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Saturday, November 27, 2010

International House of Prayer - Haven of False Teachings

This institution had its origins in the Kansas City Prophets, men who claim to be contemporary prophets of God.

“International House of Prayer, based in Kansas City, is rapidly growing and nationally known. The ministry owns an entire shopping mall, two apartment complexes and a ranch. It is being used as a model to begin houses of prayer around the world. There are over 500 people who currently serve on staff…. The movement has spawned a host of ministries including prophetic and apostolic training schools, 24 hour worship and prayer, healing schools and a small association of churches called Forerunner Fellowship of Churches. On the surface, things look good. And what could be more important than prayer? But once one gets beyond the veneer and ambiance, there are significant causes for concern.

“Problems first arise when one begins to examine the selection of teachings offered at IHOP. …conspicuous by their absence are such Christian staples as; salvation, the resurrection, blood atonement, virgin birth, fall of man, sin, grace, final judgment, trinity, nature of God, Christian morality and nearly any other subject one would commonly expect to find in a Christian ministry which functions as a church for most of its members…. I do not mean, by this, to insinuate that those associated with IHOP do not believe in these doctrines. I suspect that they do. I am only pointing out that these foundational doctrines are not emphasized in the teaching ministry. In the place of these “meat and potatoes” subjects, one finds series on such topics as; prophetic art, the breaker anointing, the Jezebel spirit, the Anna anointing, becoming the David generation, Our Prophetic History (not that of the church in general but prophecies given to IHOP in particular), the global bridegroom fast, dream interpretation, prophetic training and instructions and the list goes on…. In addition to these problems, nearly an entire section of the book store is dedicated to the works of Roman Catholic mystics such as Madame Guyone and Thomas Keating. The works of Watchman Nee figure largely as do a host of books touting new prophecies, third heaven visitations and instructions on interpreting your own dreams…. The nutritional content of the majority of the material found at IHOP is extremely low. IHOP claims to be training Joel’s Army, the generation of end-time apostles and prophets that will be completely glorified and exercise dominion over the world prior to the Second Coming. Yet for all the talk about apostolic lifestyle and apostolic power, virtually no attention is given to apostolic doctrine! Compare this with the attitude of the apostle Paul.” (Keith Gibson, Apologetics Resource Center director for Kansas City, talk given at the 2005 Kansas City Conference on Biblical Discernment)

As you can see from Keith Gibson’s description, this organization is very aberrational, and often heretical in most of its teachings. Some of the well-known names associated with this group are Bob Jones (not the Bob Jones of the Christian University), Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, Jack Deer, Jim Goll, John Paul Jackson and Jill Austin. These people and their followers have given many false prophecies, and teach dominion theology, part of which includes the false teaching of Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare.

For some good information about IHOP, there is a blog developed just to expose their false teachings. I highly recommend it: http://ihopisnewage.wordpress.com/


Joanne said...

Spot on Glenn! I have posted numerous articles about IHOP on my truthspeaker blog. One thing not mentioned is that Mike Bickle stated on his "Encountering Jesus" teaching series that he considers Bob Jone and Paul Cain to be his spiritual fathers......Both of these men have had serious falls into sexual immorality.... says a mouthfull right there!

annunk said...

Judging by some of the comments I've seen floating around lately, I'm almost thinking that the mindset is getting worse with the HOPites.

Is it just me or do they seem to have more of a defiant tone in their comments here lately?

I can seriously see some of them taking it a step too far with the Joel's
Army teaching some day.. but I'm probably wwwway off base and don't know what the heck I'm even talking about...

But some of the comments I've read lately,....well.....they're getting a "meaner than usual" tone to them.

Or is it just me? Go ahead and tell me if it is!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Annunk, it isn't just you. On some of my articles, as well as on many I read on other blogs, the people who support false teaching get very bitter and attacking when their favorite heresy is exposed. If you have to be mean to defend your position, it must not be worth defending.

Anonymous said...

Google: abused by ihop churches, abused by mike bickle; ihop churches, controversial articles; ihop churches, people's negative feedback. Note Ariel's blogs on:
Google: annunk and do all her reads (that would apply to any church/pastor/ministry etc);
(make sure you read all the comments also, by people).

Had such a grievous/bad experience at PIHOPrayer (just came to worship/pray). Knew some items regarding ihoprayer because of personal experiences (2004) but really started researching (also due to emails their nightmare expereinces).

2004=specific individual railing at myself and I was the visitor=no fruit in healthy/healed people. Another horrific experience at SMIHOPrayer (3 strikes your out). You can forgive them, but they can forever be burned in pen/ink/blogged regarding their warlock/witch behavior (nothing christian about their behavior and NO FRUIT IN WHAT THEY'RE DOING).

Worse, Mike Bickle has been on a report church abuse list since year 2000, where have addressed issues regarding the state of churches/ministry/leadership for years. He was called numerous times to deal with PIHOP's abusive behavior (he knew better, that it would go to Round Table of Men in Christendom if he didn't deal with, which he didn't and make the news entities). Group of leadership were told in 2004 if anyone abused anyone it was going public and names were going to be named=ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!

One of annunk's blogs is definition of a cult by someone which is very helpful to and dealing of how to correct church leadership. At this point, just take it public and post on rickross.com, http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/, InPlainSite.org, Bill/Jackie Alnor Sites, sheepleblog.net, Wittenburg Door-read archive articles. Go to ripoffreport.com (search box: type in John Paul Jackson) and read ALL 5 reports by Tammy explain all these ministries involvement and abuse? Read comments, somewhere there is an incomplete list of report church abuse (the christian colleges and religion departments of University are missing from this list).

Gathering people to themselves, being spiritual vampires, spiritual cannibals, self-serving organizations and habitual liars (about where money goes and who they help for the most part="Don't Call Me Brother by Austin Miles depicts how majority of false churches/ministries operate and Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and anything by Arthur Katz/Leonard Ravenhill".

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hello Anonymous 4/7,

I am actually very familiar with IHOP, but only posted this small article as an alert. There are many sites I visit, a couple of which you list, but I also have books and journals exposing this bunch. I may do a more in-depth article in the future, but annuck is doing a great job!

Your links, InPlainSite.org and sheepleblog.net do not work, so they are probably old.

As for Frank Viola’s “Pagan Christianity,” Viola is very problematic in his own right, making claims about historic Christianity that never took place, and promoting a type of church that never existed. While a lot of what he says is correct, he misleads people into a cultic disdain for anything other than a house church. I cannot recommend his book.