We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum. A.W. Tozer
Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service. 1 Timothy 1:12

Friday, September 22, 2023

Odds and Ends, Good and Bad

The Brothers That Wrote a Sixth of the Psalms.

The Rise of Christological Heresy. Good explanations of some well-known historical heretical ideas about Christ.

No True Christian … Part One. Make sure to allow the Scriptures to say what a Christian is.  No True Christian … Part Two. Use proper hermeneutics to determine what Christ taught.

No, Mark didn’t invent the “sea” of Galilee. An excellent study to rebut those claim this.

Shrimp and Homosexuality—is God’s view of both the same?

Silly Putty Bible Study.

Has The Church Always Had An Ordained Priesthood?

More LEFTIST myths about Jesus. Was he tolerant of wrong-doing or evil? Was he a political centrist?

Spiritual abuse and Sovereign Grace Ministries led to a very sad situation for a deceived woman. 

When Christians Tolerate Anything and Everybody, You Cannot Guard the Flock Against the Wolves

These priests should be defrocked.

What’s wrong with Jesus Calling?

Cindy Jacobs, Another false prophet exposed.

"Christian Psychics" Shawn Bolz and Chris Reed are heretics deceiving people. This 34-minute demonstrates how these guys and their ilk do their “parlor tricks.”

Max Lucado waters down sin to just a “shortcut.”

Church by the Glades is a church of Satan.

More information about why you shouldn’t waste your time watching the fraudulent show, The Chosen. This 53 minute video is very informative.

Lastly, I also have questions!

Thursday, August 31, 2023

More Thought-Provoking Odds and Ends

Be prepared to defend Genesis, even from those who promote the “gap” theory.

LEFTISTS have a lot of WRONG teachings about Jesus, teachings that are just to support their worldview. You should know how to dispute this nonsense.  First, did Jesus advocate wealth redistribution?  Second, was Jesus a political rebel?  Was Jesus a universalist?

Rick Warren: dangerous false teacher.

America’s Largest Catholic Healthcare Network Partners With Medical Abortion Provider. Absolutely disgusting. How can they call themselves “Catholic”??

What happens when a national church rules that God is no longer male?


The Gospel Coalition gets more unbiblically ridiculous by the day.

Todd White has always been a rank heretic, but he’s worse than I thought!  Notice heretic Michael Brown supporting him!

How many times do I have to warn about the TV series, The Chosen? The series is rank blasphemy from beginning to end.

And I thought the Church was in trouble in the USA—look at Germany!

False teachings about demons and “strongholds” do nothing but give people heavy spiritual burdens. NO SUCH THING AS DEMONIC STRONGHOLDS!!!

THIS is an example of why the Church in the USA is becoming ignored.

Let’s end with a bit of humor, IF you are one Facebook. I found this to be quite hysterical!

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

More Odds and Ends

A good exegetical analysis of Hebrews vs Roman Catholic Eucharist Theology.  Part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Do not take Scripture out of context, nor allow anyone else to do so.

A Biblical Understanding of Race.

Should those teaching false doctrine be contacted before the saints can be warned? (Matthew 18:15). NO.

How Do We Explain the Depraved Thinking in Our Nation? Excellent commentary.

A good apologetic examination of someone’s attack on Scripture.

The Lutheran Church (LCMS) is courting apostasy.

Purgatory: The First of Many Reasons Why I Could Never Be Catholic

A Response to Shiny Happy People. This is in reference to Amazon Prime Video’s series on the Dugger Family. Some interesting thoughts about the situation, IBLP and Bill Gothard.

Regardless of what your church or books you read tell you, there are no more apostles! They existed only in the 1st century.

Why Hymns Matter.

A good apologetic for a culture wrapped up in sexual identity.

The Bible and Homosexuality. An excellent 6 1/2-minute video.

Creation care?

If your church is movie time, flee it. Here’s another example.

To Flee or Not to Flee: Is it Biblical to Flee Blue States?  Yes it is.

When you compromise Genesis, you can decide homosexuality is okay.

More problems with The Gospel Coalition.

The greed fostered by this “church” is unreal; it makes God into a puppet who can be controlled by how much money you donate!. To begin with, Christians do not tithe!!! That was an O.T. rule for Israel only, and it wasn’t just on income. Churches who use the word “tithe” instead of “gifts” or “offerings” (e.g.) are helping to foster this nonsense. 

And Satan laughs.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

I've Been Told I Have a "Religious Spirit"

Posted on Facebook by Famine in the Land:

If you've been accused of having a "religious spirit" it probably means you're like the Bereans (Acts 17:11) - that's a compliment. This accusation is commonly used to justify an unbiblical teaching, new revelation, demonic or manufactured manifestation (gold dust, glory cloud, angel feathers, etc), or some mystical encounter with God or an angel. You will be accused of “having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power” (2 Tim 3:5). Conveniently, they will ignore the rest of the passage: “while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Tim 3:13-17).

Most of these accusers have been deceived by imposters - modern day "apostles" and "prophets" who masquerade as servants of God but are actually servants of Satan (2 Cor 11:13-14).

It's the accusers who have a "spirit" that's false:

"For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it readily enough." (2 Corinthians 11:4).

Saturday, July 22, 2023

A Grave Error By Reformers

The gravest error of the reformers Luther and Calvin was that they did not go back far enough toward the source of truth. Even though Luther popularized, and Calvin affirmed, the term “Sola Scripture,” both men relied heavily on Augustine, whose false teachings stemmed from multiple factors, including reliance on very poor Latin translations of the Bible. His personal foibles in regards to sexuality led him to regard even sex as God intended—that is, exclusive and faithful relations between husband and wife—to somehow be sinful (much as a recovered [drunk] who becomes a militant prohibitionist, and refuses to see that full prohibition of alcohol is not a Biblical doctrine). And his personal hatred and loathing toward Pelagius that led him to import many aspects of his old Manichean religion into Christianity, and make up a “heresy” out of whole cloth and falsely attach the name of Pelagius to it.

To be truly free of Romanism and pursue Christianity, one must also reject any extra-biblical source as a basis for doctrine, building theology on the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible, rather than relying on the shaky and often contradictory positions of so-called “Church fathers.”

Email from “DN” to The Berean Call, published in July 2023 issue.