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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies


I’ve been gone most of the day, and am trying to catch up on news and such, and I need to check my e-mails to see if anyone took my offer from yesterday.  Meanwhile, not even a week has gone by and already I have too many things for my “Random” post of exposing the horrid stuff invading the Church at large, so I’m doing this now before I find more stuff!!!

Michael Brown has a lot of good teachings in regards to fundamental doctrines, Christian living, and even how to reason with Jews to demonstrate the truth of the Christian faith.  He is also a good conservative commentator when it comes to government policies and the culture.  HOWEVER, when it comes to many things in regards to doctrine and the charismatic ideology, Brown can get to be very aberrational, and he often lacks discernment as to association with, and support of, rank heretics like Benny Hinn!  I think Brown’s charismatic bent is foundational to his lack of discernment, as demonstrated by this article.

The Oregon Christian bakers who were sued by a couple who wanted to have them provide services for a fake wedding decided to reach out in “love” and send cakes to homosexual activists.  While so many Christians were praising the bakers for showing the “love of Jesus,” I immediately had problems with their comprising of their position they were ostensibly standing for!  I came across this excellent article this week which examines the exact questions I had!  I think the bakers were dead wrong in sending out these cakes — it doesn’t show love at all.

The Pope is on the bandwagon promoting illegal immigration into the US, and suggests he should come across the Mexican border.  Perhaps he should read Romans 13!

Even worse than that, the Pope has praised a lesbian author who promotes the homosexual agenda!

The results of such ideology from the Pope, and the lack of good biblical instruction for Roman Catholics, ends up being that most Catholics think just about any “family” arrangement for raising children is good!!!

No one will ever know how many national disasters have been averted because [Cindy] Jacobs said "yes" to God then and continues raising up generals and calling them to militant intercession well into the 21st century.
Oh my.  God used a false teacher to avert national disasters?!?!?!  Oh the hubris!!!

Herescope has a good article — a book review — examining all the nonsense about “blood moons,” “Shimitah,” and the “Isaiah 9:10 effect” propagated by various false teachers such as Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee.

It’s an older article, but still true nevertheless — we need missionaries in AMERICA!

Good reasons to NOT wear a crucifix.  Also, remember that Christ is no longer on the cross!

More proof of the completely apostate condition of the Methodist Church is a congregation approving a homosexual “marriage” proposal among the assembly.  They certainly are worshiping a different christ and a different god than what we find in Scripture.

Another excellent examination of Beth Moore and her teachings — and why she should be avoided like the plague!

Oh, dear.  Another false teacher discovered — Jen Hatmaker.   Don’t listen to her for truth!

A new Kendrick Brothers movie coming out ("War Room"), and Elizabeth Prata tells why I won’t spend my money on it either.  (I agree with Elizabeth about problems in the previous ones, problems which my wife and I discussed, but we liked them anyway — because we could enjoy the plots with discernment, and I even wrote an article about some deeper problems I had with Courageous, other than the “enough faith guarantees blessings” line of the others.)  Christianity Today Astray has a review which should make eyebrows raise a bit.  Elizabeth returned for a part 2 of her review, examining the problem with who the Kendricks cast in the movie, as well as who they are associating with — proving their total lack of discernment.

Looks like we may get a good analysis of “The Purpose-Driven Life.”  I’ve always said it was junk food with cyanide pills.  The series continues as follows:

On Identity
On Salvation
More to come with my next “RAAH” post.

More proof that Steven Furtick is a dangerous false teacher.  HT to Mary for her excellent article on mysticism, which included a link to this video. YES, read the whole article — I just wanted to highlight Mr. Popular.

Fred has his next installment reviewing “Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

Excellent examination of “The Shack” and its rank heresy.

And, finally, Watchman Fellowship has a new profile on Sikhism available.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Ok, glad I'm not the only one who thought the "love cakes" were misguided at best.

Yes, Michael Brown's strange weakness for things charismatic is unfortunate.

Cahn and the Shemitah nonsense, I was sad to see Jan Markell promoting his wrong teaching. I do like her, but on this, she's making an error.

Glad to see GTY address PDL. Anyone with a dime of discernment can see that book is junk.

Missionaries in America, YES. Desperately needed, especially in the pews of our own churches!

As for the Kendrick Bros and War Room... sigh. First, my husband and I liked Flywheel, FTG, and Fireproof. Didn't see Courageous, for personal reasons. Were those movies theologically perfect, no. Do they need to have been ripped to shreds as Elizabeth did on her blog, sorry, no. We do not get our theology from movies, and we have enough discernment to see them for what they are... movies. And if someone does get their theology from movies, they need to open their Bible instead. With War Game, however, I would agree, the concern level is significantly higher by the movie's inclusion of - and endorsement by - prominent female false teachers. Extremely sad to see the Kendrick Brothers demonstrate such poor discernment.

In other news, Janet Mefferd has an excellent article on the "Anatomy of an Evangelical Scandal" on her website janetmefferd.com... perhaps something for your next Random Good Stuff post? Especially given the recent scandals with Driscoll, Tullian T, Duggar, and now Sproul Jr.

I'm at #23.


John said...

Hi Glenn,
Those are Oregon bakers, not Colorado bakers, and I have to tell you as one who knows them, they are not in the "evange-jelly-fish" camp at all.

"Political correctness" is not a term any of us in Oregon would associate with the Kleins, including this thing with the cakes.

They have undergone tremendous persecution, and they are standing tall.

Thanks for letting me have my say. I enjoy your blog very much.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Carolyn,

Actually, I didn't think Elizabeth ripped them apart, rather I think she had good objective analysis from not only her own but also the other article she linked to. As noted, I had some of the same problems with "Fireproof" in that the wife was as much to blame as the husband, just different ways, and yet it was all one-sided with the blame. All the movies promoted the quid pro quo idea of do good and God will bless, and everything always turned out perfect, which gives people a false idea of the Faith. I enjoyed the plots, but found Courageous to be the most problematic because of its fostering of some of the legalism of the Patriarchy/Quiverful/Gothard ideologies. With War Room, there is too much in the reviews I've read pointing to way to many problems with theology as well as promotion of false teachers.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Thanks for the catch with the wrong state! It's fixed now.

Even so, I think they are dead wrong in what they did, for the reasons stated in the article.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Even though I agree with the issues in the movies, I guess I was not as bothered as you and Elizabeth, because to me, a movie, unless it's a documentary, tends to have a "happily ever after" ending, just like many story books do. That's just the way people, even Christians, write stories, I am afraid. I also know in movies, not all things are tidily or perfectly addressed, either. It's entertainment, not fact. I don't expect people to get real theology from a movie, no matter how well written it is, even if it's a "Christian" movie. I don't think people should expect to get real theology from a movie. So we took those movies with a grain of salt, and know that is not "real" faith.

We're more concerned with false teachers and bad doctrine in the church, because people do and should look to churches for theology.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Oh, I enjoyed all three of those first movies (FlyWheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof) and thought there was a lot to say for trusting God, etc, and enjoyed the overall plots (Including Courageous), and we own them and have watched them several times. BUT, even with the idea that they are fiction, and have a moral to the story, discernment says that a Christian story such as Fireproof should lean a wee bit more on the wife's part of the ruptured relationship, since in reality, she was just as selfish as the husband, and both had emotional adultery issues. That was my main problem with that movie. The happy endings were expected, but with the same quid pro quo blessing of God in each movie, I think they should have had a wee bit lighter on the blessings as the shows went, to show that God's blessings aren't always grandiose, or even immediate.

Bad doctrine and bad theology is why I had more of a problem with Courageous than with the others.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

I know that Fireproof didn't address the woman's sin and selfishness, but I assumed she would have dealt with her sin after they renewed their vows, after the movie was over. She did acknowledge that she wanted what Caleb had, so the Holy Spirit would now lead her into all righteousness. A movie may end, but the story of the characters' lives does not end when the camera stops rolling (that's why you get sequels... and prequels...). So I guess I just filled in more plot in my head than the Kendrick Bros wrote on paper, and so it didn't upset me that they didn't cover it in specific detail in the film. Strange way to look at it perhaps, but that's the way I saw it.


Anonymous said...

As usual with the right wing, immigration as a word cannot exist without the tag illegal. Nothing helpful here, like most Christian websites, about the refugee immigration crisis, just a pop shot at the pope.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

As usual with anonymous left-wing bloggers, you misrepresent the immigration problem. We don't care about LEGAL immigration, we are trying stop or at least curb what is illegal. What is coming across our border is illegal and therefore rightly carries the tag "illegal." The POPE thinks we should be more compassionate and commented about coming fiat the Mexican border as part of his schtick. THAT is the topic -- ILLEGAL. And with the pope, no one needs a "pop shot," he's a heretic.

Martin said...

You don't care about legal immigration, that says it all. Only concerned about illegal. I do have a name. Martin!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Your comment was "ANONYMOUS" with no name at the bottom. If you use the "anonymous" choice, then put your name with it.

How about properly representing what I said. We don't care about LEGAL immigration as far as it not being a problem. We care about it as far is it being what is proper. So why discuss people who are coming here legally? We don't need to discuss it. We DO NEED to discuss illegal immigration because the leftists refuse to control it because they get voted from those who support illegals because they all want free stuff from the government. We are concerned about illegal immigration because of the rampant crime from the illegals, the horrendous tax burdens on our legal immigrants and real citizens, and the security problems, and the drug lords, etc, etc, etc.

Us intelligent people don't care to address all the people obeying laws; the problem is the people who disobey laws. And you leftists have a problem with that?!?!?