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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Beth Moore Proves Herself a Narcissist


Eternity Matters said...

That's creepy, even for her.

Anonymous said...


She sounds very mentally unstable.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Creepy, mentally unstable -- yep, and delusional, narcissistic, arrogant, etc.

Anonymous said...

What about the author of this blog? What is he doing stalking someone's Twitter in the late night hours when he should be in bed asleep?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Cowardly anonymous troll,

I don't have twitter so I can't "stalk" anyone. This "meme" came from an apologetics site which shared it on Facebook. You have no idea how much sleep I need so I will say that often in the wee hours I am laying in bed reading to educate myself!

Now crawl back into your crib and suck your thumb crying for "mommy."

Martha said...

Internet opens many a door for verbal and emotional cruelty in the form of hurtful journalism all of its own. My parents do not own a computer nor so called smart phones, and they are the church to me a I sit at their table in the New Covenant Fellowship of believers, the ekklesia. This is where ministry in the Name of Jesus Christ transpires as we share our burdens, our struggles, our victories, and ultimately, our faith in Jesus Christ that was once and for all, delivered to us saints. We are engaged in each others' lives, and care and pray for one another as the Holy Spirit leads us. Christ is manifested in the humility of our lives.

Upon my entrance into the gate of the local baptist church, a book was recommended by one of the deaconesses, who loves adding notches on her list of "I saved this person" belt; it was a book authored by Beth Moore. Upon examination of her lifestyle and that of her family, I chose not to purchase Ms. Moore's book with my hard earned money, for she impressed me NOT. Nor did I purchase any other book recommended by the baptist pastor man, the church board, the deacons and deaconesses, or any other important church person who filled the pew to capacity. All, and I mean ALL, of the individuals that were propagandized to me as a way to "go deep into my faith," have proved themselves to be apostates over and over again through mainly their lifestyles, however, their words have also revealed the state of their hearts.

I have had three male pastors sit at my table. I have fed them, listened to the wonders of themselves and their "amazing" families, and have been made to feel by them, that I am NOT a child of Jesus Christ. To date, not one of these pastor men and their wives, have EVER invited our family back to their home to share a meal. The institutional church system worships its pastors, leadership, and important religious individuals in its corporate realm, and Jesus said, "This shall NOT be so amongst you."

I praise my LORD Jesus Christ for His Pastoral leadership in my life, for HE truly care for the well being of HIS sheep. Jesus is the perfect example of LOVE and leadership.

Martha said...

By the way, there appears to be another Martha who is the epitome of evil, reviling and causing dissension, however, I am not that Martha.

I believe the Word of Jesus and His Precepts, not the religious propaganda and the way of man, who desire us to worship them (human beings) instead of Christ Jesus.

When my freedom and liberty in Jesus Christ, is stolen from me, by those in a religious leadership position (and I have been abused by many a leadership religious individual), then I shall know for sure, that they are NOT a true BELIEVER IN MY LORD AND SAVIOR.

I actually look forward to the Second Coming of my Master, Teacher, and Pastor, Jesus, for then, His Day of Judgement Shall Come!

Worship and Sing the Praises of our Savior!

Martha-One of Jesus' sheep, not the reviling martha who loves the cause of hatred

Martha said...

Also Glen,

I recently witnessed the words of Franklin Graham recommending we all receive the plandemic covid experimental shot.

He is a so called leader within the visible conservative religion which is also apostate when compared to the Words of Christ Jesus. Would Jesus really advocate the injection of poisonous toxins in our bodies which are the literal temples of the Holy Spirit?

Oh my, NO, NO, and another NO! I have read many a pastor man and pastor woman who proclaims the wickedness of their own hearts, that those of us who have done our due diligence in researching, listening to testimonials, and in prayer, have listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit living inside of our being, are "selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, ignorant, stupid, dumb and dumber, disobeying religious/social/governmental authority, etc., the insults are legion."

As we point out the apostasy of Beth Moore, we must also address the globalistic agendas/apostasy of the Billy Grahams, the Franklin Grahams, and yes, even the sins and toxins of so called "conservatism," for both the liberal and conservative movements are leading us into the "one world order......babylon."

Martha.....who listens to the Holy Spirit's Leading in her life.

Anonymous said...

Glenn, if I may...

MARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know why I felt like re-reading the comments on this post... that is, until I saw new comments that happen to come from you! Dear blessed sister, it is a treat to hear you defending and proclaiming our true salvation in Christ Jesus again! You are right about the toxins within the church all leading to the one world system, and we can see so much ground being laid right now with the current ongoings in the world. Sadly John Piper has joined Franklin in his promotion of the "jabs", especially disgusting in the light of how many are facing "no jab no job" "mandates" (aka, in the spirit of antichrist and lawlessness).

Those of us who know you well know of the imposter "martha" - who is such a joke. The Holy Spirit's presence and work in believers can not be duplicated by such chicanery.

Joining you, Glenn, and the rest of the believers in the Lord, in "looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God..." (2 Peter 3:12 NASB).


Martha said...

Dear Carolyn,

Oh, my oh, how I long for sisters in Jesus Christ, and to be called one by you is an honor that brings me to my knees. To the depths of my soul, I have a genuine respect and love for you even though we have never met here on this earth, and yet, we shall meet in the Presence of our Heavenly Savior one day. There is no doubt, for our Savior is the Master of Assurance in our lives through the work of His Holy Spirit.

I had no idea John Piper was spewing the philosophies of governments who choose to lord it over others via their worldview that knows not the freedoms found in our Savior. I quit listening to his blubber years ago, as I found his theology to that of an individual who fell off of the covered wagon and hit his head on a hardened bison pile. I truly believe with every health cell that is within me, that he values and favors the sound of his own voice and false worldviews far, and above, the True and Lifesaving Teachings of Jesus......as He spoke to sinners in the Hope of lives turning to Him, instead of the vain, and lying philosophies of this world.

John Piper worships the government, the dominating medical system that hates truth and has a hard time admitting that they are not gods, but imperfect people who do not understand EVERYTHING about the human body, because they have replaced our Living God, with the little gods of themselves.

The GOD given ability to humble ourselves before His Greatness, is all but a drought in the field of theology/visible religion who claims to be christian.

Indeed, what does humility look like in our western church? I have seen it, NOT. No, not one ounce of humility as I have attended many a denomination. And, as I have attended many a so called bible study, not once, ever, have we ever come together to confess our sins to one another as Jesus Commands, so that we may pray over one another and receive healing.

The so called church systems in our society are a power over structure designed to worship any sort of so called leadership that expects our patronage, flattery, and money.......lots of it.

What if the pew sitter does not shake the pastor's hand on the way out of the religious building, nor compliments his sermon of the week.........well, that pastor man will begin to target you out of the congregation as a "rebelious spirit" and eagerly begin to pen his "sermon" on the "jezebel spirit." After all, are we little pew sitters required to worship his words, his family, and everything about "his" church?

How many churches here in our former land of the free, actually have on their signage board, that Jesus is literally and figuratively the REAL PASTOR of their buildings made with human hands?

Not a one.

And yet, I love, admire, and have great respect for that horrible woman at the well, whom was despised by her fellow kinsmen. As Jesus encountered her in heavenly love and conversation/honesty, she acknowledged her sin before the REDEEMER of this whole world, and ran and told the community of her meeting the SAVIOR of eternity.

What great boldness, courage, and bravery.

Oh Carolyn, please continue to the female version of the Barnabus's of this world. His name literally means, "the son of consolation, or the son of encouragement."

Encouragement in our faith in Jesus Christ has also fell off of the covered wagon, as JP has, for we build NOT up fellow believers in Jesus Christ, but instead, replace the worship of Jesus WHO literally saves, with worshipping certain important individuals within the false church.

Jesus NEVER called His BODY, "the church," He called us HIS EKKLESIA. Two distinct literal meanings.

I Love You Carolyn, with a Jesus-like love.
Continue to minister to others as you have me, here on Glen's Blog. I so look forward to meeting you in His GLORIOUS PRESENCE-JESUS!

Martha......the one that loves, loves, loves Jesus and knows that she is one of Jesus' sheep.


Martha said...

Personally, my hope is that John Piper humbles himself and goes out and honestly tries to land a real job, like the Apostle Paul, working with his hands to support himself, so as "to not be a burden to the Body of Christ." (Paul's words, not mine.)

In this way, JP would learn the value of hard work, keeping busy so as to not become a meddling busy body, maybe develop a few earned callouses on hands as the result of humbling laborious work, and in that humbling, seek the truth of Jesus Christ like the so called lower laity (which is not Biblical), all the while giving our Lord the glory, instead of himself-his blatant narcissistic personality disorder, which is multiplying like mice within the institutional church world..........we feed the pastors, and ignore those who really deserve helping hands in the form of money, meals, and especially, Jesus' LOVE.

I am convinced by Jesus' Word, that when He comes back again, and He Will, the first place He visits, will NOT be the church buildings that we have paid for with our honest day's wage......for resides there not.

Martha......yes, again, the one who worships Jesus, not churchianity.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Here's a link to an article about John Piper's bad teaching about the government and COVID control:

Piper has long been a false teacher promoting many other false teachers.

Martha said...

Thank-You Glen. I appreciate you so and your blog so much! My computer literacy equals that of the hemipteran box elder bug on on a warm day in the south sun; that of utter uselessness ;)!

Praise Jesus for my hard working children who have educated me as to the basics of computerland. Meanwhile, their peers, some who are sons of local pastor men in our community, has driven miles to testify before our state legislature, in session, to forgive their student loans from private and public colleges.

My heart bleeds over the entitlement persona that these individuals have been led to believe in church land. Meanwhile, my children have had to work hard, as I have, in the field and on our farm to earn everything they have, and believe. Oh, how the Apostle Paul's words ring true as He penned truth by working hard, minding his own business, all the while, truly ministering to others with his life and words.

Jesus, never, ever condoned the entitlement personality, nor did He ever say, "mooch off others in my name."

And the local lutheran pastor's son drives a new pick-up down main street, is a teacher in our local liberal public school institution, and loves his beer.

Oy Vey!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting the link about JP and his jab propaganda. You have done and still do a good work here, using your gifts to build up and protect the body, and you have a way of finding these resources to help us all. Thank you!


What a treasure to hear from you! Your words are filled with so much kindness, truth and wisdom. You brought tears to my eyes when you said "please continue to be a female version of Barnabus"... it has been my hope for several years now that God would use me to lift the spirits of my fellow kinsmen/women in Christ. I know how much it is needed. To know that you see me in this light, is assurance from the Lord that He is working in my life in that area, and makes me so thankful.

Your comment about JP falling off the wagon and needing to get a real job, working with his hands, as not to be a busybody - I couldn't have said it better, or more colorfully, myself! Your assessment of him was spot on, sadly, as are your comments about the institutional mess that is often called church vs the true church.

I do pray, though, that the Lord would sweeten your days with meeting more fellow believers who will do those things you have spoken about - show humility, pray with others and confess sins one to another, etc - it is something we all need, truly. I remember the first time a fellow believer in a church setting apologized to me - and it was for something so ridiculously minor, that I didn't even notice it - yet she felt convicted that she needed to seek my forgiveness... and I broke down sobbing. When others asked why I was crying, I said, I have never had a believer in a church setting apologize to me, and I have experienced some situations where fellow saints totally plowed me over with horrible behavior, without a prick of conscience. I likewise have seen egregious behavior in churches toward the brethren, go unaddressed and un-apologized-for, by many a saint, including by pastors and elders. This should not be so.

I truly look forward to the day when we all will be face to face together with our Savior... what a joy it will be, and I bet, surprising too, as we learn how the Lord has walked each of us in unique ways through this time on earth, yet has woven us all together into the fabric of the one truth faith.

Blessings to you Glenn - and Jill, and to you Martha, the sister who knows and loves her Good Shepherd, and I send my love to you all, the love of Christ.