We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum. A.W. Tozer
Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service. 1 Timothy 1:12

Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Apostasies and Heresies

My last report told how the Church of England was considering women for the roles of church leadership.  Now they are saying that those people in same-sex fake marriages should be welcomed into the assembly.  And their pit gets deeper.

Is it right to “name names” when exposing false teachers?  I have previously written an article about this subject, explaining the necessity for naming who the false teachers are.  In that article I linked to another blog’s article with much more in-depth teaching on the subject.  Since that time I have come across this post examining as to whether we should name names.  The answer is, of course, that we should do so.  By not doing so, we allow the sheep to be attacked by wolves.

Christianity Today Astray actually named names of some of the movers and shakers in the Emergent Church movement: Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Donald Miller.

Don’t step on the toes of a Beth Moore follower!

I have many times debated with charismatics over their use of so-called tongues.  One of the major claims I hear for supporting their position is that there are TWO types of tongues.  The Cripplegate demolishes this argument.

Further reviews of Michael Brown’s book, “Authentic Fire” are now posted.  Chapter five part one is here, while part 2 is here.  Last for now is chapter six.

A new movie is coming out which we can expect to misrepresent Christ: Son of God.  From what I read, it will be just as bad as the other fad movie, “The Passion of Christ.”  But, can you believe that Rick Warren has joined in a project to make “Bible” studies available, which are based on the movie?  Why don’t they study the Bible once in a while!!??!!

More about Steven Furtick’s advice on how to plan for “spontaneous” baptisms.  And there’s more about his vast wealth and how it is acquired.  There sure are a lot of deceived people following wolves like Furtick.

Another Bible for bringing in the dollars to publishers; this one is a Jesus Calling Devotional Bible!  Since Sarah Young’s book is a theological disaster, why is Thomas Nelson publishing such blatant false teaching?!?!  Because making money is more important than loving God.

Another episode at Mormon Coffee exposing the racism in the Mormon Church.

The Mormons are always making changes to their doctrines, and then they turn around and say we misrepresent them!  I want to know how they can change theirArticles of Faith” without consulting Joseph Smith!


MyBulletinBoard said...

Just ran by to see if you had anything about this, yet:

I'm sure many will be fooled. We sure need a revival of the Bible!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I've been reading a lot about it lately, but since Copeland is a heretic, and Roman Catholicism is heresy, I just chalked it up to two false teachers patting each other on the back.

I would like to know why the Pope reached out to such a rank heretic.

Joe said...

"...we can expect to misrepresent Christ: Son of God..."

From the ads I've heard, the acting is the worst of the horrible.

MyBulletinBoard said...

Take the easy guys first? Build momentum as fast as possible?. . . You sure won't find good Bible students or persons knowledgeable in church history in an audience like that.

We're in a church that should know better, but I'm hearing things that scare the daylights out of me. "All churches are really the same." "Well, as long as they love God . . . " "We need unity," but they don't mean unity in the faith taught in Scripture; they mean setting aside things they can't agree on and dumbing down the gospel. They don't know the difference between sacraments and The Lord's Supper. "It starts on the inside and works it's way out." (It what???) They think they can "feel" the Holy Spirit in places, like he's a mist or something. And this Walk to Emmaus cult!?!? Help! The preacher can't teach enough truth fast enough to overcome this mess. These poor people fall for almost anything.

Starting another church isn't the answer. The people who show up are already indoctrinated from TV, conferences, publishers' popular books, etc. It's so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

The "Son of God" movie - another deception, yet how many are falling for it hook, line, and sinker?

And if you discern the errors in the movie, you are called a "Pharisee".

Apostasy, indeed.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Yep, that movie will be included in my next "Random..." post. I'm in the link-collection phase, and I just added one this morning. Here's the link which will be posted next time:

Now you can ignore that paragraph on the next post because you will have already seen it! :oD

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Figured you'd be covering that movie on your next RA&H... Thanks for the link. I read Sunny's critique on her blog the other day. What encouraged me the most was all the believers who agreed with her, and are not supporting this film. I praise Christ for that!!! In the midst of the compromise, I love seeing believers stand firm on the truth of the written word of God.

Looking forward to the rest of what you post in your next RA&H.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I decided to not wait for a RA&H article. See the one I'm posting now.