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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pat Robertson - Another False Teacher

Pat Robertson, of the “700 Club,” is another of those Word of Faith heretics who consistently makes false prophecies and other claims to be speaking for God.  
As a WOF proponent, he has written in his book, The Secret Kingdom, that “We speak to money, and it comes.  We speak to storms and they cease.  We speak to crops and they flourish.”  What power this man must have!
Let me give you some examples of his false prophecies.

Way back in 1994 John Hinkle stated on TBN that God told him, “On Thursday, June 9, I will rip the evil out of this world.”  Robertson promoted this prophecy as being true.  Yet it never came to pass because evil is still here!
In 1999 he claimed that God told him that people who do not double their giving would not survive the year 2000.  Did this take place?  How could he prove it?  Do you really think God would eliminate people for not doubling their giving to Robertson’s “ministry”?
Back when the Muslim terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers and damaged the Pentagon, Robertson claimed it was God’s judgement against America for its immorality, and especially due to the sanctioning of homosexuality and abortion, but also because of actions by the ACLU, radical feminists and People for the American Way!  So Robertson is essentially claiming that all the other countries who do the same things are not worthy of punishment?  Countries that do even worse crimes are not worthy of punishment?  Isn’t his god sort of capricious?
In May of 2006 Robertson prophesied that the U.S. would suffer “vicious hurricanes” and the Pacific Northwest would see a tsunami - none of which occurred.
Robertson prophesied a nuclear attack in 2007, as well as claiming that major U.S. cities would suffer “very serious terrorist attacks” causing “possibly millions” of deaths, but when it didn’t happen he claimed God relented due to prayers of Christians.
Remember the devastating earthquake in Haiti?  Well, first he said it was a “blessing in disguise” by getting rid of all those bad buildings so that they could rebuild.  Then he claimed the earthquake was punishment from God because supposedly Haiti had made a pact with the devil to free them from the French!  I wonder how he knew about the pact with the devil?  Besides, aren’t there many other countries and tribes who have worshiped false gods for thousands of years and yet have not had such destruction brought upon them?
Jackie Alnor’s post for 1/9/11 cites this prophecy from Robertson:
"Your country is in grave peril. The leaders have hearkened to the demands of interest groups and have led your nation into bankruptcy. In two years will come a time of reckoning - it's not now, but it's gonna be two years from now. Your creditors will demand payment and there will not be enough to satisfy their claims. Your currency will shrink in value, your bonds will lose value, people on fixed incomes will suffer, unemployment will escalate, and there will be turmoil."
Robertson has been making this sort of prediction about the economy for a few years now. Of course this is about as prophetic as Joseph Smith prophesying the Civil War - any astute observer would know the war was coming, and any astute observer will know that if the government continues as it is our economy will collapse.
More recently, Robertson claimed that the earthquake on the east coast, which cracked the Washington Monument, was likely a symbolic message from God; the crack in the monument was like the tearing of the veil in the Holy of Holies when Christ died.
Among other false teachings, Robertson has taught that Jews do not need the Gospel.  In 1988, when he was running for President of the U.S., he told Phil Donahue that “Jews go to heaven in relation to their own religion... They go to Heaven if they keep all the commandments of the Jewish Law.”  He continued the interview by saying that the Old Testament laws and sacrificial system were still available for the Jews to get to heaven, but of course they can also become Christians to get to heaven.
Additionally, Robertson has consistently promoted ecumenicism with Roman Catholicism, even participating in “Evangelicals and Catholics Together.”  He has called the Pope a “servant of the Lord” and stated that, “Pope John Paul II stands like a rock...in his clear enunciation of the foundational principles of the Christian Faith.”  This makes it obvious that Robertson has no clue as to what Rome teaches!
Even worse, Robertson’s “Christian Coalition” united Catholics, Mormons, Moonies, Jews, etc, for social and political action, not recognizing that these groups were NOT Christian!
In 2002 Pat Robertson, on his 700 Club program, denigrated Christians who are young earth creationists, claiming creation science “is really pretty bogus. ... I think there’s a lot of hocus pocus in that stuff.”  He then went on to describe how the six days of creation couldn’t be literal 24-hour days, and used as his justification by abusing 2 Peter 3:8, proving he doesn’t even understand Scripture (being a WOF teacher also proves that!).  Now this may or may not be a problem for you, but it is VERY problematic for me!
One thing about cults and false teachers is that they invariably end up by abusing marriage and sex, and Robertson just recently proved he is no different.  He has recently said that if a wife has alzheimer’s disease she is as good as dead and therefore the husband is justified in divorcing her to seek another woman!
Pat Robertson is a false prophet and a false teacher.  There is no question about it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, he's horrible. Good summary. The only thing I would add is his creepy prayers where he pretends to channel God and say that "the woman in the red dress with gout" or whatever pops into his head. Could God lead people to pray like this? Yes. Is that normative at all? No. Is the burden of proof on him to back up his claims? Yes. Does he do so? No.

I wish someone would take his microphone away.

John Barron said...

I never followed Robertson really. I didn't know how much of a blab it and grab it kind of guy he was. I did know that everytime some disaster hit, he was quick to claim God's wrath.

Even if that were true, he has no way of knowing. And it brings discredit on Christianity. It makes Christianity, and by extension, Christians sound and look like fools. Unbelievers make no distinction between moonbats and true level-headed Christians.

People like him do more damage to Christianity than Dawkins, Dennet, and Harris ever could.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

False teachers and cults always do more damage to Christianity than the atheists do.

A Watchman on the Wall said...

"Christians" have a way of shooting themselves in the foot.

I think God is separating the sheep from the goats and allowing the sheep to clearly recognize the difference.

Much deception exists within the walls of the church - and we His remnant must be wise as serpents, harmless as doves.

Great post.!!.

Drew said...

Well, yeah he's a false prophet...but I still like him.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


And that's why we continue to have such false teachers and frauds as Robertson - people like them.

I don't think we should like those who bring disgrace upon the church and lead people into deception. After all, Paul said false teachers should be eternally condemned.

Drew said...

Paul was talking about people who actually teach a different gospel, not just people who make dumb predictions that don't come true. I guess Robertson's dispensationalist inclusivism for the Jews is sort of a different gospel, but not really.

Granted, making predictions that don't come true is a pretty big sin, too.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You are correct that Paul was talking about those teaching a different gospel, which is plainly what Robertson is doing by claiming the Jews have a different way of salvation. Additionally, the OT punishment for false prophets was death. Everywhere in Scripture you find false teachings condemned, and yet YOU like a false teacher! So I'm confused as to why you, as a Christian honoring God, would like a false teacher who leads people astray?

northierthanthou said...

Televangelism is a long-con. That is all it will ever be.