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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Personal Bible Notes: Joshua Through Job

Refer to my 9/25/18 post about the margin notes in my Bible, and why I decided to share them on this blog.  

7:24-26: Punished IAW Deut. 17:2-7
9:14-15: They did NOT seek God’s counsel.

3:22 “insides”: Literally: dung, excrement
6:11,14: “Angel of the Lord,” “The Lord”:  Angel of the Lord is God (Jesus)

1 Samuel
Chap 2: Possibly a hymn of Israel’s which she applied to herself.
2:15 “fat”: means “choicest” - see Lev. 7:30-34

3:10 “The LORD came, stood there”: Vision? Theophany?

5:4,7,9 “his hands were broken off,” “His hand,” “LORD’s hand.”: Hebrew is word play showing Dagon’s hands cut off, while the hand of God punishes them.

9:6 “Look,” 7 “Suppose,” 8 “Here,” 12 “Yes”: all translate “Behold!” — Pay attention!

10:8: See 13:8

Chap.11: Judges 19-21 Joshua-Gilead refused to help Israel. 400 women given of theirs to 
Benjamin. Saul may be a descendent.

12:15: “your ancestors” doesn’t make sense. Alternative “your king” does.
12:22: God won’t abandon Israel.
13:8: see 10:8

13:11 “you didn’t come”: “It’s your fault!”

14:3: In Chap.2 Ahijah’s line was removed from the priesthood—he shouldn’t be wearing the ephod.
14:18: Ahijah was not authorized by God! Saul was wrong to consult him, and Ahijah did not have right to the ark.
14:37: Ahijah had not right to audience.

Chap. 15: See Exodus 17:8ff
15:29: God is not a man, does not change his mind.

16:1: “selected a king [for myself]” Translators left that phrase out. This was now God’s king vs Israel’s; God’s king is from Judah.

22:3-4: David’s grandmother Ruth was a Moabite; may be related to this king.

23:6: reflects 22:20-23.

Chap. 26: Results of 23:19ff
26:6: Abishai is David’s nephew.
26:12 “deep sleep”: same word as Gen. 2:21.

28:2: Story ends here, picks up at Chap.29
28:18 “did not obey”: literally means did not “listen to the voice of”

2 Samuel
12:23:  Shows that babies are saved.
16:15 Ahithophel: Bathsheba’s grandfather. See 2 Sam.11:3 and 23:34
24:1: the reason God was angry was because it was a census of military strength to set himself up.

2 Kings
2:23 “small boys”:  the Hebrew refers to young men  from 12 to 30 years old, and here the were most likely at least in their teens.

1 Chronicles
16:21-22: The context is Israel.

9:14: Sabbath revealed ONLY to Israel.

2:1 “Some time later”: Most likely after his attempt to conquer Greece, i.e. about 4 years.
4:3 “fasted and lamented”: As per Joel 2:12-14 (Joel was written first).
4:10 “Hathach”: the name means “truth”
5:14 “hang”: literally, “impale.”

1:4 “in turn”: Possibly on their birthdays
1:6, 2:1 “sons of God”: Angels

2:10 “Curse God”: meaning to bless ironically

3:3,16: The unborn are children.

26:7-11: Astronomy; the earth floats in space and is round.

Chapter 31 discusses various sins
31:1-4: Lust
31:5-6: Falsehood
31:7-8: Covetousness
31:9-12: Adultery
31:13-15: Treatment of servants
31:16-18: Concern for the poor
31:19-20: Robbing the poor
31:21-23: Justice for weak
31:24-25: Trusting in wealth
31:26-28: Worship of heavens

38:7: Angels witnessed creation

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