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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Christian Democrat — An Oxymoron

I’ve written many times in many venues that Christians who are part of, or support, the Democrat party are violating the Christian faith.  This doesn’t mean they should be, or support, any particular political party, rather it means if they are part of the Democrat party either as a member or supporting it, then they are assisting all that is unholy.

Think about it:  The Democrat party platform calls for same-sex fake marriage and the rest of the homosexual agenda (as well as the “transgender agenda), unlimited abortion, sexual immorality in general, promoting atheism, sanctioning theft (redistribution of the wealth) and violation of all personal rights, etc.  This means that every Democrat candidate supports this party platform and therefore any vote for them is furthering an ungodly and anti-God ideology (remember when God was mentioned at a Democrat convention and the audience booed?).  

All these things supported, fostered, and promoted by the Democrat party are rebellion against God.  Real Christians cannot serve God and the Democrat party at the same time; they are totally divergent ideologies.


Martha said...

My son and I had an interesting conversation regarding politics in the "church." He was extremely disappointed when his p'astor stated that "Democrats care more about people that Republicans do" from the pulpit stage during one of his Biblical (?) messages shortly before that last election. The p'astor's reasoning was that Democrats care about the poor, the widowed, and the orphans, better than Republicans in this country. So we had a nice visit and hopefully was able to reason with him regarding the true nature of Jesus Christ. I shared that he needed to read the Scriptures to find out which political party Jesus voted for, or at least supported back in His day, to fully understand His nature regarding the Bible and nationalism.

I have literally received spit in my face for disagreeing with people of both parties when I tell them that Jesus was neither a Republican nor was He a Democrat....for red faces, extreme anger, and some biting words ensue. I personally was a voting member of one party or the other at various points in my life, and the hidden sins behind the scenes were enough to show me that neither party is the "party of our LORD Jesus."

I had the disappointing privilege of receiving "Republican" emails from one the angry/mean elders concerning conservative politics and I have to confess, these conservative diatribes were absolutely hateful and disgusting, leaving me with wanting to throw up. So I had to finally tell this self righteous man, "Please do not send me anymore political emails, for they are anything but godly!" He didn't get the message the first time, so by my third polite request, he finally respected my wishes. Finally.

Nope Glen, I'm not buying into this one, for both hearts, Republican and Democrat, need a good Biblical housecleaning.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...


There is nothing normally wrong with voting for political parties -- that's a right, privilege, and really a DUTY of American citizens to do our best to put the most qualified people in our government. Remember, we are not voting for church leaders.

My point is that the PARTY PLATFORM of the Democrat party is totally anti-God. You won't find that with the Republican Party platform.

Individual Republicans may follow Democrat policies more than their own (and we call them RINOs -- Republicans in Name Only). Even the Libertarian party platform is not as immoral and anti-God as the Democrat's.

SO while we can have a clear conscience when voting for the Republican Party (due to their platform), we cannot do the same for the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

Real Christians cannot worship two masters - full stop! Matthew 6. Certainly my viewing is that Republicanism are precisely trying to serve two masters, that of mammon and God.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You have made an assertion without evidence. Republicans (generally speaking, since YOU used the broad brush) are not serving mammon. MANY politicians in both parties do indeed serve mammon. Democrats by definition are in rebellion against God based on their political platform. The hundreds of thousands of individual Republicans are seeking nothing more than to have a nation of laws based on our Constitution and on God's laws. To say that because I identify as a Republican I therefore serve mammon is an insult.

Martha said...

You are correct in stating that the Democratic party's platform is entirely anti-god, for I believe it's a party of fascism/Marxism, ie., total government control over every aspect of the individual's life. This is true, Glen and I won't debate that. However, the Republican party is not the virtuous party it appears to be on the surface either. When one digs deep into their party platform, they too believe in total government control over every aspect of the individual's freedom, but they just have a different way of achieving this, thus the one world order spoken of in the Bible will happen according to God's Holy Word, and both parties will partake in the anti-Christ's evil ways. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 applies to the character nature of both political parties, not just one side of the political arena.

And to the commenter that believes only Republicans worship mammon, I would say to you, HOGWASH! In my neck of the woods, we have Democrats controlling our small time government boards and the way they operate is sinful. Our hard earned tax dollars are supposed to be used to keep our city and rural infrastructures updated and in good condition for the citizens, but instead use our money to donate to philanthropic projects, complete with having their pictures in the newspapers as "good donors" to make themselves appear righteous and holy. This is a blatant abuse of our tax dollars all the while our roads are in need of repair.....this is the "Democratic way;" always willing to spend other's money, but not out of their own pockets. So yes, Democrats love the praise of men, all the while loving their mammon too....for the linings of their pockets are full all the while stealing from their neighbors.

And to the pastor who said that "Democrats care more about the poor than Republicans," I would also say this is a blatant abuse of the pulpit system for his own foolishness. To put Jesus in the "Democrat box" is blasphemy and now he wonders why his congregation has declined to less than half of what is once was. Jesus was NOT a Democrat, nor was He a Republican.....can't the church get that through their heads?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I would never even intimate that ANY party was perfect in regards to Christian worldview. My point of this article is that ONLY the Democrat party is virtually 100% anti-God.

Again, we choose candidates based on what is best for the country, we are not voting for Christian leaders.

Unknown said...

About ten years ago at a small group Bible study, in which there were a few liberal Christians, though I didn't know it at the time, the leader said that it was ridiculous to say that Christians should be Republicans. His tone was so angry and mocking that I knew he must have had a lot of heated arguments with other Christians. More recently I learned that he had been hiding his drug use for years. This will sound very judgmental, but I have to admit...when a Christian is an adamant liberal Democrat, I wonder what skeletons they're hiding in the closet.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 12/5/20 3:13 PM

Since you are a troll you don't get posted. But let me help you improve your ignorance:
Demonstrating the ungodliness of the Demokrat party is not worshiping the Republican Party. Your abject stupidity in making such a comment demonstrates that you are most likely an adherent of the LEFT and Demokrats.