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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Why Contemporary Christian Music for Worship?

I also believe the real motive for adopting CCM for praise and worship was not, as we were often told, to evangelize those from outside the church, but was rooted in a need to satisfy our own desires for our favourite music.

Dan Lucarini, Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement, pg.18


Martha said...

I have always believed that contemporary religious music was designed for the narc personality types that loved the praises of men/women/children, simply using the church as a slimy way to receive their adoration.

Years ago, the Body of Christ sang praises in unison; a most sweet. Then we started having "special music" here and there by certain individuals who became pretty important after time; then less singing praises for the rest of us. Then we were required to clap, and clap and clap for these individuals, thus stroking their egos even more. Soon, that one performer wasn't enough (and the Body was yearning to sing more songs in unison unto our LORD), then the "worship committee - where is that found in our Scriptures???) decided to bring in the big guns.....those who could play an instrument to share their "gifting."

Progressively, human worship became a performance unto man, for the glory of man, to idolize mankind. We are now required to look up with our eyes, adoringly of course, unto the most musically talented religious people amongst us...and after their "show," clap adoringly for "their performances," and after the religious show, give them a pat on the back and tell them how "worshipful" their performance was.... and if the believer does not adoringly idolize their musical performances.....that poor sheep is labeled "rebellious, jealous, envious, bitter and angry.... all of the words used by the wicked because in reality, these wolves in sheep's clothing secretly desire to be the "mediator" in the lives of Jesus' sheep.

Let's see here, exactly what was satan's role amongst the angels before he was cast our by our LORD? I see a parallel here.


RogerB said...

What many do not realize is, is that even the occultics know what is coming. Alice Bailey, matriarch of the New Age movement channeled from Satan for 30 years re: the future. Her accurate prediction is that in order for the (anti) Christ to come, the Church must become Inclusive, (Ecumenism) Free from Doctrine (Mysticism) and Militant (Dominionism). The move to eradict true Biblical doctrine is seen not only on the pulpit, but in the MUSIC. The dumbing down of the church masses through hypnotizing doctrine lacking music prepares the mind for the false teaching to soon follow. And so many "Christian' artists are in bed with occultics such as the famous "Christ alone" authors Keith and Krystin Getty. They shared the stage with New Ager Leonard Sweet for a concert. They also have anti Biblical views such as downplaying Gods wrath and eternal hell fire. They also are pro Catholic, Charismatic and Emergent.

Discernment editor David Cloud: discernment editor David Cloud: "By using this music, a staunch Bible church is brought into association with the contemporary world and the contemporary hymns become a bridge to influences that are contrary to and very dangerous to the church’s original stance."