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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Presbyterian Church (USA) Continues Slide to Hell

Here we go again. The Presbyterian Church (USA) continues its downhill slide to total apostasy as it more firmly embraces and approves of the homosexual lifestyle.

Today’s Cedar Rapids Gazette, p.7B, has an article by religion writer Molly Rossiter, telling about three proposals by the Presbytery of East Iowa which will be sent to the General Assembly in July. Two of the proposals are to change the language defining marriage as “between a man and a woman,” to the new definition as between “two people.” The other proposal is to make possible the ordination of homosexual men and women in the PCUSA.

The first two proposals were written by the Presbytery of Des Moines and endorsed by the Presbytery of East Iowa. The third was written by a committee of a Presbyterian Church in Iowa City (a city which is very liberal politically, with a very large homosexual population) after being tasked to do so by the Presbytery of East Iowa.

“The same-gender question has been a matter of some conflict and controversy,” said Rev. Sam Massey, pastor of the Iowa City church.

Well, Mr. Goatherd Massey, where in Scripture do you find any “conflict and controversy”? God’s Word is very perspicuous - it says homosexual behavior is wrong, period. No question to be left unanswered, no conflict between opinions, and no controversy over whether it is right or wrong. Why is this so difficult to understand?

A question I have for the new definition of marriage, is, why stop at “two people”? Why not three or four? Or why not a person and their pet? There is no moral foundation for approving the first and not approving the last two - are they not being intolerant?

As many years as the PCUSA has been sliding down the hill to hell, can there be any real Christians left in that denomination? If there are, then --- WHY?


EBenz said...

It does make me wonder why some Christians will stay in these apostate denominations. It's one thing to stay for awhile and try to be a light in the darkness but isn't there a point when you finally "shake the dust off your feet"? I would think this issue would be that point! And the days are fast coming when they won't stop at marriage between "two people". Romans 1 coming alive before our eyes, and not just in our unbelieving society but in a supposed church of God. Some days I don't know whether to get angry or be grieved...so I end up doing both.

Steve Bricker said...

There are renewal groups and individual pastors desiring to hold back the liberal landslide. I think they view the denomination tie as strongly as a marriage covenant--leaving is tantamount to divorce and therefore abhorrent.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well, their analogy is 100% wrong. If there are true Christians in that denomination - which has been apostate for decades now - then they should form their own denomination. That is one of the problems with denominationalism - people are tied to the denomination over the truth of the Word of God. Sad, isn't it?