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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Reasons Why the Romanist Church Isn’t of God

I’ve been cleaning out my files and have gotten into my “Catholic” folder.  Here are some old things I’ve found, which makes me just shake my head at Romanists.
1.  I have read many times over the years that Rome supports the ungodly idea of evolutionism, and have reported it in the past.  Of course as bad as it is for Rome to support evolutionism, Rome also claims “intelligent design” isn’t science.  How ironic - that which has absolutely no evidence - evolutionism - they support as science, yet that which all science points to - intelligent design - is declared not to be science.  A Timesonline article from 11 Feb. 2009 says that “The Vatican has admitted that Charles Darwin was on the right track when he claimed that Man descended from apes.”  The purpose of the statement was to dispel rumors that the Pope was about to endorse intelligent design.  We sure wouldn’t want him to do that, would we?
2.  An article from the July-August 2008 issue of The Catholic Answer magazine responds to a question about the after-death fate of Buddhists.  The answer with a statement from the Second Vatican Council. “Nor shall divine providence deny the assistance necessary for salvation to those who, without any fault of theirs, have not yet arrived at an explicit knowledge of God, and who, not without grace, strive to lead a good life..  Whatever good or truth is found amongst them is considered by the Church to be preparation for the Gospel and given by Him who enlightens all men that they may at length have life.”  Then the editor said, “[Jesus Christ] is the Word through whom alone God reveals himself.  Wherever there is any truth - and indeed there is some in all the great religions - that truth is present through the revealing activity of Jesus Christ, God’s Word.  A Buddhist may have no personal knowledge of Christ. But if he finds salvation, it will be because Christ Jesus died for him, and because he has clung to, and lived, the truth he has received from Jesus Christ.  That is why the church teaches there is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ.” 
Let me get this straight:  Any follower of a pagan false god, or no god at all, has some truth in his belief system.  That truth comes from Christ.  This unbeliever does not have to know a thing about Christ - or even the true God - so long as he his clinging to and living the bit of truth he has.  By doing so, he will be saved through Christ.  Sounds like a works-oriented salvation to me.  Anyone in the world who does good works based on what truth he knows, regardless of what false god he worships, will be saved.  I wonder where they find that in the Bible?
3.  From an article dated 27 March 2008, from Focus on the Family “CitizenLink” e-mail news, is the interesting bit of information that, as of that date, 96 of 211 Catholic universities and colleges in the U.S. had pro-homosexual clubs on campus.  Georgetown University, who already had a a club, was in the process of making a new “center for homosexual students.”  Can anyone explain to me why these schools permit advocating what the Bible calls an abomination?  What’s next for these Romanist schools - clubs for fornicators?  What about pedophiles? 
4.  Mother Teresa is usually held up by Romanists as a wonderful Christian, yet there are many evidences that she was not a true Christian but a very devoted Catholic.  While the two are not always mutually exclusive, they usually are.  Teresa did a lot of good works, of that there is no denial.  But from a September 7, 2001 article from CNN.com, I learned that Teresa underwent exorcism late in life.  How can a Christian be demon possessed?  
5.  The New York Times, 11 July 2007, carried an article which demonstrated once again the arrogance of the Romanist church.  The article was discussing statements made by the pope on the previous day, which were restating things from a 2000 document.  First, you will be happy to know that “the Roman Catholic Church alone is the mediator of salvation, though other beliefs can be its ‘instrument.’”  Gee, and I thought Christ was the mediator of salvation!  Continuing on in the article, we learn that the Romanist church says all other Christians suffer from “defects.”  I agree there are many defective churches, as I regularly note on this blog, but the Romanist church has to be one of the MOST defective denominations in existence!
6.  The history of the Romanist church includes their punishing anyone who had their own copy of the Bible - the church didn’t think it was safe for the layman to be reading it (because then they’d learn that the church was in serious error!).  Some were even executed for possessing the Bible.  Well, over the years I have read about the Romanist church still discouraging reading the Bible, but an article from 26 November 2004, from the Fundamental Baptist Information Service, reports on a Nov. 17th proposal to urge Catholics to read their Bible.  This proposal was presented at the fall meeting of U.S. Catholic Bishops, but the proposal was voted against!!!  Nope, we don’t want Catholics reading those Bibles, do we!
7.  Ever hear of the “Criminale Solicitacciones” (also called “Crimen Sollicitationis”) document?  This document was first issued by Pope John XXIII and re-issued by John Paul II, and signed by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict).  This document proves that at least three popes knew of widespread pedophilia and bestiality by members of the Romanist clergy as early as 1960, while allowing it to continue by instructing Romanist hierarchy to protect the criminal nuns and priests. These pedophile clergy were transferred from their areas of crime, allowing them to continue in their crime in their new areas.  I have an article sent via e-mail by a person in England, from an unknown source (he didn’t include the source) in 2008 describing this.  I also have a BBC News article from 9/29/06 detailing much of the same information, and it states that the document was written in 1962 in Latin and given to bishops worldwide with instructions to keep the document locked in a church safe.  The document imposes an oath of secrecy on the victim and the perpetrator, as well as witnesses, and threatened excommunication for breaking the oath of secrecy.  This is why there have been so many incidents of pedophilia among the Romanists, because they cover it up and move the perpetrators to new locations where they can continue victimizing people.  And this is supposedly the “true” church, whose leader represents Christ?!?
Roman Catholicism has again been proven to be an apostate organization founded by corrupt men.


Drew said...

Since they think that Christians get saved by works, they may as well let pagans get saved by works, too.

Emily said...

I was largely ignorant of the differences between the various denominations of Christianity and cults and sects before I was saved, so I always just viewed Catholic traditions as the norm across the board. And while I overall detested what I knew of Christians, I loved to point out the pagan influences that I used to think were proof that the Christian religion was bunk-- now I know that the majority of these things were specific to the Catholic church.

And now when I am faced with my Catholic grandparents, I am disheartened at times, because my grandma has flat out said that she is saved by the lighting of the candles, donating to church, and praying to Mary for intercession. She won't hear any of it when I try to talk to her about Jesus.

And it IS sad, that much of the world, when they hear the word "Christian," they think of Catholics, or JW, or Mormons, or the Westboro Baptist Church.

Anonymous said...

1) Drew, Catholics do not believe they or anyone can get to Heaven by works. Only the sacrifice of Christ gets us to Heaven. We must have good works if The Holy Spirit is living within us. We must have good works to get to Heaven but those good works merit us nothing but proof we have been changed. To say Catholics believe that is very bad study on your part.

2)..."An article from the July-August 2008 issue of The Catholic Answer magazine"...

All living beings are hard wired to worship God. All of us. You take an aborigines person who knows nothing about nor even 'understands' who Christ is but has lived a life that gives to others, worships 'his' divine idea of who God is. What happens to him when he dies? Has Christ revealed himself to him in any way? Yes he has. We are all drawn to worship God. When we know nothing it is the simplest of thing that we are judged on. We are very much judged on what we know. To those that are given a wealth of knowledge of God we are taken to task when Judged by God. This is a very nuanced conversation when talking about the 'salvation' of a person who is say Buddhist. Have they outright rejected The Gospel? That would be very different that a person who has not received it outside of being drawn by the Holy Spirit to do good. Glenn, you have only given a breath to the conversation without properly expounding on all possibilities.

I do not have time to talk to every point here. Sorry.

Emily, I am sorry that your grandma herself does not even understand her own faith. Ridiculous to say that she is saved by candles or donating to the church and praying to Mary or any saint for intercession saves no one. The Church teaches none of these things. Very bad catechesis indeed!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Romanist doctrine does indeed include works salvation. Baptism is the very first work required - which is why Rome baptizes babies. I'll just refer you to my articles on Romanism to prove my point.

I agree with Paul in Romans 1 that all mankind has been given the knowledge of God. And I agree that man is judged based on his knowledge. However, any one who has not put his faith in Christ for salvation will be eternally damned - separated from God. The only difference will be the degree of punishment he receives in hell. As with those who are saved who are rewarded in heaven based on their works, so those who are eternally condemned are rewarded based on their works.

There is NO other possibility in Scripture. You either have salvation based on faith in Christ or you are eternally condemned. Paul says no one has an excuse.