic, of Islam, was scheduled to speak  about Islam at the Catholic Men’s Conference in March.  The Diocese of Worcester, MA,  cancelled the talk because of complaints by Muslims in Massachusetts.  I guess it is more important to allow Islam to continue conquering the world than it is to expose it for the evil it is.

So, we know Roman Catholicism is not a Christian organization, and yet ecumenicism is rearing its ugly head again and again as many protestant teachers, as well as denominations, are joining up with Rome in many venues.  Now we have some churches who have signed an agreement with Rome to honor each others’ baptisms.  with some of these denominations, it is no surprise that they would compromise, but what is odd is that Rome would accept such apostate denominations in said agreement!   I don’t know anything about the Reformed Church in America other than with a name like that it is probably Calvinist, but I do know about the PCUSA, and UCC as apostate denominations and yet Rome signs with them?!?

Rick Warren is showing more and more of his ecumenical colors as he butters up to the Roman Catholic Church.  Romanism is nothing but apostasy and heresy, and yet Warren sees nothing wrong with joining up with them in Christian endeavors.  Additionally, he will be having a Cardinal speaking at Saddleback!  Well, I guess this shouldn’t be surprising, since he previously had a Muslim Imam speaking there!  I guess he never read 2 John 9-11.

There are more problems with Warren this week (as if there aren’t enough problems with him as a teacher as it is) as we learn that he thinks we need to build “bridges of friendship and love” so Jesus will be able to walk across.

Another false teacher who joins up with Rome is Nicky Gumbel, author of the horrid Alpha Course.  It gets even worse with Gumbel, as he invites heretics and other false teachers to his leadership conference, a big favorite of his being Vineyard UK founder Eleanor Mumford.  Mumford is about as bizarre as they get.

Perry Noble showed up on a blog this week, in reference to an Easter service which opened with Highway to Hell.  If you’re not familiar with this song, just look for it on Google.  The article examining this topic demonstrates conclusively that Noble is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  (Some of the comments on this post excusing Noble just show the damage sheep have already suffered at his “church.”   Of course Perry’s church is just one of many in this article which also panders to the idolatry of football, changing the church schedule so his followers can have the Super Bowl as their priority.

Old Joyce Meyer stuff continues to prove that she is not a teacher anyone should be listening to.  Check out her self-esteem philosophy and some other heresies over the years.

Lastly, an article worth pondering is about why so much garbage is showing up in our churches today - “because there is no fear of God in the church!”


Joe said...

As you might know, my brand new old saying about how to know God is: Everything you need to know about God is found in the Word of God; nothing you need to know about God is NOT found in the Word of God; and anything you THINK you know about God that is not in the Word of God, you just made up.

Sadly, that is the opposite of the thinking of Yancy, Bakker, and their ilk who believe that what they think or imagine about God is the leadership of the Holy Spirit and therefore truth.

Rick Warren has discovered how to include anyone who is a potential contributor in his list of great theologians.

Pastor Obama? Not even close!

Anonymous said...

Jesus said in John 14:12 “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father." Would this statement mean there are greater works which are not recorded in the bible that will be done because Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Taking that "argument from silence" approach, anyone can justify just about anything and call it from God.

Anonymous said...

Glenn, I actually thought you were blocking me from commenting (& you may be which is fine). I sincerely was interested in knowing if all things can be measured by what is in the bible & if it's not in the bible it's not truth when Jesus said "greater works" in John 14:12. Just curious! And in John 16:13 "When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come." What does this mean? Thanks in advance.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I do not block comments unless they violate comment rules by either personal attack, off-topic remarks, containing abusive or otherwise bad language, false teaching, or links to false teachings. I moderate comments to block spam and to block the bad comments until I get a chance to see them first!

We must measure every teaching through the grid of Scripture. If it isn’t in the Bible, either specifically or by principles established, then it can’t be made into a doctrine or other teaching. If we did so, then one could argue from silence to claim every teaching brought forth should be accepted.

Now to address your cited passages.

John 14:12 is not saying that the disciples would do greater works than Christ in regards to the power of them - that would be impossible. It meant greater in extent. By the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit (which would not come until Christ’s resurrection), they would be spreading the gospel throughout the world, bringing many people to salvation in Christ. Jesus isn’t talking to us as believers down the road - the context of the passage is a conversation with the Twelve. And they were given apostolic authority and performed signs and wonders which authenticated their authority as they spread the gospel after Jesus’ ascension. Too many Christians want to take everything Jesus said and apply it to all Christians, but that is not what the Bible teaches. Context is very important.

John 16:13 is pretty straight-forward, and again is addressed to the Twelve in regards to their future apostolic ministry and mission. In vs. 12 Jesus said he had much to tell them but they would be unable to bear it, so the Holy Spirit would guide them into all the truth that Jesus did not communicate to them. The Spirit would essentially be personally teaching them. The Holy Spirit never acts for Himself, rather He always brings glory to Christ.