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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dr. David Jeremiah

I began listening to David Jeremiah almost 30 years ago; I would listen to him on the radio while driving to or from work, depending on the time of day (I worked rotating schedules).

I always liked Jeremiah’s teaching, but as I matured in the faith I tended to find his continuous use of anecdotes to be rather dry.  Don’t get me wrong; I think anecdotes are excellent for making points, but I am not fond of sermons which seem to be 80-90% anecdotal.  I like to have more exegetical teachings - I want more meat!

Recently I have read that Dr. Jeremiah has been promoting the contemplative movement, and have been disappointed.   Too many good teachers are jumping on the mystical bandwagon to the detriment of the Church.  Jeremiah has also given credence to the Word of Faith movement by appearing on TBN and even praising heretic Paul Crouch!

I just finished reading a book by Dr. Jeremiah, Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World, which was given to me by a friend.  As usual, it was filled with anecdotes, as is his style.  There was a lot of very good teachings, but the people he cited throughout the book, and other things he promoted, prevents me from passing the book along.  Non-discerning and immature Christians would read this book, and assume if a teacher in it was cited, then he or she must be someone worthy of reading - or listening to.  This is not so!

So, just who are the teachers Jeremiah cites, without any caveats, which are problematic?

1)Philip Yancey.  My evidence against Yancey is an article I wrote a year ago.

2)  Watchman Nee.  Nee is another very mystical teacher, and sometimes his teaching borders on the bizarre (try reading his book series, The Spiritual Man, with its gnostic teachings).  Perhaps one day I’ll even do an article on him.  Meanwhile, read this article by G. Richard Fisher.

3) Henri Nouwen.  Nouwen was a Roman Catholic mystic who endorsed many Eastern practices as well as teaching a form of universalism.  A short article by Lighthouse Trails should be sufficient to demonstrate the problem of citing Nouwen.

4)  Beth Moore.  Moore has been examined many times on this site, and you can select her label to read the various articles I have posted.

5)  Eugene Peterson.  Peterson is also very much involved in mysticism and other New Age teachings.  He’s another one I need to get around to writing about.

Aside from citing these very, very questionable teachers, Jeremiah uses The Message paraphrase “Bible” throughout the book.  This “version” of the Bible is rife with New Age teachings, twisting of Scripture, and many other problems.  Many apologists call it “The Mess,” and rightfully so.  I could link to many articles examining the problems with The Message, but I’ll just link you to this one which also explains more about Eugene Peterson’s beliefs as well as a bit of examining The Message itself.

The last disturbing thing in Jeremiah’s book was his support for Mel Gibson’s Roman Catholic propaganda piece, “The Passion of Christ.”  

I will never again recommend David Jeremiah to anyone.  While he has some great teachings, when he promotes such teachers and teachings as noted above, he can lead weak Christians down the wrong path.


Steve Bricker said...

I agree with you concerning the anecdotes: they get old. What you share of his endorsements is disappointing.

ali said...

There appears to be a speedy exit away from truth and into error for too many within the evangelical community.

Like Steve, I too am highly disappointed - but then Jeremiah is not along in his departure.

We must pray for those who appear to be straying from the truth -

Merry Christ-mas. ali

Pensive said...

The sad truth is that very few of the "brand name" pastors/leaders in the Evangelicsl world are continuing faithfully in sound teaching. The cross-pollination via conferences, guest speaking engagements, book endorsements and social media interaction makes it clear that most are eager to appeal to new markets," and that few if any of these people are trustworthy. It is time to get serious about knowing your Bible!

My Cookie Kitchen said...

I have never liked David Jeremiah. I am from San Diego and he would drop in at College Avenue Baptist Church. I didn't like him then, and I don't now, either. Something has always bothered me about him. Whenever a Christian leader bothers me, I know it's discernment. I may not know what it is, but I do find out eventually, that they are in error, somewhere. Thanks for the articles.

Doug Evans said...

I listened to Dr. Jeremiah once (just once) not too long ago and found out you are dead on about the anecdotes. I never did figure out what the main point of his sermon was because it was so buried behind stories, and parables, and anecdotes. My listening ended when he started talking about WWII fighter pilots burning alive in the cockpit of their airplanes because the main fuel line goes through the cockpit. Because of that fuel line they couldn't reach the handle of the ejection seat so they couldn't get out of the plane. At that moment I felt like the Holy Spirit hit me in the head with a hammer and shouted in my ear "What else is he wildly wrong about?" It hit me so hard I never listened to David Jeremiah or that entire radio station ever again.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

WOW. I never heard that story, but it just shows he has no clue about airplanes!

brent said...

Man, you people who are just out on witch hunt.
All that so called evidence on David Jeremiah is weak at best. Pray for these guys! You want them to fail. Satan's after them in a hard way. Don't help the devil, agree with Jesus in john 6:39. And enouph about the ejection seat. Haven't you ever said anything stupid. Peter did all the time. I do. There's heresy then there's just good old fashion sanctimonious hatred. Better ask God to look in your. I leave you with Mathew 18:3
Sure glad Jesus won't flush my whole life to hell,
By your standard. I'd sure like to see a sight with blogs of prayers for our leaders and pastors, rather than this ugly hearted stuff. I'm out of here.
Gloomy guses.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


So now exposing teachers for what they are is a “witch hunt”?

Evidence for Jeremiah is weak? Well, I think this articles demonstrates where he leans with false teachings, but what about his sanctioning of the heretical TBN television station and praising of heretic Paul Crouch?

What about his teaching in his book, “Life Wide Open”?

How about Jeremiah’s methods of getting on best seller lists??

What about Jeremiah’s teaming up with heretics Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer for a conference?

And what about his teaming up with numerous heretics to bless Donald Trump’s candidacy?

David Jeremiah is continually teaching poorly and hobnobbing with all sorts of heretics, and you think the evidence against him as a teacher is weak?

Anonymous said...

Gosh!! At this rate - there will not be ANY "good teachers" left before too long!!! How about listing the teachers you believe ARE WORTHY of God's Word to share and balance the criticism?? A new believer would be TOTALLY CONFUSED as what to do!!! Listing false teachers and not directing who the true teachers are can cause someone to go the wrong path as well. WHO CAN YOU BELIEVE?? Guess not the PERSON teaching but read the Word yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to SPEAK TO YOUR HEART. . . . can't go wrong there!!!! That is WHY we have the HOLY SPIRIT. . . guide, guard, direct and counsel.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 11/18,

My job as a sheepdog is to warn of those we know are wolves. It is also to warn against false teaching even if it is done by someone who isn't usually a wolf and perhaps is just deceived on some teaching.

"balance the criticism," is not a requirement when exposing false teachings.

There are plenty of posts on my blog where good teachers are mentioned or cited, etc. Anyone reading my blog for any length of time will discover that.

A new believer can be totally confused by just walking into a "Christian" book store. Us watchdogs can't do everything and can't expose all the false teaching or even highlight all the good teaching/teachers. It just isn't possible.

Who can we believe? Those who have proven themselves trustworthy by their handling of the Word. But the most important thing about ANY teacher (me included) is to examine what they say against what the Bible says; be a good Berean.

Anonymous said...

And if your transexual or gay you already heard enough of pastors compromising spiritual truth. So we all need to be pointed in the right spiritual direction of God's Word less we fall stray again and leave the faith. You only need to become transexual or go into eastern spirituality and you will undersunderstand.

Annette said...

I sadly hear a lot of self-righteousness in these comments. I recognize it because I used to be a guilty party. God is love. Scripture must be interpreted by that fact. How you view Him determines how you will interpret scripture.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Would you explain, please, how any of these comments demonstrate "self-righteousness"? I think your charge displays it.

Exposing false teachings is not based in self-righteousness. God is love, but he's also TRUTH. Viewing God only as love is why we have so-called Christians saying homosexuality is okay because it's "love." How you view TRUTH will determine how you view Scripture.