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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service. 1 Timothy 1:12

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

Due to the need for continuous reference to this man and his organization, this post is a “one-stop shopping” place for collecting links to articles about Bill Johnson and his staff or other associated persons, as well as the associated “ministry” band “Jesus Culture.”  (“JC” member false teacher Kim Walker-Smith is also Bethel’s “worship leader” and/or “worship pastor.”)   This man and his organization are spiritually dangerous to the body of Christ, and one of the top most aberrational churches in America.  The following links are copied from previous posts, and may not necessarily be in chronological order.  (I will continue to add to this page as I come across more articles.)

Bill Johnson claims that God does not cause illness, and He never chooses not to heal!

A Review of Bill Johnson’s book, When Heaven Invades the Earth.

Bill Johnson helped restore false teacher/prophet Todd Bentley to “ministry.”

Did you know that God gave every believer the same power to heal that Jesus has?  That is another lie told by Bill Johnson.  I really wish those like Bill, who preach such healing powers, would spend their lives in hospitals and cure the many patients.  Or go to Africa and cure people of Ebola.  They don't do so because they are fake-healers.

Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding are part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement.

A brief summary of all of Bill Johnson’s teachings.  Nothing less than cultic.

Bill Johnson and his associate “pastor” Kris Vallotton want the mantle of heretic William Branham!

They can walk on water or walk through walls!  Scripture twisting with a vengeance.

And let’s not forget the “glory clouds” at Bethel.

More proof that Bethel Church is not about God or Jesus, but about the devil and all the distractions away from the true Faith.  Oh, but you can get Bill Johnson’s “Revival Collection” sermons on thumb drive for the bargain-basement price of $400!  On top of this, Johnson’s cult followers are incensed that this stuff has been exposed and reported!

Bad fruit from Bethel Church.

Then there are young people from Bethel church demonstrating why Johnson is such a false teacher.  The entire video is interesting, as Christians are warning people coming to Benny Hinn’s goat-pen. But at about the 45 minute mark the group from Bethel begin their false teaching, condemning the Christians for exposing a false teacher/heretic!

The cultic nature of Bethel Church.

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church and the Kundalini Spirit and other false spirituality.

More proof that Bethel Redding is not a place where the real Faith is celebrated, or the real Christ is worshipped. (Just to make a point from the title of the article, he’s canceling “debts” not “death.”)

Christianity Today Astray has an interesting article about Bethel Redding

Bethel’s youth leader said that Jesus asked him for forgiveness?!?

False prophetess Heidi Baker gives “impartations” at Bethel.

Heidi Baker is a frequent teacher at Bethel, and her “prophecies” get really bizarre.

Bethel has a Holy Spirit fire tunnel — and the false teaching just keeps on growing there, along with false “prophetess” Heidi Baker’s lies and impartations. It is getting less and less rare to see such absurdly unbiblical and demonic nonsense at Bethel.

Heretic Patricia King got a “prophetic word” from the Lord, and Beni Johnson thought it was so good that she shared it with the Bethel Redding congregation.  False teaching spread by false teachers — go figure!  This article shows Beni sharing it, along with other examples of King’s false teachings.

Bethel Redding has in the past claimed that angel feathers have been found in their assembly.  I don’t know if they still find them, but this article shows some of foolish false teachings there.

A new false teaching has come from Bill Johnson’s apostate Bethel Church in California: SOZO - “a psycho-spiritual deliverance and inner healing methodology” (as noted by The Berean Call).  You’ve got to read this one to believe it.

This site has a lot of thorough examination of Bethel and SOZO.

Bethel Redding - Bill Johnson’s circus of aberrant and unbiblical teaching held a healing conference.  (Be sure to examine the many links at the bottom of the article which expose the false teachings of Bethel Redding.)

Bethel Music is just as dangerous as its origin.

This article includes an introduction to just who “Jesus Culture” is and what their beliefs are.

Here is a wee bit more about “Jesus Culture” and the false teaching behind them.  Ken Silva had two very interesting articles which I highly recommend.  First, he highlights Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith and her false teachings about her encounter with God and Jesus.  The other article examines the connection between Jesus Culture, their church home of Bill Johnson’s Bethel, and rank heretic and false prophet Cindy Jacobs.

JESUS CULTURE—OF BETHEL CHURCH—AND PRACTICING RAISING THE DEAD.  This article discusses Bethel, Jesus Culture, and associate pastor Kris Vallotton, exposing occultism, claims of prophetic office, false teaching, poor hermeneutics, etc.

A video — 1 hr 10 min long — exposing the theology of Jesus Culture: occultism, slain in the spirit, spiritual drunkenness, holy laughter, false signs and wonders, etc.

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith claims to have seen God.

Additional information about Johnson and Jesus Culture, and including highlighting false prophetesses Patricia King and Cindy Jacobs and their association with Bethel.

This video demonstrates some of the occultic ideas Jesus Culture professes, including getting an imparting of the Spirit from dead people - they pray to “release the anointing of God” from the corpse of a dead man (“grave sucking”). They claim to know that God is healing someone as they speak - not just once, but at least twice in the video.  This group is dangerous to non-discerning Christians; and they are “more dangerous than bad politics.”  And don’t forget that they are a ministry of Bill Johnson’s church, which, again, demonstrates the nature of the false teaching HE propagates.

Weird New Age teachings at Bethel, and their prayer house is topped by a pyramid!

Understanding Johnson’s teaching via this review of his book, When Heaven Invades Earth.

Bethel Church pimping heresy.

Tyler Johnson, another Bethel charlatan, this time with a “Dead Raising Team.”

AAAANNNNDDDD, Bill Johnson recommends heretic Todd Bentley.  One false teacher pimping another false teacher.

What are Bill Johnson's heresies?

Todd White and his church Bethel Redding are 100% frauds and tools of Satan.

Bethel continues to prove how heretical it is: Benny Hinn was there for an evening service!

Their horrid indoctrination of children into heresy and apostasy. 

A very good examination of Bill Johnson’s teachings.

What about their "Supernatural School of Ministry"?

Bethel Redding teaches “Firestarters,” to “activate” your prophetic gift.  Cranking out more false prophets.

Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson’s SOZO “ministry” is very, very dangerous.

Bethel Redding and SOZO.  Long video, but very informative about such horrendous false teachings.

Bethel, Hillsong, and associated false teachers are going to “bring Heaven to Earth.”  Just look at the names of the participants to know who to avoid.

More information about Bethel and Bill Johnson.  This place is really bad news.

Bethel Redding is really a very ugly institution pretending to be a Christian assembly. And if this isn’t enough information for proof, try this one.  Then the plot thickens.  And thickens again.

The ignorance and dangerous ideology of Bethel Redding “pastor” Kris Vallotton.

Bizarre NAR activities at Bethel Redding.  That place is NOT Christian.

Kris Vallotton of Bethel Redding is a blatant false teacher — really.   The heresy at Bethel gets deeper as a children’s “pastor” teaches telepathy.

Bill Johnson’s heresy.

The NAR and Bethel just get more and more bizarre.

More on Christalignment.  Kris Vallotton of Bethel Redding has approved of this group.  There is nothing Christian about this.

Proof positive that Bethel’s Kris Vallotton preaches a gospel of wealth.

A “glory cloud” at Bethel, and a man who is an example of a “charismaniac.”  Believing foolish stuff like this is how people get deceived into cults.

More false claims of healing by Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding church.

Bethel Redding can’t get bizarre enough. They teach more and more Word of Faith theology (“little gods”) and false signs and wonders.


Martha said...

"Somebody Needs To Set The Jesus Culture Music On Fire"

Appropriate article for the time in which we live. Many of us are judged by our religious peers for the way in which we choose to worship our LORD in song. I personally love the Psalms, and in fact, is my favorite Old Testament Book, for which I can sing and praise our LORD every day with these Holy Spirit inspired words. The Psalms are sound Biblical doctrine.

Within all of our local churches, the contemporary movement reigns supreme with no psalms ever sang and very few hymns of sound doctrine chosen. They are said to be too boring, too slow, and sleeper songs....guess what comes out of the mouth/heart isn't so important anymore.

Those within this new and improved worship methodology, judge us by saying that we are truly not Christian because we choose not to sing their feel good songs, nor are our arms waving in the air, nor do we attend those so called Christian concerts for extravangant ticket prices (that doesn't include the expenses of lodging, food, and trinkets-meaning buying the Christian artists cd's, t-shirts, jewelry, books, etc.), nor do we applaud or flatter our 'praise band' for how great they are, nor do we recognize the great sacrifices they are doing for the lord, a lord, or perhaps their own vain glory.

What is called 'worship' in our churches has become a big show for the narcissists in my opinion, who love to be worshiped in place of Christ. They love the sound of their own voices, their own lyrical solo, their own guitar and drum solos, the applause, the back pats, the compliments of how great they are, and the manipulation and control they have to sway the assembly's emotions and feelings.

Does our Father desire this 'big show' from His people? Or does He already know what is going on in the hearts and minds of man?

Worship in today's apostate church is called entertainment. Our LORD does not need our entertainment.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well said, Martha!

If you've read over my past posts about various songs used in today's assemblies, you'll know I agree 100% with what you said.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post -- I'm drafting up an open letter to "worship" leaders.

Anonymous said...

"Somebody Needs To Set The Jesus Culture Music On Fire"

Read it. I personally don't get the point of so many of the CCM lyrics. Not only the fire/burning motif, but water/flood also just gets so tiresome. Plus, like with fire, flooding is a judgement. I also can't stand the "Holy Spirit" type lyrics, where they constantly ask Him to come, to be poured out, to fall down/rain down, etc, as if He weren't already indwelling in me.

Mercy. I don't want a fire in my soul, a flood to wash over me, the Holy Spirit to fall down on me... I'm not in an ocean drowning, in a desert wandering, hanging on in the middle of a storm, nor am I running to anyone's arms... I'm not broken, desperate, hungry, aching, longing...

I'm just an ordinary Christian who wants to sing some doctrinally sound hymnody!


Anonymous said...

Your post here on Johnson/Bethel got me thinking about another CCM piece that has bothered me for a while.

Chris Tomlin re-wrote an old hymn "Oh Worship The King". You can look up the lyrics to Tomlin's version here:

The one lyric that always bugged me is this last line (preceding one shown for context):

Your glories and wonders, what tongue can recite?
**You breathe in the air, You shine in the light**

Now, check the original hymn. That's not what the original lyrics say.

They say:

Thy bountiful care, what tongue can recite?
It breathes in the air, it shines in the light;
It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain,
And sweetly distills in the dew and the rain.

Notice the subtle change Tomlin made, which turned the original lyrics into something strange. Tomlin's lyrics almost seem pantheistic.

I really can't stand when Tomlin alters hymnody. Wish he'd just write his own songs and leave the hymnal alone. Haven't seen him add one useful thing to a hymn yet.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Carolyn,

Yeah, all that charismatic nonsense about fire and flood, etc -- I wonder how many non-charismatics even think about what these lyrics mean?!?! They are unbiblical nonsense!

Every time these CCM authors tackle an old hymn, they ruin it. And yet the sheep go blithely along not even noticing--and not even thinking about what they are singing. I'm soooooo tired of it.

Unknown said...

I've never paid much attention to the lyrics of worship music, so I wasn't ever bothered by what we sang in church. But...now I'm more aware, and I wonder if I'd rather be oblivious again. I can't enjoy our worship service at all because many of the lyrics are weak or barely scriptural. I've stopped singing lyrics that are clearly not true or that could be misinterpreted. That means I'm sometimes standing with my arms folded, frowning a bit, which isn't what I want to do in church. How do you all deal with that problem without becoming an annoyance to the worship team and a grumpy, complaining member of the church? One song that bugs me has the lyrics "You're never gonna let, you're never gonna let me doowwwwwwnnn," repeated a dozen times. That's poorly worded and could be interpreted as, we won't ever feel disappointed in what God allows in our lives. I'm disappointed all the time because I hoped for something and prayed for something that God hasn't given me! Maybe the songwriters meant for the song to say, God will never leave us, even if we are experiencing hardship. But to me, the lyrics are so unclear that it sounds like a lie...in fact I was quite angry this Sunday hearing that song because all I could think was, "REALLY? I've often felt like God let me down!" How did Jeremiah feel when he spoke God's word and was repeatedly imprisoned and thrashed? Probably felt like God let him down. It's just too simplistic to say that, because feeling let down is part of our spiritual growth. But my inclination is to enjoy worship service despite these shortcomings because I don't want to complain...

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


In the "old days" one didn't have to pay a whole lot of attention to the lyrics because there weren't many bad ones around! And discerning pastors didn't use them. But, yes, once you become aware you can no longer be oblivious. That's what I discovered with discernment overall, which is why I liked this quote on my blog: Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

Well, I refuse to sing anything by Vineyard, Hillsong, Bethel Redding, or Latter Rain. Others with bad lyrics I also refuse. It the assembly we left back about 18 months ago this was getting too often and finally between various "political" issues and the new "worship" leader bringing in such junk and making every service into a concert that we couldn't stay there. In our current assembly they occasionally use some of these and I just stand without singing -- I don't have my arms crossed. I just stand there trying to worship. I think making a grumpy face, crossing arms, etc would draw attention and then you'd have people questioning you and then one could end up with too much trouble.

Oh, that song you describe sound horrid!!!

If the songs continue to get worse, you can try to talk to the leadership -- as I did (elders, even pastor and "worship" leader). And after you've done what you can, your only option is the one we took -- leave and find another assembly.

There's nothing wrong with complaining, if it's done politely :) In fact, it can be very necessary to prevent apostasy. I became known as "complaining" because I pointed out false teaching invading -- but if one is speaking truth graciously, then being called a complainer really isn't fair, but that's what happens when you step on peoples' toes with truth.

Martha said...

Just another quick note here concerning Carolyn focusing on the word "fire."

To my shame and foolishness, I was caught up in the charismatic movement for several years, being led of course by women and men who attended the Toronto Blessing (our Assembly of God pastor attended this) as well as other 'moves of god,' ie., Todd Bentley's Lakeland show, etc. So there was this competition amongst the charismatics to visibly 'show how close they were to god' with their bizarre extra Biblical revelations and experiences.

The word "fire" was used often as a sign of revival as in: "light our hearts on fire," "calling down fire from heaven," "send us holy fire," were just a few of the myriad of the phrases used to ask god for revival upon this land.

I began to question this 'spiritual competition' within the church I was attending for true unity in the Body of Christ DOES NOT involve spiritually competing against one another so as to gain followers after ourselves. And of course, us lower laity sheep were always the ones talked down too, as in "just not quite there yet," or those who deemed themselves 'more spiritual, giving me books from the Trinity Broadcasting wolves in sheep's clothing to read and study so that I could be "in tune" with a holy spirit of sorts, and strongly encouraged to pay big bucks to attend conferences and 'revivals' to "get fed more." Incidentally, not one person, including the AOG pastor man, ever encouraged me to read, study and meditate upon our Scriptures....it was always this man or that woman's teachings based on the spiritual agendas they were promoting at that time. Spiritual mapping, for example, was used for a year....so spiritual trends were more important than God's Word.

Then I finally did a Bible Study for myself and allowed the Holy Spirit to point me to the truth outside of the Baptist church I was attending (with our AOG head pastor), and discovered that the word "fire" was used most often in our Scriptures with "judgement." Wow! Was I ever concerned with these new truths that I was learning and in looking at my short charismatic experience, know now, that we were being judged by our LORD for seeking 'the fire' outside of His Word.

I repented of seeking our LORD outside of His Word and have grown tremendously in my faith in Jesus after leaving that apostate church, who claims to know a jesus better than those outside of their religious system. May God forgive my soul.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Two quick things:

First, you said, "There's nothing wrong with complaining, if it's done politely :) In fact, it can be very necessary to prevent apostasy. I became known as "complaining" because I pointed out false teaching invading -- but if one is speaking truth graciously, then being called a complainer really isn't fair, but that's what happens when you step on peoples' toes with truth."

That is so true. "Complaining" about false teaching, worldliness, etc, is absolutely necessary to prevent apostasy, but unfortunately even if you do so graciously, far too often, you'll be labeled a pejorative.

Second, to Martha's last comment... I think it's very common for believers to struggle from time to time getting caught up in some form of error. After all, does not a good hymn say that we are "prone to wander"? But God is faithful to keep His children on track. Martha, take heart. The Lord convicted you. The Holy Spirit led you to the truth. You repented, and you went back to the written word. 1 John 1:9


Unknown said...

This article and many others like it is very sad to me. You have spent, along with many others, probably countless hours attempting to refute this ministry The sad thing is that you and others who work so hard to pick these ministries apart, think that you are doing a service to the Body of Christ. You are partnering with the accuser of the brethren who does not care who it uses to cause hate and discontent among God's people. I would prefer that God's people choose to focus on the things that unifies us and leave the issues that we differ on alone. The truth is, that you and I will be very surprised with who we find in Heaven one day and probably equally surprised with the ministries and works that God chooses to honor.

If Bill Johnson and his ministry is some kind of cult, then God would call you to love and honor them as folks who need your prayers and who need the revelation of God even more. The prayer that God has had on my heart for me is that He would open the eyes of my heart that I might see Him as He is. May He do the same in your life. God bless you.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


If you want future comments posted here, you need to leave out ad hominem attacks. You also need to leave out accusations without evidence. If you have a problem with what I write, you need to demonstrate from Scripture where I am wrong.

This "ministry" of Bethel is certainly more satanic than anything else. It is man-centered false teaching manufacturing emotion, as has been demonstrated from all the evidence I have provided.

Exposing the wolves is indeed benefiting the body of Christ; watchdogs protect the flock from the wolves. To say it is "partnering with the accuser of the brethren" assumes that Bill Johnson is a legitimate teacher and that Bethel is a legitimate Christian assembly, but the evidence refutes such an assumption.

Christians are to be unified in TRUTH, not emotionalism and self-serving fraud.

God call all Christians to expose false teachers; Paul said to let them be eternally condemned. And I am calling out Bethel as a den of wolves who blaspheme God.

My prayer is that you would see the truth about what Bill Johnson and his cult really are.